Reviews: WE-Tech SVD Airsoft Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle - Real Wood Furniture / Aluminum Receiver

$380.00 $323.00

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Model: GR-WE-SVD-B
Location: SO-509

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by Brad P. on 2014-08-28 15:48:36
"Its a decent gun for when this was $285. But since evike has jacked the price up another $40, I am kinda hesitant on buying another. But I will because it was fun as heck to build up.

Overall; decent gun before upgrades and mods. I would deff recommend the rifle to every one of my snipers on my team. It wasn't consistant, but I was able to shoot 173ft accurately with the hop-up turned on (max) and with .36 BB's.

But I did quite a bit of work on it before it ever got to my specs.
As follows;

475fps consistent with co2 rig and .43's.
300ft range with .43's with custom steel hop
Custom Steel hop up chamber and unit
new 6.24mm (650mm) and a custom built mock suppresser made of steel.
Steel OB and IB barrel's, full steel internals/externals.
VISM 2.5-10x50mm scope with RS steel scope mount and a Romanian PSO-6x scope with the 1000m SVD retical.
by jonathan p. on 2013-02-21 09:05:09
"well I ordered the black synthetic version cause I was low on funds after x-mas.
to my surprise, I received the wood stock model!
it had a few scratches and came with no manual, just the gun and mag.
bought a REAL scope from POSP that fit right on.
sighted it in and man, it's dead on and hits with some force!!
great gun and I'd have to say, it's the best gbb I've ever owned.
thanks Evike :)

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)