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Model: AEG-GP290

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by Michael R. on 2016-02-21 12:31:30
"I've had this gun for several years, now, and it has served me very well. At the time that I bought it, (and still to this day, I believe) the Colt licenced version is the most historically accurate Vietnam-era M16 on the market. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though (see below). I've used it as my mainstay gun, even when not running a Vietnam loadout. I've used it in bitter cold, and humid, pouring rain (which coincidentally was a Vietnam-themed event).

Some inaccuracies I noticed:
-The end of the barrel is lightly finned. Not sure why. Extra work for them, and inaccurate.
-There are "Safe, Fire, Auto" indicators on both sides of the receiver. On the real M16A1, they were only on the left side.
- "Made in Hong Kong" etched on the side in bright lettering. (I covered it with electrical tape, never tried outright removal)
- The handguard was pretty cheesy. It even bowed outward in the middle. I almost immediately replaced it with a surplus Vietnam handguard, which fits fine and looks fantastic.

And for a bit of balance, some surprising accuracy I wouldn't really expect from airsoft:
-The buttstock is a proper length. The old M16s had a shorter buttstock. I believe it was an inch or two shorter. I also prefer shorter buttocks. But, this also means fitting a large-type 9.6 is very hard.
-The front sight pin is round, not square, as it should be. Would never imagine airsoft having that kind of attention to detail. It boggles my mind how they messed up the fire selection indicators but did something like this correctly.
-While my gun didn't come with it (ordered from redwolf), G&P is the only airsoft manufacturer that I've found that supplies the proper M16A1 birdcage flash hider. For the uninitiated, it's the birdcage were the cutouts go all the way around and are a little further apart than the M4 (which has no cutouts on the bottom to prevent dust kicking up when prone). Remember, G&P's thread are the opposite direction (they are 14mm positive) from most airsoft guns.
by Patrick M. on 2013-09-17 09:01:05
"This G&S model reproduces the M16A1 configuration pretty faithfully. If you are looking for a metal-body rifle in an accurate M16A1 configuration this is a good choice. The Colt rollmarks are a nice feature, although they goofed and stamped M-16A1 instead of M16A1; oh well. I'm an Army veteran who carried a real M16A1 in the seventies and I'm a picky SOB when it comes to technical accuracy. That said, I'm very happy with this M16A1 replica.

There are a couple things I don't care for. The nonfunctioning dust cover is disappointing. On my example the exposed barrel between the front sight and the flash hider has fine grooves machined into it, almost like threads; no idea what they were thinking there.

The gun is wired for a large type battery and the ad recommends a 9.6v large type. The hatch opening in the buttplate is too small for a large battery to fit through and the stock is too short to hold a 9.6v large type. I filed the opening enough to get a battery through and used a large type 8.4v Ni-MH battery.

So how does it shoot? Well, I don't do competative combat shooting so all I can say is on my backyard range with the 8.4v battery and .20g biodegradable pellets I'm happy with the performance I get.

I can't really rate this for combat effectiveness, but I give it high marks as an accurate historical replica of the M16A1 for the discerning collectors out there.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)