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by josh c. on 2016-04-21 21:07:22
"I just got the gun in today and within thirty minutes of playing around with it the rear folding stock started to split at the seem. And the slide gets stuck half way preventing you from really getting to the hopup.
The gun looks great and I absolutely love the feel of it in my arms but parts of it feel very fragile. It's a shame I had very high hopes for this gun and the reviews were good.
I'll try sending it in and getting a replacement and see how that one compares to this one, but so far I'm not very impressed with ICS. I have never bought a gun from Evike before but after saving up for months to a ford this one it was kinda a let down.
by Nicholas F. on 2016-02-28 18:56:05
"Amazing gun! ............................................................-
by julie g. on 2015-10-30 20:58:50
"ok so I got this gun about four months ago and as soon as I loaded it and shot it I fell in love with it. It has a high rate of fire and amazing accuracy. you can hit the same spot multiple times in a row with ease. I took it to two airsoft games that only included three other people (small games with friends) and it was perfect. The only problem is that when I took it to a field to play for the day, it started to act weird at the end of the day. It was firing to the left or right 50% of the time and the other 50% it wouldn't fire at all. I packed it up and when I got home I took it apart to see if I could fix it. I didn't find any broken parts and everything seemed fine but it is still messed up and now I have to pay to get it fixed. I still have no idea what could have happened because I am extremely careful with all my guns, considering the price of it.
The reason I am still giving this gun three stars is because it is exceptional when it functions correctly and it is a very fun gun to use.
by Rex c. on 2015-02-26 19:01:08
"I got this gun 4 months ago and the internals work flawlessly, the barrel could use a tune up to a TBB, but it otherwise hits what I aim at. It shoots a bit hot, mine was chronoed at 410+ on a 50 degree day at my local field. Either I didn't wear it in enough or it would require a downgrade to go to a CQB field.
The externals aren't the greatest, the stock splits when you open it, but it's easily fixed by squeezing it back. The charging handle constantly breaks, the fire selector switch is also falling off, the worst part is the mags are proprietary, either you get 50 round midcaps, or highcaps.

crisp trigger response
easy to access battery
flip up low light front sight
very high FPS
it's really accurate for a carbine, I hit targets 100+ feet out
split gearbox makes cleaning and disassembly VERY easy

Mags are expensive and either "midcaps" or highcaps
Externals are awful, but to be fair I am incredibly rough with my guns
stock has a tendency to split

I give it 3/5 stars, great internals, shoots awesomely, the externals are not good enough for a gun nearly $300
by marvin c. on 2014-02-27 16:17:04
"This is a very good aeg,have a few upgrades,but not to much fancy. Very accurate. Have reflex and riser mount on mine. Everything mounts very sercure on top,no wobble there. Hitting targets at well over 150 ft. If your looking for a good aeg,get this one
by Ethan E. on 2013-01-12 09:11:34
"Best gun ever!/n

ICS makes a nice line of quality AEGS, and this gun is no exception. With the performance of an M4 with the durability of an AK, this gun is truly a formidable tool on the battlefield. The thing that impresses me the most is this gun's rate of fire of over 1000 rpm. So I nicknamed it "The Dragon" because this thing literally spits fire. This gun also has unsurpassed durability. I have used it in wet, muddy, sandy battlefields and it still works like new. I just have to clean it a little afterwords. I'm going to buy a red dot and a long barrel for this gun soon.

High rate of fire
Magazines clip together
Good Fps while still being able to comply with most field's Fps.
Full metal (Any non-metal parts such as the grip, handguard, and grip are made from high quality plastic.)
Exact replica of SIG551 with trademarks.
Good price
All spare parts sold here at!

A screw fell out when firing but I screwed it back in and it stays put now.
Selector switch is a little funny.

