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Vega Force Company Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) w/ 8" Barrel

5 Customer Reviews

by judah s. on 10/15/2011
"-great gun on of the best guns i've owned
-super accurate and the fps consistancy is +/- 5 or 10 fps
-it shoots about 400 to 410 fps not great for cqb because alot of fields require it to be 350 or less
i use it for cqb but the max at the field i play at is 400
-the constuction is very well done, rock solid piece upper receiver
-full upper rail which comes in handy for mounting optics
-the only downside os the peck box but u can buy a RA-tech battery converstion kit so you can put the battery in the front handguard/rail

TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY for a unique gun
by Colby S. on 09/05/2011
"This is quite possibly the best gun you'll find for under $500. If you want a PDW, this is it.

- Everything is metal. No highly breakable plastic here.
- Lipo ready, runs great with an 11.1 Lipo.
- Great FPS, low enough for most Rules of Engagement, but still high enough to matter.
- Thin mag, great for double stacking in a vest.
- Looks great with a Bravotech 552 EOtech sight.
- Extremely compact, especially when using a folding foregrip.
- Fits most M4/Scar mags.

- Extra PDW mags (not the one it comes with, and not M4 mags) fall out easily, this can be fixed by simply running a band of electrical tape around the top.
- Extremely high Rate of Fire, could be a good thing, but also causes ammo to run out fast.
- Folding stock and right side fire selector can get a little lose, but those problems can be fixed with a flathead screwdriver and an alan wrench, respectively.
- Requires extremely specific sling mounts, or a little jury rigging.

Overall, great gun. I definitely recommend it for buying. I was extremely satisfied, and I think you will be too.
by Justin M. on 02/18/2011
"If you're looking for a PDW, this is the best one you'll find. So far I love it. I will say though, that when I recieved mine there was a small piece missing that holds a locking pin, but it's no biggie....I found a replacement part from a different site for $2, this is a fault on Evike not VFC.
VFC logo looks great
Folding stock
Flip up sights
Comes with a Mid-cap Mag
Included PEQ-15 battery box
Included Black PDW style flash hider

Missing sling mount
Missing NT3 Q.D. Suppressor for PDW
Missing 10" barrel extension
Missing Vert Tact Fore Grip
Missing Rail Covers
Missing 285mm Inner Barrel
The folding stock is now starting to get a little loose, but it's no problem

I know I listed all these missing items, but it looks like these items are removed to lower the price than if you bought it from any site of Hong Kong.
by aaron j. on 12/14/2010
"Just Got My VFC PDW a couple days ago and i'm loving it. Just went went Air Softing and the ooohhs and awws were aplenty, it truly sticks out from the crowd. It has a very sleek finish on the body and is a blast to fire. Out of the box it shooting 380-385 fps and 23 bps(9.6V Battery). BUY IT.

Perfects Fps
Nice ROF
Good Quality

Hard to put the magazine in
by Brandon M. on 08/09/2013
"This gun is fantastic. it was built incredibly sturdy and feels literally like the real steel. its small but not light for the size. (i like that) lets just get right into it.

-sturdy (it will last as long as you do)
-great range and accuracy for such a small barrel.
-shoots with lipos no prob
-great trigger response time
-great fps
-can use m4 mags
-full metal body and rails
-working bolt catch to make adjusting the hop up a breeze

-mag it comes with is crap. (just through it away trust me)
-wiring gets in the way when you are putting the mag in.
-needs a peq box
-visible wires (to unrealistic)
-gets warm fast if trigger happy
-hard to put back together after disassembly
-coating on wires ware down fast
-expensive as heck!

All in all, the gun is really good. its when you really get into it you will see things you don't like. and again, just look at the price! ive spent more than that on other guns before and really felt like i was getting my money's worth but not with this. i guess i was expecting a little more for that price. i guess if you want a K-pdw look thats top of the line, then get it. but other than that i would recommend a KWA sr7 in a heart beat. it is 3x the gun with 3x the performance and $110 less than this.