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by Courtney B. on 2015-10-23 16:33:19
"This gun is very well built. with its full medal upper and polymer lower its a very solid gun. I had it for quite a wile and it never let me down in a fight when others have.

pros good build, high fps,nice design

cons my guns barrel wobbles a little (can fix)
by carter p. on 2015-01-09 17:06:56
"okay, let me start off by telling you every thing about this gun is great except the horrible hop up, mine came with a missing nub so the hop up didn't work and when i tried to return or replace it at the store I bought it from (not evike) they said they couldn't repair or replace it because of magpuls quality control, I ended up spending more money on a flat hop and still have to have a tech install that (I'm not very good with AEG internals)


great external quality
good internal quality (except for the hop up)
good ROF
everything on the gun is either metal or polymer (even the orange tip is polymer)
'accurate for how far it shot with defective hop up (50 feet probably)


came with faulty hop up
couldn't repair or replace gun even with warranty because of quality control
by Joseph I. on 2014-06-20 17:17:16
"Overall I love this gun and would buy it again and again.

Awesome 10/10
Love the way the gun comes apart, can break the entire gun down to gearbox in 2-3 minutes. Can change the spring in 2-3 minutes, can change hop up bucking or hop up within 5 minutes. The gun has a great feel and build quality, I haven't seen the higher priced ACR in person but this one is built just fine for me and will not break anytime soon. Love the masada platform!!!

3/10 Most of the internals are terrible. I'm pretty sure they are s&t and ares.
DO NOT buy this gun if you are looking for great performance out of the box, buy a KWA instead. I like to customize my gun anyway so this wasn't a big deal and had ordered the upgrade parts with the gun. The compression is very bad, accuracy is poor, and the motor rof is slow.. This is what I replaced and have been very happy with the performance so far. The gun has a nice rate of fire and is very quiet with the following parts.

Element piston
Hawk arms tecaform ported piston head lightweight
Lonex A1 Motor
Deans Connectors
7.4 1600mah Battery
3/16 70 sorbo pad
PDI w bucking
m120 spring
Prometheus barrel 380mm

Hope This Helps
by sean k. on 2014-01-07 23:22:44
"First off, this fun is very well packaged. Easily the best packaged gun that I have seen or received myself. So no worries about the gun being damaged in the shipping department.
The gun comes with a seventy round p-mag that seems alright. Haven't used it yet, but it seems to be sturdy. The gun also comes packaged with a good manual. The english is good, and it has good pictures with instructions on how the gun works. I did not receive an additional flash hider, battery, or battery charger (I mention the flash hider because the box looks like it has a slot for one, and some people in other reviews have said they did get one).
Now, as for the gun itself. The upper receiver is metal, and the lower is polymer/fiber. That being said, it feels fantastic in the hand. Easily the best feeling airsoft rifle that I have shouldered (I have shouldered everything from an M-4 to an AK). It just feels really good when you're holding it. The fiber/polymer parts (stock, lower receiver, hand guard) are very sturdy. I know some people have ragged on the hand guard for it being flexible, but mine is solid. The gun also has essentially no wobble. The only play I have is the tiniest bit of movement in the hand guard because it is the part you remove for the battery. Plenty of space for the battery as well, just takes some getting used to so that you know where to position the pieces when you slide them back together. Now, how does it shoot? After some minor hop-up adjustment, it was shooting flat at 100 ft pretty easily. I'd expect it to reach out a little further (100 ft is about the limit for my house tests. I haven't fielded the gun yet). Its rate of fire is pretty good too, around 17-19 rps with a 9.6 butterfly. Aside from the p-mag it comes with, it took a kwa mid-cap, a lonex flash mag, and a g&g high cap. The mags also don't just slide into place, you have to put them into place, which is nice because nothing is loose.

-good weight (about 6 lbs. Not too heavy or light)
-feels great, solid construction, little wobble (really like the fixed stock).
-good rate of fire and fps (no chrono, but a can test put it 350-400)
-quick change spring system and quick barrel change system makes it easy to change from field to cqb
-takes a variety of mags
-being compatible with other magpul pts parts, it is very easy to customize parts
-honestly, couldn't really find anything worth noting. I guess its lack of a definite sling point is one. It essentially requires you to buy a qd sling attachment. There is a small metal point at the front of the stock that you might be able to fit something in, but it is really low profile to the gun.