Overall an easy 5/5/n. Nice job ICS! And thank you for the best service and deals!
by Carson G. on 2012-08-25 12:13:17
"This is a very nice gun, it shoots pretty hard and it's very accurate. I took the risk in getting a 10.8v battery and I was pretty happy to see that it fit, although its pretty snug. But if your gonna get a 10.8 you gatta upgrade the fuse because the included one burned out after 1 game of using the 10.8

Very nice fit and finish
Good fps
Nice quality plastic handguard, pistol grip, and stock
Comfortable stock
Nice mag
Mags have clips to attach them together
Very high rate of fire with 10.8
Light weight

Fuse burned out with 10.8
Not the best sights
Mags are expensive
Inner barrel is hard to remove
Bolt carrier is plastic and can easily crack if used to much

Overall very nice gun, very happy about it, and for $215! That's a steal!
by Rene L. on 2012-07-11 01:36:52
"This was amazing as my first aeg. I was afraid that I'd end up with something shoddy, but in glad to say that this was a great decision. With the rate of fire and the sound it makes, this gun sounds like a raging beast. The weight is amazing and the gun feels amazing to just hold. No issues with performance at all. The only problems with it are minor things that can be overlooked. The swinging trigger guard usually won't stay put, and you won't really notice while on the field, but it's annoying to see it hanging diagonally there. There should be a way to lock it in place. The magazine also has to be put in front, then back. You get used to it, but your first times loading it can be frustrating. Other than that, this thing is one of wonder. If you're considering it, get it. Now.

By the way, this gun is surprisingly compatible with the rubber bayonet on this site just pill the two back clutches on the bayonet and kinda insert them by clicking them onto the small mount protruding from under the barrel.

Intimidating as Terry Crews
Loud as Terry Crews
Tough as Terry Crews
Amazing rate of fire.
Holding the dang thing feels so satisfying.
Compatible with a rubber bayonet.
Performs very well, and looks sexy to boot

Mag can feel loose when it's really locked in place
Trigger guard can be a pain to keep in place
Not everyone has one of these
by Judith H. on 2012-02-24 12:08:14
"Love this gun but the after three days of shooting the piston shatered and broke. and I never got the bb's it came with or the two mags. How ever if you have and old AK layin around take the piston out of that and the cylinder and it will amp up the fps as well as the rof. OTher than those few things love this gun.

shoots fast(may be a con)
shoots hard( well mine dose cuase it has a better seal)
good looking
very compact.
longer inner barrel than m4 and just as long.

only got one mag
missing case pin Really acrivating
piston broke
hates the cold it doesn't shoot for crap in the cold.

over all besides my few one of a kind isues (im and unlicky person too) great gun.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase with! Please note however that this gun only comes with 1 magazine. We describe the product on the web site as:

"Magazine Capacity: 470 rounds, comes with one mag"

This is not an issue with luck of the draw. Thank you again for being one of our many valued customers and have a great day!

by Chris C. on 2011-12-31 21:52:42
"Have had one of these for about a year now. Love it. Shoots great out of the box (I clocked it at 385 with .2s), decent grouping at range. After a month or two I upgraded the barrel to a Prometheus tightbore and changed the hop bucking to a PDI W-Hold and the gun went from great to fantastic. Its not the most powerful gun in my collection, but its the one I find myself reaching for more and more during volatile, think-on-your-feet type games.

-Power/accuracy: I usually have several single-fire, "one shot one kill" moments when using this gun
-Maneuverable: folding stock is great for tight places
-Sturdy construction and materials
-Huge mag: carried a single one for most games for a long time
-ICS easy to open up
-Clip together mags make for a really fast reload, no risk of dropping one in the woods

-Iron sights aren't great, but let's be honest: its airsoft, you barely use them. They're true to the real steel anyway.
-Had one spare mag that was defective and stopped working after a game or two. Not sure if that's a common flaw or just a weird fluke. Other mag has been working non-stop with no issue.
-Stock hop up could be a bit stubborn, felt like it needed to be reset periodically.
by mitchell b. on 2011-08-15 20:57:24
"ICS has really outdone themselves on this gun.
First Impressions:
After opening a plain cardboard shipping box, and tearing out all of the packing paper, revealed a very flashy box that is typical of ICS. The box featured both the SIG 551 and 552 on the cover with a Swiss Arms Trademark Sticker with some other Cyber Gun logos. Upon opening the box I was greeted with a very impressive spread. The 551, two hi-cap mags, a manual, cleaning/unjamming rod, a DVD, and a bottle of about 1000 ICS brand .20g BB's. Go ahead and use them. ICS makes a decent BB.
The DVD showcases ICS's line of AEG's and the GLM. Plus it has many useful assembly and disassembly guides, although it does not have the assembly or disassembly guide for the SIG. The included manual does a pretty good job of explaining how to disassemble and reassemble your SIG. The magazines feature a ready mag system that allows the user to clip magazines together, thus saving time reloading. The handguards feature three rails to mount lasers, bipods, forward grips, and possibly an underbarrel grenade launcher.

