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PTS Magpul Full Size PDR-C Airsoft AEG Rifle

9 Customer Reviews

by Joshua O. on 02/11/2014
"The concept of a bullpup has always captured the aspirations of individuals who are taken by its unique compact aesthetics. Even more can be said about the PDR-C from Magpul and PTS. From the get go, I was taken away by the mere externals, the beautifully stylized fore grip served a double purpose when it came down to target acquisition and driving around corners. The brace connecting the lower receiver to the grip was functional itself. It allowed for griping on to the mag, without applying to much abrasive force, as a right handed individual cornered right. Down right sexy as it is functional in every aspect.

Without the internals, this gun is but a mere pinup beauty. The performance that she devotes is quite warming, while empowered in most cases. I had the pleasure of being inside her, and putting my hand amoungst her robustly built metal body. The feeling is Euphoric, to say the least, when the gears I purchased actually shimmed well and fit. Relieving her of her springs tension was easy and it made entry and exit all the more therapeutic. While her motor quivered nicely, she seemed to be affixed in a way... The motor connectors are soldered on.

At some points during the session, some of her weaknesses were revealed.
Right off the bat I understood that she was meant to conceal a Lipo battery, as it is all that she could contain. Now, her was box opened so I could swap her motor, and I noticed some electrical arcing. That should be natural, but I had me wondering about what was happening within her trigger unit. Concerned, I scoured some websites to find if anyone had any issues where a trigger was burnt, and there were a few. Surprisingly, Not many people, at least on the forums I visited, had a clue on who manufactured the PDR's internals. Thankfully, These items are in supply for the time being.

Sigh... While individuality is attractive, a proprietary gun in most of its entirety is quite something to handle and service. It is pretty rewarding at the very same time.
Bound to be an affair in anyone's life. Perfect Valentine's day gift. Cute and Seductive, yet bold and efficient.

-Evike's parts support... A trigger system from S&T
may be in stock
-Accurate, especially with an improved cylinder...
-Sturdy build, while small enough to cuddle
-Comes with a Flash Tip, Options.
-Could be anything you want from field to close and personal!(Quick Change spring)

-Soldered motor. Requires expertise in the art.
-All the lever and hardware besides compression groups and geardrive system are proprietary!
-Cylinder head, Tappet plate, and hopup are sadly of their own as well.
-Tight tight space for battery
-The MAG release will seize and not allow the mag to be secured due to the battery pushing the rod actuating the release internal lever( but is easily remedied by adjusting the battery and connectors to allow rod movement)
-Doesn't come with a battery
by Nick W. on 01/07/2014
"My brother purchased this for me as a gift recently and I have to say it is an outstanding gun. Its extremely light weight and highly accurate.

Awesome for CQB

Lipo battery required (not a con for some but I absolutely hate them)
by Eric K. on 12/16/2013
"picked up this gun the other day and I have got to say that it is my favorite gun of all time.

The batery I have doesnt fit so I have to pick up another, But I fixed the problem with electrical tape. just strapped the battery to the outside of the gun and it worked fine.

Mid cap mags dont seem to fit very well without modding but after the modding they click in place like they where made for the gun.

over all a great buy! Gun is all plastic but feels soild as a rock.
by Justin B. on 10/14/2013
"Amazing gun!
With a P90-size length, but a very slim (almost as slim as a glock) body, the Magpul PTS PDR is amazingly comfortable to shoulder and use. Aiming is very rapid and fluid and reloading is easy. All high-cap magazines that I own work flawlessly in the gun, as do the Magpul mid-caps that I own.
Running from a 11.1v 1000mah Li-Po, I have re-wired my PDR to deans with a MOSFET, in addition to installing a Lonex A3 High Speed motor (along with a few extra things such as a light weight piston, a silent piston head, and a ported cylinder, etc). With this setup, I am getting 26 rounds per second (1560 bb/m). I currently run it just at 350 fps, but the quick change spring guide lets me swap out the spring up to as high as an M140, still getting 22 rounds per second. The spring can be swapped within 60 seconds.
I have had no problems with jamming a mag release, mags getting stuck, or anything else. The gun works like a dream for me.
Some people have complained about the loss of 8-10 bbs while reloading. I have gotten used to inverting my guns while reloading to conserve ammo from mid-caps, so the bbs in the hopup tube stay put, so it isn't a problem for me.
I find that with the limited battery space, it is easier to fit a battery if you don't have to worry about running the wires back up into the gun, so I rewired the internal wires to be shorter so that the battery connects at the top, rather than at the bottom. Just for you to know, with the stock wiring, from the factory, the largest non-lipo battery that you can fit inside the grip while still being able to close the battery cover is an 8.4v small type battery. It fits just barely with some effort.
I actually found that the hop-up to the PDR is the most consistent non-TM hop-up unit I have ever used. It is extremely consistent from shot to shot and gives immense range to the bbs. However, it is also an inherently very strong hop-up, so 0.25 bbs are the lightest bbs you can effectively use with the PDR 0.25 bbs are well hopped from a near-minimum hop-up setting, and any higher of a setting would require heavier bbs. 0.30 bbs would work very well. It sounds stupid, but I could imagine somebody turning this into a DMR.
The grip is very comfortable. The removable front piece is great: I use a barrel extension to extend the barrel outside of the body, then I have a 20mm rail section that attaches to the barrel extension, with a strobe-capable flashlight mounted. This flashlight fits perfectly into the removable front piece and fits perfectly in front of the front grip, placing the flashlight controls right at your fingers for easy use.
I am used to bullpup weapons, so its supposed "difficulty to upgrade" doesn't bother me.
So far, with over 20,000 rounds through it, I have not had a single misfire, jam, gearbox lock-up, or skipped round. Rather impressive.

