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FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / Gun Only)

101 Customer Reviews

by Nathan Y. on 04/10/2018
"This gun is beast. It is small, compact, and deadly accurate, especially for the price point. All of the weight of the gun is in the back, so it does not make holding it for long times exhausting. Straight out of the box the FPS and the rate of fire was pretty good. It Is pretty consistent and shoots about 380-400 FPS.
by Jeffrey R. on 04/03/2018
"Great gun and lots of fun. I've been a P90 fan for many years and love the feel and quality of this airsoft rifle.
by Jeffrey R. on 03/28/2018
"Nice weight and size and shoots very well. I look forward to using during my next air-soft weekend.
by Cristobal R. on 02/18/2018
"The gun out of the box shoots pretty accurate for cqb and in door games and shoots about 380/390 FPS with .25 gram B.B. only problem is the trigger the responce is bad but you can tape it down and space the trigger pull with bent paper. Itís an easy mod nothing to drastic works well and easy to work gear box I only wished it had an easy spring removal. Also great price.
by Lucky Arvie B. on 12/08/2017
"Had this gun for a couple of months now and i use it as my sidearm it was on sale before for 98 and this was a great decision gun feels nice! Stock is accurate but change barrel to tightbore to make it even more accurate and did not disappoint me. I love this gun!happy with the buy!
by Nate C. on 12/04/2017
"Shoots absolute ropes. Would recommend buying a hi cap with it.
by william s. on 11/30/2017
"so i bought it, one match later started droppin pellets right out the barrel. i accept that stuff happens and i sent it back and got a replacement.

now fast forward over a year later, has not failed me since! i highly recommend this gun. it is small and great for close combat and very well in medium to long range combat.(somehow i out sniped a sniper with this.)
by Devin W. on 11/16/2017
"Love it, everything works pretty well. Easy to disassemble and reassemble. Alright iron sights, going to be getting a red dot. Also, the range is alright. Just a short gun, so the range won't be very far. Probably gonna put a different barrel in it as well for help that.

Biggest complaint is the small 68 round mag it ships with. I mean, 68 rounds, on a P90, really? Almost like eating candy and by the time you start to taste it the candy randomly disappears. The mid-cap mags are alright, but STAY AWAY from the high cap-mags. All kinds of problems with those. Get a Box-Mag and thank me later.
by Justin G. on 10/06/2017
"Had this gun for 10 months now. ielded it multiple times, and I can say this is probably one of the best SMGs out there.

It fires at a decent fps. (Chrono came in at a little under 400fps with .25s)

It requires little-to-no hop up with EF 0.25g bbs, and is accurate up to 50-60ish yards (Which is pretty dang cool for a bullpup SMG)

I very highly recommend getting the 100rd midcaps due to the highcaps being such a pain, and the 170rd midcaps are unable to be fully loaded due to their high-tension spring. Get about 3-4 100rd magazines and some mag pouches (those mags are very awkward in pockets, and will not fit in M4 sized pouches)

This gun has been dropped, wet, shot, and even bled on, and it still works exactly as it did right out of the box. If you're looking for a solid SMG, grab you one of these bad boys and make the OPFOR pray you take it easy on them.

***side note: The only flaw (sorta flaw, as it actually helped me in a situation) is that when in full auto, there is a feature that allows you to fire a single shot, and then pull the trigger a few millimeters further to engage fully automatic fire. This feature has been faulty on my P90, so instead of a single shot, I get anywhere from a 2-4 round burst when I apply this trigger method. Not sure if it's just mine or a mass product "issue", but I'd be okay with it if Cybergun kept it like this. The burst makes for a nice touch before lighting someone up with a 10rd full auto volley.

That's all, hope this Review helped you guys find a beast of a gun!
by Brandon W. on 09/27/2017
"Without a doubt, one of the better buys for it's price range. Fast, loud, reliable.

Take care! You will need to break in with lubricant the hi-cap mags. They do not operate nearly as well as the it's mid-cap counter part.

A good 400 fps as it states, My own p90 can reach it's target at 150 EASILY. I did however, upgrade to a tightbore and maple leaf bucking, but it regardless will reach that milestone.

The battery is only the slightest bit hard to get in the stock- that was until i figured out the sweetspot.

Get this gun. Upgrade it. Let it fly.
by John M. on 07/27/2017
"This gun is absolutely amazing in pretty much every way I have had it for a couple months now and the only thing that I have done to it is I put in a maple leaf bucking and nub. It is now my primary gun.

Rate of fire is great
Very durable and strong body and gearbox
With the Bucking and nub accuracy and range is amazing
Good FPS with .25 it's around 365-370
Super easy to take apart clean and work on
Don't get the high cap mags they are garbage!!!
by Patricia L. on 07/16/2017
"I've had this gun for a bit 1 or 2 years and I have to say it holds up pretty well. The only you need to know about it is if you by some high caps for it make to use some wd40 on it so it doesn't Jam every 3 bb's.
by Andy T. on 07/15/2017
"Awesome gun. Only issue was the selector switch but I just to say the gun and out it back together and it worked great. Great beginner's/intermediate gun
by Andy T. on 07/15/2017
"Awesome gun. Only issue was the selector switch but I just to say the gun and out it back together and it worked great. Great beginner's/intermediate gun
by Noah T. on 06/22/2017
"Had this gun for about a month until i bought a CM16 m4. And for the time i had this gun, it was great. i used it in an outdoor feild, in the woods, and from a distance. And ill tell ya, this thing has some range for what it is. it might not have the accuracy your looking for if you play at an outdoor feild, but this thing is good. I ended up getting the m4 because I play at an outdoor feild. but if you dont like outdoor, or if you dont have access to an outdoor feild, this is defintly a great gun for CQB or a beginners gun.

-great fps (i was shooting around 370-390 with .25s)
-good ROF
-good cheap gun for beginners (this was my first gun)
-top rail for an optic
-hop up is a little difficult to access
-good range, but not very good accuracy due to the shorter barrel.

good beginner gun, take my word and defintly watch some videos and do some research on the gun before you buy this. hope this helped.