Reviews: A&K Full Metal M249 Para Trooper SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag

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Model: AEG-M249-PARA-BK

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by Niki S. on 2014-01-11 08:19:57
"This gun is without a doubt in my mind an amazing work of fear and machinery. The first game I played with this, my buddy (who has the A&K M60) and I literally walked down the field shooting at anything that moved. The opposing team either fell back to try to get a better shot or they got shot themselves simply because you can't beat two guns with 2000+ rounds. Needless to say if you're looking for Squad Automatic Weapon, this is a great choice. However, if you do decide to get this gun, it would be wise to invest in a LMG sling because it will tire you out. Other then that this is a great product!
by Jake C. on 2013-07-03 17:57:55
"This gun is a beast! When I unboxed this gun, I was super excited. I bought a MK46 5 position retractable stock which works great with this. I had problems trying to get to the battery, called evike custromer service and they said to pull out than upward towards the bipod. I did that but I noticed there were 4 screws in the handle. It took me three hours to figure that all out. Overall a great gun,

Great ROF
Works great with the retractable stock
Tons more of awesome things but I cant name them all

Hard to get battery in
Para stock hurts my neck(maybe not for anyone else)
Battery comes uncharged
Heavy(could be either if your weak)

by Cason G. on 2013-04-27 21:53:08
"Got this gun and this is my first time of using it. It was amazing! i highly recommend it big time! I choose to be the support gunner on my team and i have wanted this gun for a long time but had no use for it untill i joined a team. Who ever is looking for a cheap and good gun, this would be it!

Great FPS
Good Range
Real Feel
Pretty much full metal which is awesome!
To many Pros to think of. ha. So get it for sure!

If you are planning to run with this gun, get a sling for it for sure. You will need it. I walked/runned up a steep hill and my arms were so tired from it. So make sure that you get the sling. Other then that, no other cons! but if you dont consider not using a sling then there are no cons to this gun.

Overall i give this a 10/10
by Steven S. on 2013-04-11 13:40:54
"This has been a great weapon so far!!!! I haven't had ANY problems with it yet.It is a beast which tears up anything and is great in windows and jeeps or any other mount. The weight isn't very bad and even smaller people like myself can carry it comfortably. I think it is a great gun that I higly reccomend and it makes the enemies pee their pants when behind the barrel.If you're a support gunner , THIS IS YOUR GUN!!!

PROS: Nice fps
Nice range
Great capacity
Nice weight
Huge intimidation factor
comes with a battery but you will need more batteries
Nice rof about 16 rps
Fully adjustable bipod

CONS: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OVERALL FANSTASTIC GUN!!!!!!!!!! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Austin H. on 2012-08-02 11:03:02
"this weapon is great good feel and all excessive fire rate close to 900 rp/m. only problem the pistol grip was loose so i took it off and the nut and bolt were stripped so put some duck tape and skaned it akk back together hasent moved since

fire rate
nice FPS
better accurracy with .25g bbs

empty yo mag faster than anything
dont lay down in cramped areas with out a man/lady watchin ur six get lit up

very nice guys
by Kurtis B. on 2012-07-24 17:09:45
"got this gun a few weeks ago and used it in a Colorado milsim event. this gun has worked like a charm since i have gotten it, however the motor began to get loose and shake so much that it would cause the thing to fire without pulling the trigger.
full metal
metal gearbox
sounds beautiful
works like a majestic unicorn prancing in the forest
big time fear factor
kinda heavy
box mag does not always feed
screws tend to come loose at times
(very few screws if any come loose)
by Benjamin S. on 2012-06-05 01:16:08
"Well I just got this gun so I have no gameplay experience with it but my first impressions are great, i'll keep it simple

looks great
feels solid
just generally BA

well at first glance the battery looks like a pain to get in and out since you have to remove the outer barrel but after I did it once or twice I got the hang of it and its actually easier to change than my magpul classic army m4 because the compartment is a decent size on the SAW.

Overall first 24 hour impression: two thumbs up
by Jared W. on 2012-05-10 07:32:37
"Great gun.Ive had this for about 5 months now and it worked great. Only problem was that the trigger started to stick ALOT when i first got it. No problem, just took it to my local aisoft store and got a brand new CA trigger assembly. other than that, this gun does come with a matrix 8.4v 1600mAh battery. ONE WARNING ABOUT THIS GUN:WILL DRAIN YOUR AMMO SUPPLY REALLY FAST! when i first got it, i drained half the boxmag in a few minutes. good gun, hoser friendly, very heavy.
by Jonathan D. on 2012-03-09 17:51:51
"I got this gun and had it for two years. Thd beast still runs solid! Awesome gun, great buy!

As for the genius below... dude why would you expect a product to have an accessory based on reviews? I hope this offends you, you didn't read. Maybe you missed that part of the package description that lists what's included because its plainly posted. I guess what you're saying is that you have all the time to read customer reviews but lack the common sense to read what the merchant says...

FYI nobody feels bad for you
by Henry K. on 2011-11-15 16:02:10
"I have to say I'm very pleased with this gun so far. I will say that it is not something for new players but someone who has some experience with working with internals as there are a couple parts that could use some tweaking or even replacing. However, as far as gearboxes go, this is a breeze to work on! There is a known trigger problem with the m249 - I fixed it by lubing the inside of the microswitch and sanding down the contacts along with bending the trigger mechanism to its appropriate place.

I do want to clarify to any potential buyers though, despite what all the other reviews may imply, this gun does not come with an aluminum case, muzzle break, or even a 9.6v battery. Its irritating to me that the same product would have varying inclusion of accessories and yet have the same set of reviews. Evike doesn't say that such accessories are included but regardless, the reviews do make it seem like they are included. I was disappointed to receive a "too bad, so sad" reply when I asked Evike to monitor their reviews to dissuade such confusion.

So, what is included is the AEG with short orange tip (not what the picture shows), the box magazine, and an 8.4v battery (Matrix) with a really cheap wall charger. There is no extra midcap magazine either. So all in all, I am pleased with the gun but if you are looking for the best deal, there are other retailers that offer more bang for your buck.


Dear Customer,

I sincerely apologize you may have received an answer which you felt brushed you off. Rest assured we have staff which does monitor all the reviews and generally they are either accepted or deleted as we do not have the time or man power to adjust and/or edit all the reviews we receive. At this time we have a representative going through all reviews dating back to 2008 to try and eliminate the "bad" reviews on the web page. Thank you for your time and positive review on this gun.

*Please note- there are 1,000's of reviews to go through and it will take some time, please be patient as we are doing our very best to provide the best service for our customers.

by Dakota G. on 2011-06-07 23:33:29
"I have had this gun for over 2 years now and is still working very well all my friends hate playing against me because of this gun. The only con is that it came with another muzzle brake and i have no idea how to switch it
by David T. on 2010-12-22 09:54:48
"one of the most reliable weapons i have bought from evike! it is very stable and also an almost full metal body!! shipping was fast and it got to me in perfect condition! is holds 2500 rounds so is very good for wars! it also has high FPS!!

Pros: high fps, stable, full metal, nice rof, large magazine, takes m4 mags

Cons:bad bipod, the original mag gets jammed easily, very heavy, not recommended for beginners

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