Amazingly powerful and consistent hop-up
Small size, moderate barrel length
light weight
Unique look
awesome body quality. No worries of breaking here.
Good upgradeability, save for tappet plate and air nozzle.
Spring tension release switch (anti-reversal latch disengage button)
Takes M4 magazines
Quick change spring guide is awesome
Microswitch gives a nice feel to the trigger
Great slinging options if you get creative
Adequate internal space for you to do your own wiring or install a MOSFET
Evike customer service was awesome and sent me the PDR flashhider upon request! YAY!
It is RELIABLE. Unlike some competitors (such as the UAR (gen1)), the PDR doesn't jam, misfire, fail to feed, or break down. It just works every time.

Some people don't like bullpup
Tiny battery space
No manual safety
The microswitch in the gun means you kinda need to install a MOSFET if you want to use an 11.1v lipo.
by danette s. on 06/22/2013
"My friend got this gun the other day and let me fire it. It's has a well developed design for comfort to both right and left. I suggest buying this gun.
Compact design
Can hold certain amps
M4 style magazine
Mag release is hard to push down
Battery compartment is small but three cell batteries fit

Another warning is my friend had to get it fixed do to wiring issues but not an issue for most who buy it
by Luke L. on 06/09/2013
"This gun is amazing. High rate of fire out of box with a 7.4v lipo. Sure the battery compartment is small but the battery from my p90 fit fine as is the 11.1v i was using for my m4. I have been running it with kwa k120 mags and they work fine. They wiggle just as much as the 70r pmag that came with the gun. Slight hassle getting the red tip off to put on the PDR flash hider and its top rail is really low profile so even my Eotech sigh had to go on a riser so I could see the reticle with my evike templar mask. probably would not be a problem with my regular goggles but I have not tried that yet... Regardless the pdr is an awesome gun, and a lot of fun to play with.
by Brian M. on 06/05/2013
"this gun is off the charts. accurate at 75ft easily. polymer is extremely dense! i didnt think it would be that durable!! every high cap or low cap i have fits very well in this gun with a nice positive click. very user friendly.

-accurate for indoors/outdoors
-very solid rate of fire
-lonex m4 flash mags fit amazingly well
-quick change spring system works like a charm
-very distinct semi/full auto clicks with duel stage trigger
-extremely well built very hard polymer
-great feel in the hands my hands arent very small and its perfect
-manual is in complete ENGLISH!!!! OMG

-dont bother trying to screw on a mock supressor haha you have to get a small barrel extention
-of course battery space but i found batteries for cheap that fit great and work flawlessly
-mag catch sticks a bit at 1st but its a new gun and after ejecting your mag about 10 times it works great

by far the best gun ive ever owned and it is just a beast. definitly a sight for soar eyes...i recomend this for any player of any age
by jeremy g. on 05/18/2013
"This is a great gun at an affordable price with the 20% coupon. I just got this gun and absolutely love it. It has a very good rof and fps out of the box. Seems very sturdy and solid. A bit heavier then expected but not a bad thing because the weight is in the back of the gun where the gear box is so it feels very balanced and comfortable when shouldered. The rail has a groove in the middle if you don't wanna put a sight on the too to minimize profile. Mine came with a cheap, solid plastic, orange flash hider but I always take mine off and replace anyway. Gemtech blackside flash hider fits perfect in side the front hole. Its capable of acceping a built in flashlight so hopefully they put one on the market.

Looks great with suppressor
Very solid
Easily to work on
Don't need sight
Very balanced and comfortable
Good fps and rof

Metal mags fit very sung and get stuck when changing so stick with pmags if possible much easier to reload.

charging handle seems kinda cheap design make no sound at all.
by Tara R. on 05/21/2013
"Nice quality gun, but I have had two problems with it already. First after about 100 rounds I shot, it stop shooting completely. I took it apart and found that some wires had been pinched be the mag release, easy fix. Next my mag kept getting stuck, after about a half hour and a lot of frustration, I lubed it up and put it back together, slightly harder fix, but still doable. I was EXTREMELY disappointed to find that it DOES NOT come with the awesome looking flash hider that they advertised. Instead it came with some piece of crap M4 flash hider. I was expecting MAGPUL to have petter quality that that, I guess I was wrong... I later emailed MAGPUL and they never even responded to me, that REALLY p*ssed me off.

Unique looking
High rate of fire
Easy field strip

A few minor fixes are necessary.


Hi Tara,

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences you may have encountered. After shipping out a few of the PDR's we did notice the difference in the flash hiders.

Please contact one of our sales representatives with your order information and a photo of the flash hider on your gun to [email protected]

We will be able to assist you from there!

Thank you,