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Model: GP-KWA-M11A1-NS2

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by JT P. on 2011-12-28 19:19:27
accurate with. 25s
amazing rof
pretty good fps
cheap for a kwa
satisfying wieght
made out of high quality materials

not the most reliable gun in the world
loading nozzle can break very easily

overall pros heavily outwiegh the cons
by Judy A. on 2011-12-05 23:25:13
"just got this gun yesterday and preforms great it is great for a secondary it is also useful for close quarter combat

gun is light weight
rps of 28
around 380 fps with .2

mags are expensive
only 48 rounds in a clip
not for long range
by Galit R. on 2011-11-26 06:56:14
"this gun is by far my favorite gas gun that i have ever held and shot, it is a perfect secondary on the field, and a perfect primary for cqb.

amazing rpm of about 28 bbs a second down field
semi and full auto
318 fps with .25 gram bbs which i recommend, and yes i did crono this with .25
awesome feel and blowback
great stock that u can attach a 1 point sling on

mags r sorta expenciv and always out of stock on evike
open bolt makes the internals more vulnerably wen playing outdoors

overall this is a great gun for the price and i recommend anyone who either loves cqb or needs a good secondary, especially with a sniper, and i am thinking of buying an extra mag with it, and the matrix svd so i can have a perfect primary to go with this gun
by Ricky L. on 2011-11-21 12:33:54
"This gun is amazing! Will definitely make a lasting impression on the field. Sprayed it into the bushes in a game and sent 3 campers running as soon as they heard it.

-Awesome Rate of Fire
-High FPS
-Decent build (It's a KWA!!)

-Because of the Rate of Fire, the magazine runs out really quick
-The open bolt system requires more effort to change magazines during games
-Open bolt system also makes the gun more vulnerable to grass and dirt to go inside the gun. (I'm going to tape over it and pokes holes in it.
by Kevin M. on 2011-06-14 05:24:11
"If you are a sniper or any kind of bolt carrying weapon person, this is the perfect side arm for you. purchase this and the holster that has listed here also and you have a serious close combat weapon to get your self out of trouble until you get relocated to safe place. This baby has the a fantastic rate of fire and a perfect FPS for the type of airsoft weapon that it is. Also purchase the barrel extension mock silencer that is here at also. Because then you will have turned this into a dencent distance weapon that will keep the enemy back far enough for you to make your get away. Also this is the perfect airsoft weapon for CQB. Buy this right away, it can serve many purposes, but the main purpose for me is one amazing side arm after I purchased the holster to go with it, buy it, don't delay, buy it today!

Positives about this airsoft GBB -
Full Metal,
Great FPS,
good distance shots when you add the barel extension Mock Silencer,
very easy to use one handed,
works great, keep it clean and you will have no problems,
one extra mag is plenty, which is nice also being it holds 48 rounds.
Cons -
None, I have had no problems with mine at all and I have had it over a year,
by teddy c. on 2011-03-16 08:24:45
"this is a realy good gun it is worth the money
accurate for such a little gun
plus the range is good like 120 feet

mag only 50 but that's ok because i have 2
by jonathan p. on 2011-03-12 09:22:55
"I have around 7 airsoft guns now, springers and gbb's from $100 to $650
and this KWA Mac11 is the most fun to shoot!!
high rof and very loud for an airsoft.
single shot is well....don't bother, just go full auto in short bursts.
accuracy is good for such a short barrel and the hopup is a good design.
mag is a pain to load but has a nice locking feature. get a spare or two with it.
I'd also recommend getting the Polarstar suppressor, it gives you something to hold onto when firing
with the stock extended.
my one problem with it is the plastic..
though nothing has broke yet, it just makes it feel cheap.
a metal kit is available and comes with some worthless parts like a metal stock and outer barrel which the gun already has but it's the $200 price tag that makes it not worth buying in my opinion.
great gun and in short, worth the $140 I spent.
by elijah e. on 2010-12-26 15:41:40
"I got this gun for christmas the other day and was very excited. I did have some trouble loading the propane into the gun but i found out that the valve just wasent tightened enough so i tightened them and it filled fine. but amazing gun just buy it, its amazing!!!
by Nicholas J. on 2010-12-18 18:14:31
"If you're ever in a spray and pray situation, this gun is your man. This bad boy has saved me from being flanked on a number of occasions. Its high rate of fire and high mag capacity make it a perfect personal defense weapon. I wouldn't be to thrilled using it as a primary, maybe in CQB situations.

Mine has taken a number of hits and drops and I have yet to crack the plastic (I purchased the King Arms Sub-machine gun shoulder sling so I wouldn't have to worry about dropping it, and that looks pretty sick, too.) Also the gas capacity seems to be well above the mag capacity and the gun doesn't shoot without the feed spring down so it doesn't dry fire if it isn't loaded with BB's, which is nice because it retains some gas and keeps the o-rings tight for longer mag life. Also, field stripping it is a breeze with limited springs, which is wonderful for a GBB.

The silencer is purely cosmetic, but it gives the gun weight and looks sweet.

All in all I'm happy with my MAC 11.
by john w. on 2010-12-10 00:59:15
"I just got this gun and everything about it is aaaawwwwesome!!!! as soon as i got it I loaded it up and took it outside. this gun performed like a champ! I live in indiana and it was snowing when I shot it and even in the cold temp I was maxing out its range at about 120ft and the mags were sitting on the front porch ice cold. I am impressed beyond belief and considering getting a second!!!!
by riley z. on 2010-12-03 16:24:38
"a beautiful amazing ROF. IT has around 350 FPS. a nice compact size and wieght. the sights kinda suck. it goes on green gas which for me is the best kind of gas and has a nice crisp sound when shot. theres really no need to use the stock cuz its so small but all in all a great secondary gun get this thing.
by seth j. on 2010-10-02 09:19:52
"this gun is awesome, it feels really solid and fits good in your hand, i haven't found anything wrong with it aside from a very small amount of magazine wobble. all in all its a great gun, easy and fun to use. id recommend it to anyone looking for a good side arm or cqc gun

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