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Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 Gatling Airsoft Minigun (550 FPS / CO2 / 6 Barrel)

4 Customer Reviews

by NICHOLAS O. on 02/27/2017
"Upon receiving my order I was very disappointed to find that this rifle does not include the necessary air soft caddie to make the weapons system operate at its highest potential. I feel it would be a much more effective weapon if every mini-gun came equipped with one member of the Schwarzenegger family permanently affixed to the carrying handle. Even with this huge disappointment there are a multitude of pros to owning this beast including:

-Having something larger than my genitals to Impress females with
-Conveniently mounts on top of my Pagani Huyra ( operated by remote control from my airship)
-The wall of plastic produced by squeezing the trigger earned me a seat on Trumps cabinet after properly adjusting the PSI
- After successfully modifying the the necesary components, my mini gun is now capable of firing the new apple air pods, i find this a much more effective projectile than the standard 6mm airsoft bb.
- A perfect match for my unique play style, which involves several jars of peanut butter, a 5lb bag of lucky charm marshmallows and a hover board for each foot.

Although it is nearly impossible to find any negatives to the beast that this weapon is, I do have a handful of complaints:
-When attached to my whale shark for underwater games, the range was a little less than desirable, but bearable
- I was under the impression that the barrel shroud would be sharpened to a razor like edge so that it could be used as an automated cookie cutter.

My blacksmith has already began producing the las item for me and I would highly appreciate if Evike would contact me in an attempt to work out a way for them to stock my new invention.

Overall i fell that this is a fantastic weapon at a very good price, and I would consider it a tremendous value purchase. Just buy one.

Happy airsofting!
by Bryce M. on 02/28/2015
"I purchased this machine and when i shot it i got hard it was awsome
by Ian W. on 01/19/2015
"well, i picked up a few of these to mount on my helicopter, and let me tell you, this thing is amazing. i have a vietnam-themed airsoft field on the grounds of my mansion (next to my olympic sized pool and my full sized replica of texas) and when i flew my chopper in, everyone was cowering in fear. i crashed it for theatrical effect, pulled one of these off the side, and won the war single-handedly. it chronos at about 5,000 fps with the extra $10,000 dollars in upgrades i put in it, so it has pretty decent damage. i killed a few butlers with it, but they're a dime a dozen, right? over all, 6 out of 5 stars. definitely recommend if you have a bit of chump change lying around and want to get a decent gun.
by mitch l. on 03/17/2014
"Well one day me and my friends had a backyard war at my mansion, let me tell you this thing is no joke. I can still remember the day.... "Charge" I said at my friends Bobby and Rick, I told them that I would give them covering fire with my new Vulcan mini gun, this thing would break skin and still keep going through my friends flesh. I felt like the terminator that day as I kept walking closer to my friends, while holding down the trigger and laughing menacingly, they would run in fear and eventually soil their undergarments. Me and my friends eventually made it to the enemies borders and I still did not run out of ammo. The sound of this thing will make enemies run in fear. It is like I'm holding the gun that is crafted from the gods. After the day we all went back to the staging area at my mansion and looked at all of the enemies, and it looked like all of them caught a bad case of the chicken pox. This thing makes it so easy to count your kills. So don't be fooled and look and the measly price of 4,000 dollars this thing has so many uses to it, especially for home defense. The only thing I would recommend for this gun is a terminator mask and then you are ready to destroy your airsoft foes. Thanks Evike for this amazing piece of machinery we call the Vulcan Mini Gun.

Yours truly,
The Terminator