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G&P M249 SAW Airsoft AEG Rifle with Collapsible Stock (Package: Ranger Version / Gun Only)

14 Customer Reviews

by Roger M. on 01/19/2018
"Great gun. Purchased for our Team Arsenal use. The large capacity drum eliminates the need for spare drums. Just carry a bag of bb's with you, and reload on the fly. Excellent support AEG.
by Conner A. on 07/19/2017
"Amazing gun, heavy and durable. Shot 400 to 405 out the box. Only problem i had was that the package deal came with the wrong battery so i had to shop around to make accommodations. They gave me a battery that hooked straight to the gun instead of the mag. Overall im pleased though.
by Alonso F. on 05/06/2017
"Great gun straight out of the box other than it looked like the guys at evike used it for a couple games ( bb indents on the plastic on the side near the rear) I don't really mind as it is going to get hit anyways. Would recommend as long as you don't care about the weight. I like the weight of it as it does not feel cheap at all. Be careful of the trigger when disassembling the gear box as mine exploded out of the gun and needed to be held down when putting it back together
by Devon e. on 03/22/2017
"Love this gun works great and fires fast the level of detail is excellent
by michael k. on 02/12/2017
"Great AEG saw right out of the box, unfortunately chronoed at 415-430 without any modifications at all. I'm going to chrono again after it gets more use to see if it comes down some. Great accuracy for a stock saw, mag is pretty good as well.
by Ray R. on 06/06/2016
"Excellent build, very solid. But also heavy. Good ROF and hop up keeps bbs on the straight. Tried lipos 7.4 and 11.1 for short term test and they get the wiring hot, so I will stay with the recommended 8.4volt 3800mah flat battery. The only drawback is no trades from G&P or FN, not even a serial number. Ammo box does have nice detailed Mil-spec script. The internals of the ammo box seem fragile, but time will tell. Also, so called instruction manual is nothing but a bare parts lists normal more, not even a G&P brand stamp anywhere on it. For $326. it seem's a good buy, the jury's out of the durability of the V2 gearbox. But overall a quality copy of a true lifetaker.
by Justin K. on 05/28/2016
"This is a very solid gone have not used it in the field yet so unsure of the performance of it but I give it five stars out of the hole. I do recommend a strap it isn't as long as everybody makes it out the scene I am used to using longer guns in the field and 14's and M-16 a trees so the only thing is this is a wider box mag on it and it's just h I do recommend a strap it isn't as long as everybody makes it out the scene I am used to using longer guns in the field and m-14's and M-16. Again I say it is a heavy gone but it's the type of heavy which gets heavy from prolonged: holding. I am 6 foot so for me the length is not a problem. It is definitely a goog buy
by Zach G. on 04/15/2016
"This gun isn't a bad gun. My friend bought me one for Christmas a few months ago, and from what I can tell, it's really not bad at all.

Amazing rps
Great for, not too hard, not too soft.
Full metal which might be a con for beginners or wimps.
Chuck Norris approved.

Bro. It's chuck Norris approved. What part of that do you not understand.
by Warren S. on 04/09/2016
"Very happy with it. Got it on Wednesday and ran with it all day Saturday. FPS was between 330 and 340 (but I was shooting .25gs). ROF was between 17 and 22 RPS. The best thing was that I put about 4,000 rounds through it and did not have a single feed jam -- not one. Ran the second re-fill with .28gs and that gave a little added distance (I did not re-chrono). I will probably run with .28gs in the future because of the added range. I ran the 8.4 v 5000 mAh Matrix high output battery and shot all day with it.
The cons are that it did not have a functioning safety. Not sure if this is the result of using the ver 2 gearbox -- but I suspect that it is. (I just leave a barrel sleeve on mine if the box magazine is in.) The motor does get a little hot when you use sustained fire -- not sure how to evaluate this yet -- but it did not ever impact play or rise to the level of genuine concern. Finally, this beast is heavy -- but I found it was still manageable (even without a sling). That said, I will be picking up a sling.
by KENNETH d. on 09/27/2011
"I've been fortunate enough to use a G&P for 2 milsims before. and it is the best LMG ive ever used. These guys always do top notch quality, but the MK46/ 249 series is something else. One thing about them though is they CANNOT use Stanags. that is to say m16 magazines. However, it doesnt need to. G&Ps direct feed system is extremely reliable. 5/5

well built.
feels like a real m249/mk46
direct feed very reliable

pricey (you get what you pay for)
cannot take m4 mags (doesnt need to!)
by Adam G. on 12/08/2016
"Durable, reliable, and fun!!! Although heavy you get that BAMF feeling running around the feild and look the part as well!! Box mag easy to load, and winds great with just a little bit of sound.. rate of fire is on point in my opinion not too much but just right.. my only complaint is i lost my dummy rounds at an op: because i couldn't get them to stay in place very well but everything else about this airsoft beast is great!!!! Wont need extra box mag 3000 rounds gets you through most of the day and you can dump more in as needed without removing it.. 9.6 battery worked just fine no need to push it more than that. Worth the price for sure!!
by Spencer R. on 01/04/2017
"Good gun just think i got a lemon the gear teeth in mine broke after about 300 shots so i put in an hpa externals are amazing
by David A. on 12/03/2016
"It ate a BB after only 500 rounds and either striped the piston or knocked the gears out of alignment enough to completely stop operation. For a $450 gun I expected more, however the exterior is very high quality. The gun with with a tech right now and the gearbox issues should be fixable.
by Matthew H. on 10/25/2016
"Well, the gun chronographs around 375 with a .25 which is all well and good. But the magazine has some big feeding issues. I'm having it worked on right now to deternine if it is the magazine, or the hopup causing the problem. The only other issue I have is that the bipod legs do not lock into their assigned length adjustment slots very well, if at all. In game this causes the legs to constantly slide into different length slots, and makes the gun unusable until you manually fix it. I will update the review as soon as I spend nore time with the gun.