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G&P New Generation Steel Receiver Full Metal Mk46 SAW SOPMOD Airsoft AEG Machine Gun

2 Customer Reviews

by John S. on 03/12/2014
"After reading the other comment I felt compelled to try one last time for a review to be posted on this gun.

I actually ordered the MK46 SAW MOD 0, the basic difference is the full stock versus the collapsible stock.

The gun is an absolute beast in performance and build. It is not for the faint of heart weighing in at 16 pounds fully loaded. The gun has an overall rugged feeling with a much more realistic finish than the A&K SAWs. I have stripped off the forward rail system and bipod to lighten it slightly. I am currently using a "real steel" vertical "gangster" grip with integrated bi-pod.

In the year since I purchased the gun I have had to replace the motor as well as the stock. The gun slipped off my shoulder and the stock broke at the base upon impacting the dirt ground. It was a relatively short drop of no more than 3 feet, so either the full stock is weak in general or I just happened to hit the sweet spot. The stock breaking gave me a reason to replace it with the collapsible stock which I prefer. The motor grip definitely got very hot at first. When I replaced the original motor that locked up I also removed the cover plate at the bottom of the grip and it helped with heat dissipation. The grip gets warm but never as hot as before, so possibly the original motor was defective from the get go. I would say I have put no less that 60,000 rounds through it with no other component failures to date. Other than those two issues it has run like a champ.

With a 9.6 4000 mah battery it is shooting at ~24 rps / 360 fps. For night games with a tracer unit this gun has a definite intimidation factor. For the first hundred rounds I like to use straight tracers providing a solid laser like stream to demoralize and disrupt opposing players. Over the course of a day I have put upwards of 12000 rounds through it on a single charge. I have my G&P 551 sight sighted in for 80 feet and is accurate (I play on a smaller than average field more regularly than larger ones). The gun can double that, and then some more for plunging fire. I clean my stock barrel whenever I notice a "shotgun" like spread starting to happen.

Overall I have been very impressed (as well as anyone else who has seen it and had a chance to use it) with the performance and beastly appearance of this weapon platform.
by william l. on 02/03/2014
"Okay, where to begin?.. Buying this gun was easily the biggest mistake I ever made in airsoft.. I can not stress that enough.. This gun is horrible. as of 2014, the only stock parts on my G&P MK46 is the gearbox shell and the main body. Within the first 10 games that I played the hop-up broke($30), the piston stripped($35), and the shaft of the bevel gear snapped($55 with bushing).. Now after almost 2 years of having it I have close $1500 in this gun. I've had to replace the whole outer barrel because the front sight broke off($190). the charging handle broke as well, ($30) the motor and grip would get so hot it would start melting my gloves to it. Thus I had to get a new motor, grip, and new gloves($110). I bought a madbull 6.03 innerbarrel for it($40), and it still won't reach out and touch like I want it too.. Right now it's not getting compression at all because the feed hinge block broke($20) So all of these parts and more, plus the service fees and gas money to said service shops. To this day, this gun has given me nothing but trouble and all of my friends say it's a money pit p.o.s. , and I need to get rid of it. but there is no way that I will ever be able to recoup what I have in this gun. So I'm going to keep throwing money at this dead horse..

Pros: It has a constant ROF of about 19/sec and shoots consistently between 390-405 fps. Which is absolutely awesome :D

Cons: When it's not in the shop or collecting dust, it only has an effective range of about 80ft.. and the spread of the bbs is about 3ft at ~50ft.. So.. pin point accuracy is not this guns strongest attribute. Plus this thing weighs a ton.. It's like lugging around a sack of quikrete mix..

I personally love this gun only to keep hope up in that one day I will finally get my money's worth back out of it. But I can not give it a good review..