The SIG features a G3 type hopup unit and a Version 3 gearbox. It is very well built and I don't see any need for replacing parts in the near future. The inner barrel length is 370mm, slightly longer than an M-4. Oddly enough, the gun has a longer inner barrel, but is shorter than an M-4 by about 1.5-2 inches.

The SIG itself has a stamped steel upper and lower receiver, metal trigger, metal sights, metal swinging trigger guard that allows for ease of use with gloves, metal ambidextrous selector switch, metal handguard rails. The bolt handle is made of a metal piece with the actual handle molded of polymer around it. The rest of the body is made of a nylon reinforced polymer that is extremely strong.


After hearing the good, the bad and the ugly reviews about this gun, I decided to debunk some of the myths that surround the gun.

I first wanted to see just how large of a battery I could fit into the handguard. I was told that only a stick type battery would fit. I was actually able to fit a 9.6v 2000mah butterfly battery in the lower handguard. With that in place, I began to put the SIG through it's testing.

I was also told that the SIG had average accuracy. Similar to that of an average M-4.
I tested out the SIG's accuracy with .20g BB.s. It chronoed at 358-367FPS, perfect for field games or maybe some CQB.
At 25 feet the SIG was nailing the target every time. I backed out to 50 feet with exactly the same results. Then at 75 feet, the same thing. I moved out to 100 feet. The SIG hit the target with astonishing accuracy. It still hit the target every time. I backed out to 125feet. Then the SIG's accuracy seemed to diminish a bit, only hitting the target 9/10 times. Still though, being able to hit a man-sized target at that distance with a stock gun is pretty impressive. I moved out to 150 feet. Then I noticed that the SIG was having a harder time hitting my the target. It scored 7/10 shots. I moved out to 175 feet. Still the SIG managed to hit the target only 4/10 shots though.
The rate of fire on the SIG is impressive too. Shooting 17-19 rps (1020-1140 rpm) on a 9.6v battery.

Overall, the ICS SIG 551 is one heck of an AEG. It's amazing accuracy combined with a high rof makes a very lethal weapon on the field. And those attributes also make it a very versatile weapon. It could used a short DMR due to it's accuracy and fps, or it can be used a room sweeper due to it's high rof and folding stock. It will surely turn heads and attract attention on the field because it is not something that is seen everyday.

Superb build quality
Rate of fire
Magazine capacity (470 rounds)
Swinging trigger guard-ease of use with gloves
Different sighting apertures. 4 in back, 2 in front
Ease of disassembly and reassembly
Functional bolt and bolt release

Bolt can be brittle and break with excessive use
Large plastic orange flash hider (best left on for Law-Enforcement)
Stiff selector switch (will break-in after use)
Swinging trigger guard- can get in the way
No top RIS/RAS rail
Polymer handguards
Back heavy-is my thought
by Jamey V. on 2011-05-09 14:58:15
"So i've had this gun about a month now and i LOVE this gun...its beautiful its scary looking and my friends hate it when they aren't on my team.

High ROF( i use a 9.6v battery)
Great range
If you add a scope its deadly
Double mags holds about 500 rounds a piece
This gun is so real in so many ways it just like the real thing( and i should know because im a gun tech in the US Navy...only differnece is it doesnt kick or sound like the real thing)


Get this gun its ten times better than my Tokyo Mauri Famas it will out range it...smoke it in rate of fire and it looks a lot better...i promise you will not regret this purchase!!!

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