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Model: AR-SA-40720

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by Andrew V. on 2016-02-01 02:14:38
"For it's price, you definitely get your money's worth. Great for backyard skirmishes, casual shooting, or even an emergency secondary on the field (wouldn't recommend it, but it's serviceable).

-Good FPS
-Charging handle is pull back
-Very accurate for a springer
-Relatively light weight (may be a con for some)
-Durable, can take a fall
-Rails for optics
-Hop up
-Sling mounts

-Rear sight is puny and can take some time to acquire target
-No spare mags, can't find any online
-2 BBs fall out when you remove the mag
-BBs can only be loaded through the included tube, or pushed in one by one

Overall, this is a great gun for beginners, and is definitely worth the price. It can be used almost like a bolt action, though the range isn't as great. Don't use the included BBs unless needed, it may jam your gun. I've gone through countless mags using high quality BBs and never once did it jam. This springer is perfect for those on a budget looking for a well performing gun ~
by andy c. on 2011-12-14 15:46:27
"this gun is a BEAST. ive had it for almost a year now. my favorite bullpup. heres are some pros and cons

Pretty accurate.
Mag has a night feel and weight to it(high cap as well)
Body is tough and can take some falls
Hurts (FPS around 370 with .2's)
Safety is placed in front of trigger, can be conveninent.
Big trigger guard so you dont have to fumble with where the trigger is when your not looking
Has a nice feel to it/


Releasing the mag will cause 2 bb's to fall out.
Mag is difficult to reload with hands(Tube and stick as speedloader included)

Overall this gun is definately worth the money. I would recommend it to new airsofters who are lookiing for cheap but well performng springers.
by Corey D. on 2011-01-24 12:51:06
"good gun for beginner or mid-airsofter. use for backyard airsoft battles. I like it for use as a sniper. shoots much better with .2's. good fps
by William S. on 2010-09-18 16:53:00
"Ive had this gun for about a year now and it just jammed for the first time. but thats only because i was stupid and used EXTREMELY cheap BBs. anyway, before i screwed it up, this gun was EPIC. its easily better than all the 30 dollar springers on this site. get it. i beat a 180 dollar 460 fps AK47 with it!

accurate as hell
easy to fire really fast
descent FPS
tough, dropped it down concrete stairs haha
ok mag cap

the sights take a while to use, the peep in the back is TINY and it takes precious seconds to find your target in. but when you do, youll hit it.
by Joshua S. on 2010-04-03 20:44:57
"this gun is totally worth it! my friend got it, and he hit my face (accidentally i hope...) from arount 80 feet away using the iron sights. Then he got a red dot sight and turned it into a sniper. all in all its a very reliable, durable, and B/A gun for this price. again, its totally worth it
by jake s. on 2010-03-31 19:11:04
"I just bought mine today from ***** but have been using my friends for a long time when we have wars.This is probably the best $30 gun you can get

-Very accurate once you adjust the sights
-Charging handle on top so you dont need to take your hand off the trigger
-Because of charging handle on top and mag release in front of the mag you can fire accurately with your right or left hand
-Rails to mount a scope and a flashling or something
-Good fps
-Because of bullpup design the barrel is bigger without making the gun bigger
-The front barrel screws off and on so if you want to toy can make overall length a few inches shorter/you can probably find a mock silencer to fit the threads
-You can attach a sling on either side
-Hop up turns on/off
-Looks really cool
-Overall great gun 10/10

-2 bbs fall out when you remove the clip
-due to the curves and not completely straight lines on the gun the barrel appears to be tilted up,dont worry its just sort of an optical illusion(i checked)
-If you knock the front barrel too hard it will snap off but it wont hurt the effectiveness of the gun

If your thinking off buying this you should for $30 its the best airsoft gun you can get.
by John S. on 2010-03-12 17:57:55
"OMG!!!! This gun is THE BEAST!!!! I can make realy far shots with it. I can beat my friend that has a 390 fps m14 (every time). Get this now and you wont regret it. Use .20 ammo and it will be like awesomely accurate. But wrap a layer or 2 of duct tape around the top of the clip so it doesnt fall out (sometimes it falls out). Even today when my friend that was using a 230 (?) fps machine gun charged at me i shot and got him in the neck. Once again it is the Beastliest spring gun out there. Ive never used a sidearm while this gun is in my hands. GET IT NOW
by Max A. on 2010-03-06 14:46:05
"I got this gun as my first rifle two years ago, and now still use it against my friends (all of whom use AEGs.) and i am never disappointed. i would HIGHLY recommend buying this gun.
by Joe N. on 2010-02-11 20:02:37
"This rifle is a GREAT starter. I ordered it with Evike's lowest shipping option, and got in in exactly 7 days. It is sturdy, fires extremely fast, quietly, and has a hi-cap clip. The pack includes a fairly descent speed loader, and a rod that fixes jams. it's very comfortable, and it's safety is great. The spring is fantastic, but if you pull it back with your pinky or something stupid like that, it'll bite you. The clips vary from a 50 cap for 10 bucks, or a 300 cap for 20. Very good deals. It shoots like a demon for the price, and at Jericho (california), I took out at least three guys with it before I was taken down.
VERY sturdy and hard
clip fits securely
POWERFUL (with .2 and up)
reliable, and hasn't ever jammed for me yet.
It's a spring gun, and comes with no sniper attatchements.
loading the clip is pretty weird, and doesn't always work with the cheap speed-loader.
not really a con, but if you don't use .2 and up, it's pretty damn weak.
by sean s. on 2010-01-20 14:39:34
"This gun is a verry awsome gun! I ratied it 5* because it has a verry high powerd FPS for a $30 gun. I though it was cool just because it was a FAMAS, but it is now my favorite spring rifle.



by Christian N. on 2010-01-14 16:12:37
"this gun is one of my top rifles! there are only a few spring guns that i actuly think are good and this os one of them! this gun can compiete with the sniper spring rifles, the bullpup design gives it amazing acuracy and there are iorn sights that are great, the front sight ajusts windage and the rear ajusts range, the rear sight can be pushed up or down, and comes with a rail sys. put a scope on it, it is actuly a good idea,

Amazing FPS and range
built in hop up sys, with the flip of a switch
high cap mag!
Great Multirole Assult Rifle!

a few bbs fall out when mag is discharged

Highly recomended because its a beautiful gun, and there are only a few spring guns i like, one being the M-16, FAMAS, and the M-14, the rest i havent tryed and the many that i have are rubish.

by Michael C. on 2009-09-23 15:47:38
"This is a very accurate gun my best friend has this he now has a saw but this is a good bak up nad it look awsome i paminted it FLAT black and blue tiger its sweet

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