***as a side note, if you choose to buy the RIS kit for the front of the masada, be aware of the fact that you will probably need a PEQ box for the battery. I looked into it, and only a 7.4 lipo will fit for sure. An 8.4 requires some modding inside the battery area, and there is no chance for a 9.6 inside the RIS.
by Thom P. on 2013-12-13 17:34:02
"I have the A&K Masada and now the Magpul Masada SV. Comparing between the two, I would say both have their pro's and con's. Since this review about the Magpul Masada SV, I will focus on this. The SV is well packaged The manual is not "chingrish" and very well written. the external quality is superb despite not having the dupont quality plastic. The cocking handle, release, and mag release is far superior than the A&K Masada, The Trigger lives up to its hype and it's insane. The disassembly/reassembly is ridiculously easy. Even a noob like me can take this apart and put it back together. The SV has the reinforced gearbox but definately not as nice looking as the higher priced Masada. I believe the higher end Masada has a plastic hopup vs the SV has metal hopup. The one thing I didnt like (nit picking) and others has stated this too, but the hand guard does have about 1mm play. With a battery in it, the play is reduced, but you can still feel it wiggle just oh so slightly. The other is the hand guard is slightly flimsly. So far everything I've read about the SV is right on the money and I'm quickly falling in love with it more so than my A&K Masada.
by Darcy W. on 2013-10-13 14:21:43
"Got this gun about 7 months ago and have had very few problems with it. just want to point out what the stats say are not all true. They were a little unclear so here are they should say.
Gun has:

short type motor

Ver. 3 gear box
by Jason N. on 2013-06-22 08:22:03
"Just got this beast of a gun yesterday.... Way better than I was thinking and as usual the Evike staff was very friendly and helped me out a lot. So right out of the box this thing performed amazingly. Shot like a laser beam of justice and sounded like one too, the micro switch trigger is very nice and makes a nice click when the trigger Is pulled. Rate of fire is nice and the externals are top notch. Haven't opened it up yet, but I expect great things. Would definitely reccomend to anyone that wants an acr and doesn't want to pay ridiculous prices. 5/5
Deadly accurate
Good rof
350-400 fps
External quality despite lower quality plastic
Comfortable to use

Pin that holds handguard falls out
No iron sights
Could have a better cheek rest

That's pretty much it, buy it now!
by Levi N. on 2013-05-31 14:34:57
"Wonderful AEG! Don't let the lower quality externals scare you from buying this gun. It's awesome! The gearbox shell has been reinforced in the front to eliminate the gearbox shell cracking problem. The micro switch trigger really makes the trigger response wonderful. I kind of wish it were not such an expensive buy. I also like how the omitted the integrated sight in the front so you can use Mbus sights.


Trigger response

ambi features

weight (might be a con for some)

it's and ACR

comfortable feel

quick change spring

ROF (its not bad, about 15 per second)

Magazine (Flawless feeding)


by Zachery M. on 2013-04-16 23:01:38
"The look and feel of this masada is very nice. I went and upgraded my masada with a 6.01mm angel customs barrel and it made hit a bottle 9.9/10 from 50 feet so it is really accurate also recommend getting two springs. One for cqb and one for field because the stock spring is just barely to high for most cqbs. Gearbox seems really nice and the quick change spring is an amazing feature on this gun. Would also recommend getting the MOE rails or getting the R.I.S. for this gun.
by Guy K. on 2013-02-12 14:53:03
"Great Gun. I was a little skeptical about buying this at first because of the bad quality everyone was expecting. This gun is just as good as the normal PTS masada. Only differences are no iron sights, different mag, and slightly lower quality plastic. The mag is not great but with alittle lube it runs good enough. And the handguard is a little flimsy when not attached to the gun. Those are the only cons i know of and are not big issues. For being $150 cheaper, its a great buy.

Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 reviews)