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Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Black)

26 Customer Reviews

by Austin H. on 06/06/2018
"Just got it yesterday, ran it through a whole MAG and it shot perfect didn't even have to adjust the HOP up. Would recommend this gun to everyone, and for upgrading the possibilities are endless. The gun is kinda pricey. But you get what you pay for.
by Michal F. on 04/20/2018
"Fantastic Pistol. Can dump a whole mag with no noticeable cooldown. Astonishing for green gas.

Made in Japan
Performance feels more like CO2
Big mag capacity
Outranges some AEGs
Kinda Pricey
Plastic parts could break down with green gas
Not a licensed gun
Fictional gun, not used in military
by Pasquale D. on 03/14/2018
"Freaking awesome pistol best of the best last year i bought a asg czp-09 it broke within the first mag an started venting gas due to the lack of spare parts i couldnít fix it so i lost hope in gas blow back pistols. But recently I gave them another shot and figured if Iím going to buy one ill buy the best and my god this thing is awesome already 10-15 mags threw and it cycles every time and locks back every time its out and has about 70 shots per fill and i use propane so its super cheap. With no hop i can sling .25s so it needs heavy bbs i use .32ís
by Caleb e. on 11/07/2017
"This is an amazing pistol i'm very impressed with how fast it shoots and how very accurate it is... 10/10 would recommend this gun
by Caleb L. on 07/28/2017
"very good gun but just a quick PSA do not try to modify the gun if you do not know what you are doing, like me you could really mess it up
by Ryan S. on 06/23/2017
"Ill keep it short and sweet. BEST PISTOL EVER!
Facts :
Its Plastic : WHO CARES! IT feels x10 better than a full metal gun and is 130% more accurate.
Im done.
by Spencer D. on 12/18/2016
"There are a lot of great reviews out there so no need for me to tell you how great this gun is...I just wanted to clear up on thing

Outer barrel
But plate on mags

Mid frame
Inner barrel
Hop up charger
Grip safety
Beaver tail safety
Gide rod
Barrel plug
Trigger bar
All internal mechanism
Everything not listed

This gun is a beast, and can be upgraded if you do not like the look or feel.

I use this (with about $400 of upgrading) as my cqb is epic.

Also works well even below freezing. No cycling issues and can make it through the full mag!!!

Best pistol I have ever owned. It makes ALL outher brands look like crap!

Get it!!
by Nathan T. on 11/09/2015
"This is truly a phenomenal pistol. I was stuck between buying this and the KWA M9 PTP, and (not to hate on the M9) I'm glad I picked this. Stock range is approximately 175 feet, roughly measured.

When I first opened the box, I was surprised at the heft of the gun. Being that it has a plastic slide, I expected it to be light. It has an aluminum frame and a plastic grip (which does what it's supposed to, but it could be more comfortable). With the gun, I ordered two 52rd WE-Tech magazines, which are both leak-free and solid.

-shoots lasers
-FPS around 330
-snappy recoil
-size (I like big pistols)
-absolutely worth the money, this is my best airsoft purchase to date

-the rear sight is all black, with no white dots

I've had the pistol for around a year now, and the slide cracked near the rear sight at around the six month mark after intensive use. I play around once a month, and I used this as my primary for all of my games, including two 3-day Ops.

When my slide cracked, I replaced it with this slide:

and it fit with no modification, a big plus. However, it must put more strain on the outer barrel, because upon shooting it for the first time, part of the barrel fell off! It wasn't a big deal, though. The barrel is two pieces, held together by friction. When one piece fell off, I just super-glued it back on, and now it's like new.

As a note for those who don't know, the Tokyo Marui magazine uses a valve different than the WE-Tech magazine. When filling the Marui mag with propane (which this thing can take no-problemo) it sounds like it's leaking. However, that is supposed to happen.

If you buy this pistol, you won't regret it.
by Landon C. on 11/27/2014
"I have had my 5.1 for about eight months now and have used it exclusively on propane. It has been babied when at home, but not on the field and is my primary for indoor fields. It was also my first TM gun and boy, have I been impressed. Everything they say about TM pistols is true and proudly displayed in this pistol.

