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by Pamela V. on 2016-07-27 13:55:17
"Amazing gun! I've ran so many games with this rifle and it has proven itself many times. I've used it in CQB environments and dominated, as well as large open forests, never once has it failed me!

This rifle is perfect for anyone wanting a begginer gun as it is cheap and high quality. This is definitely a rifle worth buying, and it will not disappoint!
by Zachary B. on 2016-04-12 22:06:12
"The magazine it came with rarely works. You constantly have to remove the magazine, wind the bottom of it, put it back in. Take it back out, double check to make sure there isn't a jam, pull the trigger, listen to the gearbox work, take it out again, put it back in., wind the magazine while it is inside, and maybe then about 15 BB's will fly before you have to start this again.

I also bought two extra magazines with it, seeing as that I might need to reload a few times. All the magazines are the same, and they all have the same problems.

The moment it was out of the box, it was also not even shooting. The battery was charged and connected (I had a smart charger) and the gearbox would refuse to function. After removing the safety part of the gun and putting it back on, it started working. I'm assuming it was loose perhaps?

The FPS and look and feel is really nice, but having to spend 45 seconds fixing a gun, 10 seconds shooting, then repeating the 45 seconds of fiddling is extremely aggravating and not worth it. Very annoyed with this purchase and still fiddling with it.

by Patty S. on 2016-02-17 15:11:48
"Ive owned this for 6 years. This is the greatest airsoft gun EVER. It is lightweight, compact, accurate, powerful, and unbelievably reliable. Ive put 100,000 rounds out of it, easy. Not one jam. This was my first AEG, and it is by far the best. I own a A&K M60vn( Another great gun), and this is still my favorite. The FPS is just perfect for use as a all-rounder AEG, chrono'd at 288 FPS with .25 g BBs. Good for outdoor or CQB battles. I use a 9.6v NIMH brick-type battery, and the fire rate and trigger response is amazing. It performs particularly well in CQB due to it being a bullpup rifle. My only complaints are that it doesn't perform well on semi-auto when the battery is low: It will stop firing and act like its out of battery even though there is still some left. i found that if you switch to full auto and fire a few rounds then switch back to semi, it will start working again on semi. A second issue that has come up is the battery compartment is small, just barely large enough for a 9.6v NiMH 1600 mah. It will fit, but dont expect anything bigger.
Compact and lightweight
FPS perfect for any battle scenario
Hop-up easily accessed
Second Safety mechanism
Rate of Fire
Durability (even the plastic is tough!)
Affordable (why don't you have it yet????)

Semi loses reliability with low battery
Small battery compartment
Doesn't have many customization options like M4's or AK's
I didn't get this from evike

Overall, i give this 500 out of 100 (yup, i just said that).
This is a great gun and i would recommend it to anyone, whether they are pros or noobs, young or old, new to the game or veterans looking for a fine addition to their collection
by Sean D. on 2015-08-14 19:30:24
"I'll sum up the entire review now so you don't have to go through a wall of text.

The gun has nice build quality, especially durable when it needs to. Internals could use some work, as mine had a terrible gearbox locking issue, however gearboxes for this gun are EXTREMELY Cheap. Performance is great and the availability of magazines... not so much.

-Externally, the gun is made out of some pretty nice plastic in almost every part, but it does creak a little bit. It's not very noticeable during a match, as fire is going past you, and the parts that need to be metal, like the trigger, are made out of a solid metal. It's not pot metal, and it's DEFINITELY not hollow. In my opinion, it does at just a bit of weight, but hey, it adds a nice touch to it. Overall, the nice plastic and very nice metal are all pros of it.
-Internally, the gun is okay, but more on the good side. Usually, the gearbox inside of the gun brand new is amazing. It's shimmed enough to make a nice, smooth sound while shooting, and the rate of fire is great with a 9.6v, and the motor holds up very well. Stock, the spring is somewhere around the power of an M120, because I got 400+ fps. (Something you have to try is shooting the gun at night with a flashlight next to the barrel. You won't regret it.) If you ever need to replace the gearbox, you can find one on amazon for about $25, and it's like getting a hole new gun.

-Externally, the gun is a beast, but the weight is a little unrealistic and light. I wouldn't take off a point for this, but it's something to keep in mind if you're looking for a full, heavy metal replica. If you want to do a fast disassembly of the gun, be prepared to be frustrated and waste a few hours of your life. Each little hole has a different sized screw, and if you lose one, you're screwed (pun intended). The other problem I had with the externals was the battery compartment. It looks like it's huge and will hold any kind of battery. Of course, it does, but it will take some struggling to fit in any sort of large type or candy bar style battery. I'd recommend something like a butterfly type battery, or maybe think about taking off the foam in the handguard itself.
-Internally, the gearbox may not hold up. I did have some issues with the gearbox being locked up, so I decided to replace it. Thankfully, they are very available and cheap. The stock spring may not hold up for long, and the wire are soldered on the motor, meaning that they are a little delicate on the motor. Unfortunately, since this, and the TM Famas are the only AEG's to use a version 1 gearbox, very few techs will work, or even know how to work on the gun. If you do have a problem with the internals, it's worth just getting a hole new gearbox and saving yourself time.

Other thoughts
-I know that the gun is a F1 style famas, so it's not meant to take m4 style magazines, and famas mags are not that widely available, not to mention expensive; however, I do believe that there are ways to modify the gun to do so. If you are someone who likes to mess with their gun, this mod may be something t look into.
-Overall, the gun is great, and if you need to fix it, just buy a new gearbox. It's what I did, and that was probably the best decision of my airsoft life.

