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Model: AEG-ICS-56

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by Ronald B. on 2015-07-05 14:44:44
"Hands down this is the best gun I have ever used fresh out of the box. Easy to take apart, feels great solid construction great internals.

This version has a barrel about 4 in shorter than the normal version, it is super accurate. It does shoot pretty hot but this gun is for people who want a longer barrel with a compact body. This was a nice compromise from the sig 551.

The batter space is cramped. The largest I was able to get in was a 1600 mHa 8.4 butterfly. It is not easy to get the batter in an out. Minor complaint.

The folding stock is hands down the most solid I have ever used, not a single bit of wobble. Full metal receiver and trademarks are nice but the trades are not engraved and are prone to wear.

All in all a few minor complaints but this is a great gun. It performs great and has a lot of versatility. Highly recommend this gun.
by uriel r. on 2014-08-18 05:44:05
"Played my first skirmish this weekend using this gun, and it performed like a BOSS! I IF you're looking for a unique field carbine, look no further.

The good:

Consistent fps. Chrono-ed this gun at 407-415 with .20, and 369-378 with .25. Has the punch needed to get through brush and covers distance fast. Fps is not everything, but if your target doesn't have time to duck at range, cuz they can see your BB'S comin, then fps is something.
Good stock internals. Ics 3000 torque motor, and imo best hopup type with g36 style.
Unique. Noone at your field will have one.
Pretty lightweight.
Good rof. About on par with my VFC m4. Just under G&P, I'd say.
Nice sights. Drum hk style works best for airsoft.
Easy takedown. Probably the best design I've seen.
Comes stock with top rail, and longer barrel than the 552 commando. Imo the look is more balanced.
Great ergonomics. Slim stock and good design for cheek weld with mask and goggles. I like the overall feel of this gun. It shoulders more like an AK than a m4.

The bad:

It's been covered plenty, but limited battery space. Will not fit anything but smaller lipo's. Get a small nunchuck style or stick type lipo (I'm running a 7.4 1000mah Tynergy nunchuck lipo, and it works like a charm -good rof and lasts plenty long). Don't let it deter you. Get the battery, and move on.
Moving trigger guard is a pos. Gets in the way, and rubs against the hand. I super glued it in place, and problem solved.
Sling attachment is so-so.
Kinda loud. Not terrible, but whines.

In summary, this is a perfect gun for field play. I put a 45 mm 6.03 tightbore in it (has 14 mm negative threads, and a suppressor covered the barrel perfectly) and this thing is a tack-driver. Outranged other players' guns all day. If you don't wanna be another ak or m4 guy, this is for you.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)