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FN Herstal SCAR MK17 SSR Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC - Black

4 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan S. on 07/24/2013
"This gun is amazing! I absolutely love it! It has such a ridiculus fire rate with only a 9.6 NiMh battery! I could not complain about this gun. It is just absolutely gorgeous and with the addition of a 3-9x scope, a bipod, and a foldable foregrip it just increases its looks.

THis gun is ridculously accurate too! You can put wherever you want with a scope and with the scope you can see where you bbs are flying so you can adjust on the fly! Just an overall amazing gun and worth the 500$!

The only minus is that the battery wires strip easily and the adjustable stock cad be a pain to push in and out at times.

High fire rate with a 9.6
Gorgeous rifle
durable construction
500 round hi-cap mags
Lipo ready(would make this gun scream and is a definite upgrade I will do!)
Plenty of rails

Battery Wires Strip easily
Adjustable stock can be a pain

Overall a fantastic rifle and one that is well worth 500$! Would work great for a Sniper Rifle! This is NOT for CQB. This is and outdoor ONLY gun. Don't take that as a minus since you clearly aren't going to use a Sniper Support Rifle(SSR) in CQB. Fantastic gun that I highly recommend to anyone!
by matt s. on 12/15/2011
"One of the best airsoft guns I have ever used (I've tried over 20 different guns), internals are some of the best, VFC makes the best scars. I've owned ares, g and g, echo 1 and now VFC and VFC beats the crap out of every single one.

Very fast stock ROF (about 22) with a 9.6.
Very solid everything is nylon fiber or full metal.
Great FPS 420
Perfect size for field.
dead accurate I can hit a 2 inch target at 100 feet easy with .25 matrix bbs, with a 9x scope.

Way to big for cqb
stock wires suck get rid of them as soon as you get the gun.
Pain to take stock wires out, when you fold the stock there is a little clip that you have to take out.

Overall amazing gun it feels like it can withstand anything, and looks deadly.
by Giovanni G. on 12/12/2016
"If you are planning on buying this amazing gun just do your self a favor and don't go by what's recommend on this page with its battery type! Just go with a small type instead of a butterfly !
by Will D. on 09/16/2013
"Okay, after having this gun for a good while now, i feel like i can write an honest review. first off, this gun is simply beautiful. sure to turn heads wherever you go. the externals are all very nice, except, the bolt have some severe wobble to it and my bolt catch never actually worked. and as far as internals go, its all good except for; self shimming gears, plastic bushings, and a very weak plastic piston. mine was not accurate at all out of the box for what it is meant to do. but with all of that being said, it is a WONDERFUL gun to use a base. i replaced all of the internals, gave it an R-Hop, and quite a few mods and turned it into a wonderful DMR. so overall it really isnt worth the $500 price tag. but if you have it, it makes a stunning gun if you can work with the internals.