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A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Imitation Wood Furniture

6 Customer Reviews

by Amber B. on 02/05/2016
"So this gun says a&k but Idk cause unmarked box and no instructions. But this is a very nice spring svd for the price! It does come with an extra spring in the box witch I would suggest putting in if you plan on hitting 200 + feet! The stock spring shoots at 260fps with .28 bbs so probably 320fps with .20s. But the spring in the box shoots 460fps with .28s so probably 520fps with .20s. You will definitely need gloves on to cock the gun with the heavy spring. I would also suggest a heavy bb probably high 30s low 40s with a good hop to get that 200+ range! Very nice gun for starting spring sniper!
by Daniel A. on 12/05/2014
"Let me first off say this is NOT the average first gen A&K svd. This is something slightly different but in a better way. This gun is solid! It has non of the issues A&K has. The magazine sits in really tight and the mag (which is a wind up type) feels flawlessly. The gun comes with about a 600mm length 6.08 brass barrel. Had hop up bucking (80 degree) with W teeth. Very good bucking for a stock and very accurate. The spring appears to be within an m130-m150 range. The entire gun is some kind of tough aluminium and polymer. It could pass up as steel as it feels extremely sturdy, but its not magnetic metal. (dont know to much about metals) The stock piston and trigger sear were able to happily take the force of an m190 SHS spring I dropped in! A little wear after about 200 shots but nothing noticeable or concerning.

I had the matrix gen II svd before and let me state the issues, bad mid cap feeding, wobbly and loose fitting hop up chamber, loose stock (even after tightening), cheaper plastic handgaurds. (this svd has no issues in raltion to these)

So really this gun is in someways better than a stock matrix gen II svd. I am VERY impressed considering how much more expensive the genII is. The finsih on this gun is also much much better. In fact the barrel doesnt even look machined out it looks blued! The handgaurds are nice and look similar to wood but nothing crazy. Much thicker however.

Honestly the only thing I can complain is that some tinny screw have stripped out but they dont support anything vital. This thing is a tank and has amazing compression, seal, strong internals, and lots of potential for upgrades! Dont forget to pick of a side mount and scope
by Kelson P. on 04/12/2013
"First off, I just got this gun today, so I can't judge the durability too much, but I've been shooting it for about 3 and a half hours, and it preforms very well. I can hit dead on at 150-200 feet with .25s, and was able to hit a tree (Albeit nowhere near the spot I was shooting at.) from 300 feet after a few attempts. Also, I got the high capacity magazine with it, and it doesn't seem to feed at all. Might just be the one I got, though.
On to the pros/cons
Good range
Very accurate
Feels durable
Good FPS for heavier BBs
Very nice sights, in my opinion
A little front heavy (But I'm really weak, so that may be me.)
Bolt is a little hard to grip without the right gloves
High cap mag doesn't feed for some reason

Overall, very much worth the $99, if you're looking for a medium-long range rifle with good upgrade compatibility, this is perfect.
by Evan B. on 09/10/2016
"Out of the box, shoots well. Good rifle.

Only bad thing, is when I finally had time to take some time to inspect everything, the secong spring that I recieved was rusted and brittle.
I also have a question, has anyone else had this problem and what or where could I find a replacement?
by Adam H. on 10/31/2015
"Hi everyone!!!

I would like to say that this gun is a great bargain for 95 dollars but of course with tax depending on your state. This gun shoots almost up to 500fps!!! For this particular model, the faux wood is pretty sturdy and i don't fore see it breaking in the future. The rest of the gun is made out of high quality aluminum, i think, and the clip is made out of steel. I would suggets using .36g bbs or higher but it all depends on where you are playing because i have found .25g or .30g bbs quite satisfying!!! Here are the pros and cons:

Strong material
adjustable sights
small orange tip ( idk if thats a pro)

bolt is hard to pull back ( the gun comes with two springs. this weaker spring is installed but you can quickly install the stronger one)
front sight is alittle off centered ( this is just mine though, so don't worry about that)
by Fernando G. on 05/25/2012
"I just got this SVD today, i think its awesome. I got in the package the A&K UkArms SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle, speed re loader, low cap magazine, sling, safety glasses, and the tools that go with the weapon. The whole rifle is metal escept for the "wooden" parts. The magazine too, is metal. Overall I think its awesome and its a good sniper rifle for anyone. Enjoy your new SVD!