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WE L85 Bullpup Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Ramon M. on 04/08/2016
"Good rifle and accurate but it tends to jam due to the magazine wobbling in the mag well, but the best way to fix this is just a stick a small piece of gorilla tape or duct tape and stick it inside the well on both left and right sides and problem solved.
by Daniel C. on 04/27/2015
"So this gun is pretty amazing to say the least. Out of the box it is a monster. Clocking in at round 430 fps with .28g bbs on a 85 -/+ degree day. The hop up is well adjusted ( for me atleast ) right out of the box. It is a back heavy gun, so if you have had a back heavy gun and didn't like it don't buy this! It uses the same bolt as other WE Tech M4s so the hop up is a pain to adjust. You get a tiny allen wrench to adjust it, its just awe full. WE if you are reading this please change the hop up adjustment to something like the KWA MP9, please. If your field doesn't allow high fps guns you can buy the NPAS which allows you to control the gasses and what not lowering or raising the fps.
tl;dr buy it if you want a british l85 with some spice to it. Its heavy and difficult to adjust but worth it when done. 69/10 would buy again for self pleasure
by joe d. on 05/19/2014
"I just got this gun and there were no flaws. A lot of people on youtube say that it has issues, but mine works great. I can already tell without a chrono it shoots very hard and accurate, just get .28 or .25 and heavier. And magazines are $30 now on sale and their are also co2 mags for it which is great because in Mass. it is warm in summer, so im good for now, then when it gets cold, ill buy co2 mags. Great gun and a must have!
by Mike R. on 05/14/2014
"This gun is absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend getting it!
by Gwen B. on 03/16/2013
"I recently received my WE L85 GBBR and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with it. Construction is very solid and simple with no rattles or poorly fitted parts, with the minor exception of the bolt charging handle which does wiggle a bit in the hole it keys into, though I don't think it will cause any problems. I have not had any issues with the magazines not seating properly - operation is smooth and positive. The materials used for all parts are very durable and I am confident this rifle will last me many years.

Visually and weight-wise the gun is practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

On to the best parts... This rifle has a nice solid recoil when fired, is much louder than any other airsoft gun I have seen, and it is dead accurate for me on semi right out of the box with no adjustments to the iron sights. On full auto groupings do tend to spread a little more as to be expected with a healthy recoil.

Stripping the rifle down for the the first time was quick and simple though I did find it a little difficult properly mating the the upper and lower receivers during reassembly.

Overall I absolutely love it and definitely recommend this gun.
by Austin A. on 01/09/2012
"i must say i am incredible happy with this gbbr, definitely one of WE Techs best. i have the m14 ebr, scar, and a m416 on top of this l85 it shoots a lot better than any of them. it is very consistent when it comes to accuracy. only problem that i have with mine is when i first chronoed it it shot 460 which was impressive and expected, but after that it went down to 400, then 394, then 390, then 386, 384...and so on so it could be more gas efficient. also the pin that holds the piece that holds the bolt back when youre out of ammo fell out in the second game that i used it in

very accurate for a GBB
Shoots hard
easy field strip
good groupings on full auto
bull pup design
very comfortable and maneuverable
good weight distribution

pin fell out on second game on the field
could be more gas efficient
by dillan m. on 06/03/2014
high fps
good kick
easy to strip on field(which is good cus youll have to)
dosent make it through a hole co2 mag
gas guzzler
have to clean and dry lube constantly
not left hand friendly(bolt will knock your teeth out)
bolt lock works 10% of the time
mags are unreliable(leak,jam and,hard to load)