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by Austin L. on 2013-07-04 21:55:47
"50 out of 5 stars. Second best airsoft purchase I have ever made. This is my third gas blowback pistol I've ever owned (other two are a KJW M9A1 and a WE 5.1" Hi-Capa) and I can easily say that this blows them out of the water.

Metal lower frame (not typical of a Tokyo Marui)
Comfortable plastic grip
Metal chrome hammer
Metal chrome spring guide
Metal black spring guide plug
Metal black safeties
Metal beavertail safety
Metal black mag release
Metal black slide release
Adjustable metal iron sights (front sight has a white dot, rear sights don't have any dots).
Metal hop up that is very well-constructed and provides a great air seal.
Comes with a metal lower rail that you can put on.
Comes with a unjamming/cleaning rod.
Comes with two replacement followers in case the followers break in your mag.
Accuracy is fantastic. When the hop up is adjusted right, you can easily hit targets from 200 feet.
I've chronoed this, and it shoots 285 with .20 gram BBs and duster gas (this will have a higher FPS with propane).
Light trigger pull.
Lightweight (because of plastic slide and outer barrel).

Plastic trigger
Plastic chrome outer barrel (not that big of a deal, really)
Plastic slide (I actually prefer the plastic slide, but most seem to be metal slide-fanboys)
Brass inner barrel (nothing really wrong with that, but it could be steel or aluminum; mostly putting this since there's not that many cons)
Better to use duster gas than propane because of the plastic slide. This is really its biggest con, as propane will give you a faster FPS and a faster RoF (cycles faster), but if you want the plastic slide to live as long as it can, use duster gas. To use duster gas, you have to get a duster gas adapter; you can get one by buying the Airsoft Innovations propane adapter kit. It comes with a duster gas adapter, a propane adapter, and silicon.

Overall, great pistol. I am now officially a Tokyo Marui fanboy.
by daniel a. on 2012-05-03 19:58:14
"I love this gun it performs amazingly. But I do suggest you get a metal slide becuase when using the plastic slide with Green gas it can break the slide catch. I personally ordered a Guarder metal slide for it but you will have to do some filing on the slide so you get a nice clean slide cycle. If its too tight you will use more gas with less performance. Besides that I love the gun it kicks hard, its accurate and shoots far.
by Chris E. on 2011-06-22 16:20:37
"Buy this gun! Perfect out of the box. Feels great, handles great. Buy extra mags (get the WE).
But if you do want to upgrade think:
Power - 6.01 tightbore, bucking, piston head, high-flo valves for the mags.
Reliability - metal slide and outer barrel, loading nozzle, springs.
Cosmetic - expect a plethora of available upgrades, from mag wells to grips and of course, optics.
Evike has all of the above!
by Jack L. on 2009-05-05 20:26:55
"Once again Tokyo Marui trumps all other GBBs in the market (except for maybe KWA)
- Crisp clean kick
- Accurate, due to famous Tokyo Marui hop up system
- Easy target acquisition, due to large dovetail sights
- 30(+1) magazine capacity (one in chamber)
- large gas reservoir due to double-stack magazine
- Good gas efficiency (due to plastic slide)
- Tokyo Marui hardiness
- Good platform gun
- Extremely upgradable
- Trademarks (not modeled after a real gun, but nice nevertheless)
- Its a Tokyo Marui

- Slide, trigger, grips, outer barrel all plastic
- Gun was designed to be run on 134a gas
- The gun WILL break on constant abuse of green gas or propane, it should last awhile but note that things WILL wear out and break
by parker g. on 2009-03-10 15:54:38
"is this able to use propane? and can you get extra mags for it? if so and i buy it i am def. going to get the rail system for it!

Webmaster: Propane is not recommended for Tokyo Marui pistols because they are all plastic. For mags, you can use Tokyo Marui 5.1 mags.
by PAUL C. on 2009-02-18 22:12:52
"i freaking love this gun the only prob is that the clip had a gas leek after about a is one of the most accuret guns i won...thats tokyo marui for you! great gun get it!!!
by john g. on 2008-12-21 18:39:02
"i got this gun best ever can u use green gas for it?

Webmaster: Yes. Marui May say 134A. (due to its plastic slide and regulations in japan) but most USA players use green gas and it will work much better. (faster wear and tear too, but then all the parts can be found including metal slides so green gas is the way to go.) You will never use 134A even if they are available after using green gas, because of the power, kick difference.
by PAUL C. on 2008-11-27 11:13:12
"im getting this for xmas and i cant wait!! i held this at the airsoft store buy my house and it has great feel people say its to wide! BS its perfict i will right a real review wen i get this lol!
by DIESEL 8 on 2008-10-07 14:48:52
"nice piece, i bought 1 at evike complaint nice kick nice look what else can you ask for, just get a metal slide this looks awesome.
by George H. on 2008-10-01 14:42:00
"Excellent gun. Great kick. I was amazed at how well the quality was. It's just awesome. My only complaint is the rail on the front is just a tad wobbly. The remedy; don't install the rail!
by PAUL C. on 2008-09-29 02:41:10
"watch the review
by Shaun L. on 2008-06-17 21:59:04
"Nice blow back, very loud, and very fast.

looks very realistic and nicely made.

best gas gun I have owned so far.

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