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by Levi R. on 2016-09-18 19:56:34
"I bot this gun I got this gun I shot this gun I love this gun if you get this gun you will too.
by William P. on 2016-09-07 08:16:44
"I was excited about this gun because i like the look and it had great reviews but the gun broke the 1st time I used it. Ran great for about an hour of light use using the recommended 9.6v battery then all the sudden it it just stopped feeding and sounded like it had a dead battery. Tried a few different batteries and even one with a higher voltage but nothing works. By the time I got this out to a field to use it it was already past the warrenty date so I can't even return it. Maybe I just got unlucky and got a bad gun but I can not recommend a gun that brakes the 1st time it's used.
by Mike Z. on 2016-06-27 23:24:59
"I got this gun today with "three day shipping" that took five days (maybe because it takes a while to deliver to Illinois... -not sure but probably just UPS' fault), and the gun is pretty impressive. It is built well, full metal besides the stock, grip, orange tip and carry handle. The plastic is very tough though, it seems very hard to break, and is harder than the plastic on my echo1 M4. I was expecting a few issues with the gun after looking at reviews, like the carry handke pivot, but even though the carry handle can move side to side, while carrying the PKM it doesn't wobble much. This is kinda a relief because I heard other people complaining about it, although it isn't bothersome at all, the carry handle just moves so it doesn't interfere with the adjustable ironsight when you let go of the handle and aim. The iron sights are hard to look through especially with a mask, but it works decently. The magazine is amazing and was built in a very good way, it is metal, and can be attached and detached quickly, but while attached to the gun it will not fall out. You can literally hold the gun by the box mag and it will never fall off unless you hit the relase trigger on the top of the magazine. Most other magazines don't hold as well, and can fall out of the gun while running (this has happened to me with my M4, AK47, Thomson, pistols and shotgun). I have not shot this gun yet, but I'll update my review when I do, it should be accurate especially being so long... I normally play as a grenader and rifleman in airsoft, but had trouble suppressing other players with my other guns so i hope this does the job. It has an adjustable fire rate and from other people I heard that the mosfet used for the variable fire rate is pretty crappy, so just set it to one of the higher fire rates and it will work fine. Making the fire rate alot lower doesn't save much power and puts more stress in the gearbox, because it's preventing the gun from feeding in rounds and shooting quickly. I did however try out the magazine and shot a little to test it out and I don't see any feeding problems, just check the wiring since the gun and magazine use one battery. I have a 1600mA butterfly battery, but saw others use higher amperage and voltage batteries, and it works better then. There is plenty of battery space, enough to fit two of the recommended nunchuck/butterfly type1600mA. I'm probably going to try out larger and better batteries because the gun can definitely take it. Last thing I wanted to point out was that this gun is over 20lbs. It isn't much for me, and I can take it and run around with it, but my younger brother can barely lift it and shoot it while holding it. The entire platform is different than most guns, especially American guns, and is like a more difficult version of an AK platform to use while shooting, the gun bipod is pretty decent and can be used as a grip while moving and shooting, then deployed when stationary. It can't swivel but it doesn't really matter for me at least. The gun is just so large you need a secondary for cqb because it can't really shoot around corners. I recommend a high quality gunsling with this gun. Overall the gun is extremely strong (you can beat someone to death using the gun and not even have a scratch on it) and amazing, it outperforms most people out of the box w/o upgrades.
by Erik P. on 2016-06-12 12:57:33
"This gun is the best matrix I ever bought
by Isaiah L. on 2016-03-25 22:02:40
"This is the best SAW machine gun I have ever used! If you are tired of the M249 that everyone have, and want the AK of the SAW series (M249 is like the M4, this is like the bada** AK!)

Super realistic, exactly as expected and love it!
by Ryan O. on 2016-03-15 07:54:25
"I got my Echo 1 Rifle Dynamics HMG PKM just about a week ago, The gun arrived in beautiful condition, I did not use the battery or charger that came with the gun, as they are usually just a waste of time, I did pick up a 9.6v 5000millamp crane stock battery, super pricey.. But I wouldnt suggest that, because of the battery large size one of the three parts of the babttery has to sit in with the bbs making feeding sometimes not so consistant... I have ordered this weekend a lipo battery that will fit 1000 times better and look way more clean.. Other then my personal issue with the battery causeing a bit of feeding issues(only like once or twice), Im not sure the issue that caused this one other issue is I had the gun was set in auto wind mode, but would not auto wind,( but winding the mag only took a second anyway so take that however you want, i know my battery had plenty of juice to power the auto wind function) some good things i wanna say is other then they few times it hiccuped the feeding on the gun with a 9.6 is amazing i should also say i have the fire rate set to the highest setting, I dont own a crono so i cant give a RPS or an FPS rating to this gun but Im using .25s and this gun hits hard and shoots straight( me and my buddies were able to destroy a target borad at 100 feet just destroyed it, super accurate gun, I would really like some dummy 7.62 rounds to string from the gun to the box mag to cover the battery wires, I also if you dont work out atleat alittle upper body work out, then im gonna 100% suggest a sling, I have ordered an AK/SVD style sling off evike should be here in a few days, its not the worst thing to work with, It is shoulderable but for extented engagements a sling and or the bipod will be the best bet.. The Rifle Dynamic trades on my rifle are very faint almost like warn off, some might like this some might not like it, I dont know if its like this on all echo 1 PKMs or just mine, I am on the fence it looks cool and war torn, but at same time I really like Rifle Dynamics and the guns they put out, so I like the trades being on the gun.. Okay overall this gun is amazing, I 100% trying to get your hands on one if you get the chance..
by Gerald S. on 2016-03-15 07:53:55
"I have had this gun since it released. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the gun itself. I am known for upgrading everything I have and the only thing I have been able to do to this is shim/grease the gearbox. The variable rate of fire works perfectly, the quick change spring is more than useful, and the shear fear factor of having this gun in the staging area is worth owning one even with it weighing 20 Lbs. I have had one fault so far and that is naturally the box mag. I believe I broke the winding spring. $80 for a new mag is going to hurt. If you're a beafy player who wants to have something a little different and doesn't mind laying out $20 in ammo per match then check it out.
by matthew L. on 2015-11-25 09:15:53
"This gun is amazing!! Its my first LMG/HMG and i was very impressed on the quality. the only things that aren't metal is the pistol grip the flash hider the carrying handle and the stock. The front sight adjustment tool is in the stock and the stock also has a metal piece that helps you carry the weight of the gun.

