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by Alexander R. on 2016-07-14 12:43:43
"I wrote a review before, this is a 3 month use review now.

The guns has worked fine, except recently the Hop Up has started to malfunction recently, I changed the bucking and see if it was the problem, but still keeps having massive drop shots. I've set the Hop all the way to go up and it keeps going straight and then few shots goes down. So my advise, once you get the gun, get new Hop Up and bucking (Lonex M4 Hop is the one I've bought, but still waiting for it)
by Andrew G. on 2016-07-08 16:13:11
"This rifle is a must have! Shoots very good and long range right out of the box, and upgrades are very easy to find and install. I've worn out the selector switch and had to have it replaced recently from switching between semi-full auto lol
by Kyle S. on 2016-05-25 15:50:25
"This was my first good Airsoft gun I got it for 200 and it's grat it's superror accurate and the iron sightso aren't that bad. The gun is front heavy so that kinda sucks but I just got back in shape being able to bench to only do 40 push ups but after I was doing 80 so after that it's light as paper. The foldable stock is great I love it but the way you put the battery in is just dum and retarded. The gun can go fully atomic and the fps is too high for me and after cutting the spring it's sound like a dying cat that can nail a 1SQUARE foot target at 70 ft

Nice Externals good rails
Fully automatic could be considered con
Magazine is high quality

Paint cam off after awhile
Fps is just 30 feet per second over my field limited so and since it was not bolt action I had to lower it costing 60 dollars
Orange tip would just not come off being glued with cement or something had to take it to evike to take it off
by Ethan S. on 2016-05-08 16:36:40
"It's a good gun, if you want a dmr, you should get it, but mine had a few major flaws
-there was no hop up nub
-large range of fps
-compression issues
-not accurate at all

Upgrades for this gun should include a better hop up, tight bore inner barrel, better cylinder head, piston and piston head, and spring

pros include the whole thing is metal, except the stock and handguard, and iron sights are awesome, and its cheaper than the full SR25 as the other gun in this category.

overall its a good gun, but upgrades should be made to increase accuracy, which was a problem on my gun.
by Alexander R. on 2016-03-22 13:40:14
"The A&K SR-25K, I got it past Thursday, quiet impressive range out of the box, Trigger response is very good (sadly I am not using a Li-Po Battery), replica feels very solid, body indeed is full metal except for the crane stock (obviously). I have not chrono yet, but my guess by the speed the BB is going, it should be around 410-415FPS@.20g (I'm using .25g and they still go pretty fast). Hi-Cap mag that came with it feels nice and a bit heavy (It is metal constructed, now I had trouble with the A&K Mid-Caps, I have to hit it a bit hard to make it go in, it is not tight, it woubles and falls if I don't hit it, the Hi-Cap in the other hand goes through like a beauty). It is compatible with most M4/M16 Internals, except for the Cylinder, also need a larger spring than standard M4/M16 since the Gearbox is a V2. Extended type.

Now, sadly the replica came with no sling points which is why I bought the sling point that goes behind the body (standard M4 sling point). Description said "Semi-Auto / Safety" it shoots Full-Auto also (Description should be updated).

So far I am very satisfied with the gun, 4 stars for not having sling point.
by Ethan S. on 2015-11-04 04:50:52
"The SR-25k is good, shoots fast and is almost full metal, but there one major con: There was no nub in the hop-up. I adjusted the hop-up turning it one siesta the other, and it did nothing to the direction of the bb. Also the hop-up and bucking have terrible leakage. The site said ~400, the gun got ~350. If your gong go get this gun, get a better hop-up, bucking and make sure it has a nub. This is the only con, though. The gun shoots fast, and has full metal rails with a ton of space. I reccomend getting a scope though, the iron sights suck.
by Jonathan S. on 2015-09-18 21:00:58
"Amazing gun.

Received mine wed Sept 15th and its been amazing. Immediately put on a Bipod and a 9x scope. Sighted in the scope.. and its been a beast. I've yet to use it in a match but it shoots Semi-Auto and Full Auto without changing anything.

Doesn't come with a battery but I got a 1600 battery and its been fine. Looking to add a green laser soon before I go to my first game.

Unit is heavy and gets the job done at quite a good range. At least effective over 100 yards. I cant really guess but I am able to shoot things from quite a distance out with .25g BB's with ease.

A&K makes some solid rifles.. Sold me on all my future purchases.
by Eduard E. on 2015-08-07 11:18:52
"This gun is ok but nothing amazing. It is a good base to upgrade some parts are lacking. Other wise it is good for medium players.
by canaan t. on 2015-03-26 00:22:30
"This gun is really good if been on many trips with it and it has out performed all of my other guns if you are looking for a big m4 or a dmr this is the gun for you

- shoots hard
- shoots far
- vary accurate
- awesome weight
- full metal

- the mid caps are a bit to pricey ( just a personal thing)
by Michael B. on 2015-03-26 00:21:17
"This gun really rocks. Out of the boxes awesomeness. Got this gun about two months ago and its rocks first time out with it lit up one of my friends and he felt it the rest of the time we played best feeling ever. Its awesome knowing that now ive got the hardest hitter and its even better than my buddies actual sniper. This is a great buy.

-Weight for me cause of the reaslism
-Pistol grip
-love all the rails have so many attachments
-Love just the look of it
-Noone can deny that they got hit

-Some of the rails are sharp easly fixed by using forgrip of gloves
-Sights are a little weird didnt care for them
by Ellie C. on 2015-03-26 00:20:20
"I got this gun a little more than a month ago, and from just taking it out of the box it looked awesome. . my first match, it never let me down, shot well, accurate, far, and hard. I personally don't like the sights, and I got a red dot sight, bipod, grip, and laser and flashlight for looks. I'm not entirely sure if i would need to buy new motor gears and spring to put a higher volt battery in safely or not though. overall 5/5 from me.

Full metal(heavy) for me I like the wieight
looks and shoots amazing
around 430 fps
by Sam W. on 2015-03-26 00:19:05
"I just got this gun and It is really amazing! This gun is a DMR so it is a very good Sniper-Type weapon. Overall it is a very well made gun with great performance right out of the box. Since can be used as a DMR or Normal AEG with the Full-Auto its good for outdoor use. Highly recommended.

Rate-of-Fire great for being a DMR, BBs shoot accurate and far (About 40-50 ft roughly. Give or take), Full-Metal *Durable and strong*, Fore-Grip included, Hi-Cap 470 Round Mag, Mostly Metal internals like Gears and Gear-Box, Shoots amazing with .20 and .25 BBs. *NOTE: DO NOT USE ANYTHING MORE OR LESS. (DO NOT USE .12 BBs.), No need for upgrades.

Heavy: Arms get tired after holding it for awhile, Stock Iron-Sights are ok. Get ACOG Scope or Sniper Scope if possible, Flash-Hider hard to take off (Do Reaserch) its confusing, only take off if needed (Such as a silencer and/or New inner barrel)

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