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If you decided to scroll to the bottom for a tl;dr, read the top again.
by Alucard C. on 2014-09-19 22:40:49
"This is probably one of the best guns I've ever bought for the price. While stock it doesn't perform the best, it easily took a M120 spring and the stock motor pulled it easily with a 9.6 batt.

Stock it shot 310 w/ .25's and with a M120 installed, it shoots 370 w/ .25's.

Look online some tutorials to mod some M16 mags and you'll be set.

Easily handled M120 spring with no after market motor.
Rather sturdy plastic.
Cylinder is Ver7.
Ver1 "modified" gearbox is upgrade-able with Ver2,3,7 parts.
Simple Dremel work to make the magwell to accept M16 mags, and to make M16 mags work with the mag release (and can still be used in M16's).

Wiring was soldered to motor.

Which you don't need to upgrade the motor anyway. Seriously though, this thing only need a M120 and a tightbore w/ new bucking and you will be all set.
by Jonathan L. on 2014-09-09 09:27:35
"So I personally bought the FAMAS; my first airsoft aeg, because of my love of the look and playing video games with it.

So far I've put everything together, and got to target shoot with it a few times.

Pros: Relatively cheap. Accurate. Bull-pup(personal opinion), sturdy but not too heavy.

Cons: Not digging the battery compartment, iron sights are difficult to use. No top rail mount is featured in this specific bundle. So if you plan on upgrading, youll have to buy the expensive rail mount of $40ish dollars. The FAMAS has specific mags that can only be used with the gun itself, and you get one mag with the gun, but mags are pretty cheap at $15, so no big deal. Also, loading the mag in, is kinda tricky, but youll just get used to it.

As of right now, i have gotten to try it out at a field, but will be soon, will provide update on performance.

If you're a big fan of the FAMAS, and plan to upgrade or use alot in airsoft, i reccomend buying the bundle scope and top rail aeg FAMAS for $200. Youll save money overall.
by Travis P. on 2014-07-11 06:12:05
"Great gun!
Bought this gun a couple months ago and after is many battles, its still holding up great. it has a nice FPS (feet per second) and ROF (rate of fire) but the bipod is quite useless. Of all the airsoft battles I've done with it, I've never used the bipod, but because it is useless in battle doesn't mean its useless out of battle. I have found that the bipod is very helpful when it comes to display. But I'm getting of track. The point is, its a great gun for both the experienced and the rookies and I should know considering the fact that I have owned 4 AEG's (automatic, Electric, gun) in my airsoft career... but just remember. Have fun and play safe. Its up to us airsofters to show the world that we aren't just a bunch of trigger happy nut-jobs...
its up to us airsofters to show the world that we are just men and women doing what we love... airsoft...
by Gabe Z. on 2014-06-12 12:55:48
"I had this gun and it worked great for about a year but its internals are not good at all. By the 2nd year the fps of this gun was terrible. Would not recommend this gun for competitive airsofters.
by Kyler J. on 2014-05-24 08:21:27
"Not bad at all for the price. The others reviews here are accurate to my experience with this AEG.
Some things to consider:
9.6V NiMh battery gives it a very very nice ROF but definitely is not good for the gun. The internals are just too flimsy to be moving that fast.
The gearbox is Ver. 1 and while it claims to be "fully upgradeable"... It is not. There are very few things you can do to the internals of this gun. So while it works well for a beginner at first, it cannot be taken much farther than that.
Externally, it looks sort of cute, and is CQB length, but its cheap. The 'iron' sights (I should really say plastic sights) are painfully easy to bump. There is no way to lock the windage or elevation adjustments so if you sit your gun down and pick it back up, it will probably be aiming wayyy off.
In my experience, M4 mags do not fit in this AEG, so you have to find those rare FAMAS magazines. I guess Marui ones are sold on evike, but they are too expensive.

All in all, its not a bad gun. But, unless you really want the distinct shape of the FAMAS, you should probably get a cheaper G&G m4 for its upgradeability, compatibility, and more practical form factor.
by Brendan K. on 2013-06-03 09:27:02
"Over all this is a very good gun. It has good power range and accuracy. The only issue i have had with this gun is the occasional electrical fluctuation which causes semi auto to sometimes stop working, but it can be fixed by switching to full auto or safe then back to semi. The magazine is not the best, but you can buy better ones here on evike. Over all this works well as an assault rifle, and as a dmr. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a bull pup rifle, or to anyone who wants a dmr set up.
by Fredrick S. on 2013-04-25 19:54:25
"This is a great gun!!!!
I just got it a few days ago and i love it.
It has a really nice weight to it, almost as much as the real one.
I shot .25 gram BBs with it and they were consistently going about 180 feet.
It has a great rate of fire, its very accurate, and its nice and compact.
My one complaint is that the battery is a bit hard to get in, but nothing serious.
I also like that it came with a battery.

All around a great gun, especially for $150.00!!!!
by Lara M. on 2013-04-01 11:07:03
"Really good gun don't be deceived by the price
High rate of fire
Metal bi bipod
Hicap mag
Easy to work on internals
Lots of attachments

Needs small type battery
Hard to find mags
Mag tends to miss feed on medcaps
Plastic body but very strong

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