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Win Gun High Power M9 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Silver

33 Customer Reviews

by Nyk W. on 11/19/2016
"this gun is off the freaking chain. this was my first ever non spring pistol and i was NOT disappointed.


VERY durable design, meant to take a beating and then some.

nice and heavy, good weight distribution.

can fire a good 8 clips or so before even noticing diminished power output for C02

hits like a truck, no worrys of the enemy not calling their hits. they will feel it.

skinny mag type always doubling up on mags per mag-holster.

VERY acurate, despite no adjustable hopup.

LITTLE to no co2 leakage when firing, get a solid shot every time.

outside body, orange tip, trigger and mag-well are all made of reinforced plastic, while the hand guard/c02 slide is a very durable polyurethane.

LOUD, this is not a stealth gun in the slightest. at the pull of the trigger, you will give away easily that your in the area. that said, hearing this thing on the receiving end is TERRIFYING, will strike fear into the enemy.

lengthy trigger pull

the mags seal so snugly into the chamber, you can pinch your hand between the gun and mag.

right handed weapon (mag release on left side of gun, saftey on the right.)



this is guns accuracy severely drops after a good 45-55 feet with .2 gram bbs. they will curve off in radicaly different dirrections (for me, its a sudden arc downwards) i STRONGLY recommend using .25 grams, otherwise this gun is only useful in close to mid ranges.

PAINFULLY small magazine cappacity. do not burn through your ammo wildly, it goes very fast.

the c02 plunger in the bottom of the gun is really awkward. its a plastic bolt-like fixture with a flap that you can grab hold of and twist to push in. turning this thing is a pain in the ass to start with, but adding the fact of charging a brand new cartridge, it gets frustrating, especialy in the heat of battle. my suggestion, place in your cartridge and twist the plunger till you feel resistance, then make one long, hard turn inwards again to get the best seal.

the magazines lock down when the slide is brought all the way to the bottom by a little nook that hooks onto the bottom of the mag. it is very easy to forget about that, causing you to fire a dry shot with no rounds chambered.

no adjustable hopup

no rail system besides that strange nook on the front that may or may not fit somthing?

Overall, this gun is by far one of the best bargains you will ever come across. GREAT price on the gun, backwards compatible mags, cost efficient and low upkeep cost.

cant get much better than that.
by gage m. on 05/17/2012
"i got this gun at christmas last year and it is very good.but it is bad at to about 40 ft. the bb then drops.but this is a good gun for starters in pistol wars.......

loved it
by Nathan T. on 12/23/2010
"I bought this about 6-7 Months ago, great pistol that still works right now.
For 40 Bucks, this is a great starter gas pistol, pretty good accuracy, great fire power, and it's a life saver when your AEG runs out. Dependable, reliable, so yes you can drop this thing dozens of times, in water or mud, and it will still work just fine.
Clean the barrel, and the mag, and you usually won't get a jam.

A small problem is the magazine, if you load it all the way up, and don't slam it into the pistol, it will usually jam the first round, I solved this by just putting 14 rounds in instead of 15.

The readying of the gun is pretty straight forward, put in the C02 catridge, load magazine and insert, take off safety and your ready to fire. Semi Automatic, so every time you pull the trigger you fire. This thing is also LOUD! My fellow airsofters know when I'm in trouble or I'm engaging when they hear "BAP BAP BAP" about 300 yards away. It's intimidating when it's fired at you, I would know.

Cheap 40 Bucks
Ultra Reliable
Cheap magazines
Easy to use
High FPS

Slight Jamming [fixable]
Decent accuracy. [I can still peg you from about 50 yards easily.]
Sort of low mag capacity [15 rounds, not a problem if you buy more mags.]

All in all, 5/5 because of price and performance, just buy ask questions later.
by George L. on 10/04/2010
"This pistol has out shot some of my rifles on accuracy. I have already made this pistol mandatory for my airsoft team the 101 Airsoft Battalion in El Paso Texas. BUY THIS PISTOL. RELIABLE, SAFE, AWSOME!!!!!!!
by Jace P. on 09/26/2010
"is this semi auto so you can go boom boom boom boom through the whole mag
by Terry C. on 06/12/2010
"This is a very good gun and yes you can shoot it fast without it messing up, but there is one lie from this gun and that is the fps isnt 350 to 400 its more like 400 to 450 i watched this guy on youtube do a chrono on it and it first shoots at 452 fps and then it ranges from 416 fps to 452
by Tim L. on 05/19/2010
"Very good gun. It is durable if you drop it and comes out of the box firing.