The build quality is excellent, and in fact the only issues Ive had have been with other company products used in conjunction with the pistol. There are no real seams anywhere on it, either slide or frame, its got a decent amount of heft to it with a loaded magazine but is light without it. Thankfully, the overly long orange tip came out of the barrel with little work, a short bath in hot water and it came out undamaged and I can replace it for travel with ease. The sear and hammer are well matched, not match precision of course but that isnt needed. The hammer is held back far enough that the slide and nozzle dont catch on it unlike WE models.

The recoil is light in comparison to my KJW P-08 and various metal slided pistols, but is also incredibly quick, making double taps very fast. The light weight also means that you can really get to blasting with it without too much drop off.

The hop up and inner barrel are of course, magic straight out of Dwarven legend.

The only downsides to the pistol are, for the most part, not its fault.

Firstly, the light rail isnt actually attached out of the box and requires you to drill the holes in the frame to attach. This was a little bit of a lip biter for my because, heck, who wants to possibly ruin a brand new pistol? Its straight forward enough however and isnt a problem.

Second, and the only other issue with the pistol, and this is purely personal taste, the rear sight has no dots, its just a straight bar with a slot in it. It is fully adjustable of course but I really would have liked a three dot arrangement or a Millet style white bar.

The only big issue with compatibility I ran into is the pistol does not get along with WE Hi-Capa magazines. They feed and fire just fine, but the follower doesnt ride high enough to engage the slide stop and, as I found it, was causing the catch to peen and round a bit. Ive found that KJW magazines work without flaw however which is great.

This last one really is not a con of the pistol, but I just flat out hate the blocky pistol grip it and most Hi-Capa clones come with. I replaced mine with a Tanio Koba grip set and havent looked back.

So, pros and cons.

Great, snappy recoil if light.
Wonderful, solid construction.
Very little play in the slide.
Classic TM accuracy.
Fit and finish is superb.
Slide release that actually works when you rack the slide! How novel.
Gas efficient, doesnt much care about temperature even down into the mid 30's.

Plastic slide(?).
Blocky grip frame(?).
Light rail requires drilling frame to install.
Doesnt like WE magazines.

Overall, a great pistol, theres no shortage of upgrade parts for the Hi-Capa and the TM 5.1 makes a great start to your perfect pistol or a great out of the box performer.
by Jose P. on 11/04/2014
"I was recommended this brand of GBB pistols, and I'm glad I bought this GBB this is my second purchase I have an AEG and my now my TM hi capa 5.1. My TM can compete with my $300 G&G. This is the best purchase I made.
Pros: Everything the only con I noticed is the plastic side and It doesn't bother me at all It does increase the ROF and that is a plus for me.
by Dino T. on 10/08/2014
"Great pistol! Bought about 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with its performance. Very accurate and gas efficient. I get 3 full mags of bbs off 1 fill of gg on the tm mag and 2 full mags off bs with the we mags. Some upgrades I would suggest are bucking, inner barrel, lightweight bbu, and a metal slide.
Gas efficient
Plastic but I don't mind because it keeps the weight down and shoots fast
by Richard C. on 07/23/2014
"Ah the classical Tokyo Marui hi capa 5.1. This gun is quite possibly the best pistol on the market. My 5.1 outranges my friend's kwa mp9 and almost outranges his SR10. I got it when it was 160 so the price wasn't that bad. This gun is a beast.

Massive Range
Good FPS (330-350)
Made in Japan trades
Metal lower frame
Tokyo Marui hop up

Plastic slide (it actually increases the ROF but most people hate the plastic slide)
Now its a bit pricey (used to be 160 but now its 180)

The basic upgrades include a stronger recoil spring (150 or below. Don't get the 170 it decreases gas efficiency), a better nozzle (KJW red/blue nozzles and guarder nozzles are the best), and a 6.01 or 6.03 inner barrel (PDI inner barrels are extremely rare and expensive but are worth it. Madbull 6.03 inner barrels are good), and maybe a metal slide (AVOID Guarder, 5KU, and WE) Airsoft Surgeon slides and Airsoft Masterpiece slides are amazing, and a metal outer barrel (Get a fixed outer: Deepfire, AIP, Nineball, and Airsoft Surgeon make fixed outer barrel)

The unnecessary upgrades are all mostly external parts:
Cocking handle, safety, grip safety, magwell, etc
Note: Hi-flow valves aren't necessary but they do help the FPS and gas efficiency
This setup (inner barrel, nozzle, recoil spring, etc will probably net you about 380+ FPS. Most fields I know don't check pistol FPS, but do the right thing. :)

Because this is a Tokyo Marui hi capa, 90% of upgrades and parts will fit. I currently have a black and gold hi capa: a gold slide, gold magwell, and a gold beaver tail safety. I am planning on installing a PDI inner barrel when they come back in stock anywhere.

