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Full Size Marui Clone UZI Airsoft AEG SMG by WELL

3 Customer Reviews

by Chris T. on 07/11/2013
"The picture doesn't capture all the quality the gun actually has. Its nice feeling, very balanced and slightly heavy to the point where it doesn't feel cheap but not too heavy that you can run with it without wanting to die on the field from exhaustion. The FPS might be low and it may have an AEP gearbox, but man does it shoot fast. Its too big for a sidearm and too inaccurate for long range firing, but its perfect for cqb and those professional backyard wars. Instructions are funny like on all Chinese guns and it is probably the best and most affordable original gun out there. Perfect for hipster-softers.

well balanced
ridiculous ROF
best looking gun on the field
increases sex appeal
high quality parts and material
makes people cower with fear of having their soul ripped from them as they run away from the epic fire spitting goodness of the beast you wield in your very hands.

Wobbly stock (not noticeable while using it)
inaccurate at extreme ranges
orange tip is too big, only the very tip needs to be colored, not the whole thing
mag looks like it will split down the middle but it wont
may cause blindness from looking at yourself in the mirror for long periods of time while holding it

Notes: The selector switch is odd in a way, from safety to semi, its fine. from semi to full, its fine. from full to semi, it shoots full. in order to shoot to semi again, you need to flip it to safe and then to semi.

Mine came with a tiny cracked piece near the fuse preventing me from closing the top fully, making it look kinda funky but that's not really a huge problem. Its not worth wasting evike's time and my own to get another but oh well.

in order to close the stock, you need to close the half thats closest to the gun and then the butt-plate part, otherwise it wont close.

Overall, perfect gun for beginners, intermediate, and the pros if they want a cqb gun. Its amazing, its original, and it makes you feel like you're in a 90's action movie.

by Robert F. on 06/12/2017
"Mag sucks outta the box. Great side arm. Front sling mount is metal. Rear stock is Held on with one screw which is nice because I didn't like the stock. I use this with a Molle sling and it works great stays at my side, it's easy to grab and it stays outta the way. To fix the mag take it apart grease the gears then put about 100 or so bbs through the feeding mech then put the mag back together and run another clip or two through. That got it to fire every shot plus I found turning the high cap when its inside the gun works best as you can get 30+ rounds off a full wind vs the 10-15 if I did it before I put it in the gun. Haven't taken it apart yet I'm waiting until it breaks before I upgrade.
by Darrin L. on 09/21/2013
compact and cool swing out stock
unique style not many people use

cheap plastic
poorly made (my hop up cover wouldn't even open)
magazines don't always stay in the gun
magazines are trash (i bought 3 and 2/3 didn't work at all)
giant orange tip that can be removed but exposes a lot of the inner barrel
AEP (can be a pro) (also means low fps which doesn't really matter)
chinese made
somewhat innaccurate (mine was barely accurate enough for cqb, but any long hallways and youre screwed)

decent beginners gun for cqb play and just messing around with, not a high end high quality AEG/P what so ever!