Great f.p.s. it says 350 on the case it comes in but trust me it's not
pretty accurate
durability in both gun and clip

jams sometimes all you have to do is turn it on it's side and hit it on something hard lightly then turn back right and the bb will fall out
starts dropping down after like 50 feet
by Jordan P. on 05/17/2010
"This my first gas airsoft gun and my first airsoft gun that was not a springer. I just opened it up a few days ago and gave it a test run. It is very accurate and LOUD!!!! I don't think I will shoot it in my backyard anymore for it might startle my neighbors. I'm glad I only had to spend about $52 (including shipping and tax) on a powerful and accurate gun since I am a beginner. Now I can join real high-end airsoft wars with my friends! I'd recommend this gun to anyone who wants a super powerful gas pistol at a low price. This is probably as cheap as it gets!

385-400 fps (.20 g. bbs. DO NOT use .12 g bbs because they will break and jam your gun!!)
Accurate at about 85 ft. max
Is an awesome primary or secondary gun
co2 gas-powered
Should cost more considering how good this gun is!

Everything but the trigger and mag is ABS plastic
All one piece (the slide does not move)
REALLY heavy for a pistol!

Overall rating: MUST BUY!
by derek c. on 04/29/2010
"this is a very good gun i have had one for a couple years it has been loyal there is one thing you want to have an extra clip i recommend it for beginners and for experienced players because of its power and ability to do its job right and its very inexpensive
by Patrick S. on 01/24/2010
"This is the most affordable, and most effiecent, pistol on the market today. Very powerful, reasonably accurate, and let's face it, pretty slick looking. Yes, it's mostly plastic, but it's very durable, looks amazing, and has lead inserts, giving a realistic weight. And don't worry about attaching a heavy flashlight or lazer to the accessory rail, it's plenty tough and will take a beating.

When I say efficient, I mean that one 12 gram CO2 cartridge will last FOURTEEN full magazines before it peters out. How many rounds is that? 14 times approx. 20 rounds in each doubled stacked mag comes out to 280 rounds fired before you have to switch out the CO2. And I shot that many in 50 degree, rainy weather.

Personally, I chose out of practicality: with fewer moving parts, it's less likely to fail internally than a gas blow-back gun, and it's much more accurate than a GBB, but doesn't sacrifice ammo capacity like a revolver does. You can't beat the price or performance of the TSD M9. This is a perfect close quarters or back up weapon for any player, especially one on a budget.
by Ben M. on 10/02/2009
"I bought this gun a couple months ago and it is a really awesome side-arm and even an awesome primary weapon if you don't have an aeg. A couple weeks ago I used this gun at a game with about 20 people and I used this gun as a main weapon and I only got out once and got a lot of kills. If you get this gun get extra magazines cause it's a pain to keep reloading the 15 round mag theres the link to the mag.
by joseph l. on 09/26/2009
"This gun is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i usualy play more backyard airsoft and i went 1 on 4 with only this and a speed loader and i won. super good kick and acuuracy me and my friend were standin probolly 10 feet next to eachother with a few shrubs inbetween us and hes got a 115$,1911 and all i have is a $40 doller pistol and in about 4 shots i hit him in the lip and the back of the hand (i proboly would have hit him more if it wasnt for the shrubs) and he never even touched me
by Jarron K. on 05/01/2009
"i bought this gun, for its price, range and fps its close to perfect accuracy, its an amazing deal. i'd say an instant buy.
by ryan w. on 02/26/2009
"i bought this gun about 6 months ago it it still badass. i have a well l96 sniper rifle with this and i domanate all my friends who pay like $200-300 for there one m16 or m4 and there speechless when i pull out a $40 pistol and own them all. but mine misfeds alot, but thats from a lot of abuse in the wood.
overall this gun is awsome
by Eddie P. on 12/30/2008
"this gun is a beast at this price every one should have this gun it rocks!!!!!!!!!