Magazines: The Tokyo Marui magazine is a bit heavier than WE or KJW mags. Also, WE mags don't lock back my slide, it may be the recoil spring but even without the aluminum gold slide, the WE magazine couldn't lock back my stock plastic slide. It was fine because I am planning on short stroking and installing one of those sight mounts anyway. But, for me anyway, the slide lock doesn't function with WE mags. Just a dud? I mean they're only 20 bucks anyway.

The Tokyo Marui hi capa 5.1 is the best pistol to buy because of the upgrades and the customizable options. If you get this pistol, it will last you for years. I haven't lubed mine since I got it which was 2013ish and it still works fine. I'm not saying to not lube it. I'm just extremely lucky. This pistol is the best thing I ever bought in my airsoft career. I am actually selling my M4 and MP5 for pistol parts. :)

Get it now this pistol is beautiful.
Also, don't hold it like Death Kid in Soul eater. I tried it and the slide couldn't blowback as well. The gas sprayed all over my face too.
by Austin L. on 07/04/2013
"50 out of 5 stars. Second best airsoft purchase I have ever made. This is my third gas blowback pistol I've ever owned (other two are a KJW M9A1 and a WE 5.1" Hi-Capa) and I can easily say that this blows them out of the water.

Metal lower frame (not typical of a Tokyo Marui)
Comfortable plastic grip
Metal chrome hammer
Metal chrome spring guide
Metal black spring guide plug
Metal black safeties
Metal beavertail safety
Metal black mag release
Metal black slide release
Adjustable metal iron sights (front sight has a white dot, rear sights don't have any dots).
Metal hop up that is very well-constructed and provides a great air seal.
Comes with a metal lower rail that you can put on.
Comes with a unjamming/cleaning rod.
Comes with two replacement followers in case the followers break in your mag.
Accuracy is fantastic. When the hop up is adjusted right, you can easily hit targets from 200 feet.
I've chronoed this, and it shoots 285 with .20 gram BBs and duster gas (this will have a higher FPS with propane).
Light trigger pull.
Lightweight (because of plastic slide and outer barrel).

Plastic trigger
Plastic chrome outer barrel (not that big of a deal, really)
Plastic slide (I actually prefer the plastic slide, but most seem to be metal slide-fanboys)
Brass inner barrel (nothing really wrong with that, but it could be steel or aluminum; mostly putting this since there's not that many cons)
Better to use duster gas than propane because of the plastic slide. This is really its biggest con, as propane will give you a faster FPS and a faster RoF (cycles faster), but if you want the plastic slide to live as long as it can, use duster gas. To use duster gas, you have to get a duster gas adapter; you can get one by buying the Airsoft Innovations propane adapter kit. It comes with a duster gas adapter, a propane adapter, and silicon.

Overall, great pistol. I am now officially a Tokyo Marui fanboy.
by daniel a. on 05/03/2012
"I love this gun it performs amazingly. But I do suggest you get a metal slide becuase when using the plastic slide with Green gas it can break the slide catch. I personally ordered a Guarder metal slide for it but you will have to do some filing on the slide so you get a nice clean slide cycle. If its too tight you will use more gas with less performance. Besides that I love the gun it kicks hard, its accurate and shoots far.
by Chris E. on 06/22/2011
"Buy this gun! Perfect out of the box. Feels great, handles great. Buy extra mags (get the WE).
But if you do want to upgrade think:
Power - 6.01 tightbore, bucking, piston head, high-flo valves for the mags.
Reliability - metal slide and outer barrel, loading nozzle, springs.
Cosmetic - expect a plethora of available upgrades, from mag wells to grips and of course, optics.
Evike has all of the above!