mag is metal
battery powers mag and gun
weight (could be con)
A little inaccurate with .25's; you might need .28's.
by Jon A. on 2015-11-16 08:16:01
"Most amazing gun i have shot yet! I am in love with this PKM. It says that it's top FPS is around 390 but i promise you it is about 400. Very sturdy built too. Shot amazing for me straight out the box. Definitely worth $560 but what makes the deal even better is that it is on sale for $399!!!

Shoots above 400 FPS (can be a con)
Long barrel makes for great accuracy
Easy to change firing rate
Built in bipod is very sturdy
Great for wars with many people
Heavy (can be a con) but it is a HMG
Box mag and gun runs off of one battery
Box mag only winds when firing or you can set it to continuously wind
Box mag is metal

Literally none for me!!!
by Andrew F. on 2015-09-28 07:08:04
"If you are looking for a Russian LMG that isn't an RPK you have to get this gun! This gun is absolutely amazing. It's big, and bulky which is how I like it. A&K really hit a home-run with this gun. The weight is one thing. This gun weighs about 20lbs unloaded from what I've seen. I myself don't use a sling often, but if I were to use one I have the M249 sling. Everything that needs to be metal is metal. The only plastic parts on this gun are the stock, pistol grip, carrying handle (Which I swapped out for wood), and the flash hider if you did not swap that out with the metal one. This thing hits pretty hard too. I'm using .25s in her, and still pushing up to 380fps (Which can also be a con). Let's just sum it all up. I'm not going to forget to mention a 5,000 round box mag! People should think twice about not calling their hits. The box mag is externally metal, but internally plastic. I have had some issues with the mag, but not many. For a battery I just use a valken 9.6v 1600mah. It works out just fine.

- Full metal
- Heavy (Can be a con)
- Hard hitting (Can be a con)
- Beautiful with a wood kit
- Has a large intimidation factor.

- Heavy for smaller players. I wouldn't recommend it for small players.
- As traditional the bipod is rather crap. One of the plates on the bottom fell off upon opening the box. I just spot welded it back on. The pin to hold it in on the other hand fell out mid game, and was never seen again. I'm just going to ghetto rig it back together before I find a replacement.
- The wiring needed to be replaced after a while of use.
- The stock trigger switch is crap as well, but isn't an expensive fix. it just sticks here and there.

All in all get this gun!
by Anton C. on 2015-05-09 22:01:30
"The PKM is not for the faint of heart. This absolute beast of an AEG is by far my favorite in my arsenal.

Accurate, long barrel means bbs hit where needed and sometimes too good
Reliable, so far I've put it through a decent beating and it hasn't bogged out
Intimidation factor, bodies WILL hit the deck

Weight, handling this gun fully loaded and geared up is not for the faint of heart
Length, definitely a hindrance in closer quarters
by Paulo L. on 2015-05-04 11:39:26
"I've been using mine for about 2 months now, and overall, I'm fairly impressed. It's an excellent light machine gun. That being said, there're a few draw backs one should be aware of before purchasing this weapon.


-Crazy accurate. Capable of consistently hitting human-sized target at 200 ft.
-Reliable box mag (feeds BBs into the weapon without issue)
-Easy to reload BBs/batteries. You can just open a cap on the side of the box mag, rather than removing the box mag altogether.
-Has adjustable rate of fire.
-Comes with an end-plug (not sure what the correct term for it is) that allows you to disconnect the weapon from the mosfet (part that adjusts the rate of fire) while still keeping the weapon functional.


-Adjustable rate of fire is difficult to operate. Apparently, you can easily ruin your battery, or the gun itself, if you adjust the mosfet incorrectly.
-After using the weapon in only 3 games, the barrel became rather loose. This doesn't appear to affect the weapon's accuracy, but it did make it rather uncomfortable to wield, at least for me.
-The bipod can be tricky to operate.

Like I said, this is still an excellent light machine gun. It gets the job done and then some, but I would've personally gone with a weapon that has a more stable barrel assembly. But to each their own. If you don't mind a barrel that's a bit loose, then I would certainly recommend this weapon.

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