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Model: GP-WG-CO2-M9-S

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by Sam R. on 2008-10-14 15:49:02
"This is a really good gun for a great price. I had mine for about 6 months before the mag broke, and it survived every time i dropped it, even on concrete it didnt even get scratched. I would recommend getting another mag because they are a little hard to load, and the spring wears out after a while. This gun has a nice weight also, and the Co2 cartridge lasts about 6 or more mags because it is so efficient. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GUN!!!
by Peter A. on 2008-10-11 08:49:29
"one more thing, mine didnt come with the speed loader.
by Peter A. on 2008-10-11 08:46:01
"very good gun. extremely realistic, heavy, and easy to use. it didnt have the range i expected but still is pretty powerful. overall great gun.
by Ben P. on 2008-08-07 20:13:19
"This gun is the perfect back-up gun. For 40$ it will save you in the game. The entire thing is made of hard plastic. it is a little heavy but is is easy to get use to. The rail mount on it too should be noted. You can put a flashlight or laser on it. all in all it is a great buy for $40
by Edric C. on 2008-08-02 13:14:58
"When i picked up the case from the little box evike sent me, i thought the weight was mostly the case. I picked up the actual gun and it was pretty heavy. I loaded a Co2 cartride i bought with my order and took it outside. It is louder than i expected but not that loud. The only problem i found is that the trigger pull is really hard to pull back and you have to pull it back pretty far.
by Gayane H. on 2008-07-30 11:44:13
"This Gun is very durable, Iv worked with the silver and the black one, Both amazing speeds and Very high power, Pierces through both sides of the can and still has enough power to go through a piece of cardboard and damage the home wall. For the review left below mine, The spring does not get stuck you must push the little pointer at the bottom it little up towards the surface of the magazine. Amazing gun, Highly recommended.
by nick m. on 2008-07-10 21:43:53
"I really like this gun. It is made of very durable hard plastic. There is absolutely no wobble. The gun shoot high fps and is heavy. Pros-durable plastic, heavy, high fps, and accurate (most of the time). On this gun you have to wait a second before you pulll the trigger continioulsy or the bb will have lower fps and/or it will be very innaccurate. The magazine is also a pain. You either have to pull down the spring and load the bbs one at a time through the top or pull the spring down all the way until it sticks to the bottom of the magazine then load the bbs, but the spring gets stuck at the bottom and you have to hit the bottom of the mag a couple of times for the spring to go back up. Cons-magaxine, innacurate (if you pull trigger very quickly). For the price this is the best $40 gas pistol you could buy.
by nick b. on 2008-07-04 10:42:30
"THIS GUN IS AWESOME!!!!!!! ok so this gun shoots really really hard and its so cool when u shoot it a little puff of gas comes out the trigger. the case is awesome too. this is a really good deal

Displaying 25 to 32 (of 32 reviews)

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