Reviews: Snow Wolf US Army M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action Scout Sniper Rifle - Desert (Package: Rifle)

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by Nick S. on 2016-03-25 12:15:38
"Please note that the following is my personal experience!

Where to begin..? This is a fantastic rifle, especially considering its price. The bolt itself is not as smooth as I had hoped, but it is quite easy to pull back. Pushing the bolt forward is a little annoying at times - it tends to get stuck 5mm before completely closing. No big deal though, I instinctively slap the bolt shut to avoid this "sticky bolt" issue in my rifle. The fps is incredible, and the range is far more impressive than that of my other airsoft guns. You won't instantly become a marksman, though. You need to practice using this beauty in order to get really good using it. I myself haven't used a weapon like this in airsoft, or in real life for that matter (I use rifles with pistol grips, but this thing is pretty comfortable and even ergonomic when you get used to the weapon) It's an excellent sniper rifle for newcomers and veterans alike! I do not regret buying this one bit, and I don't think you will, either!

P.S. When reloading, I find that pulling the bolt back and then hitting the magazine release works best to prevent the magazine itself from jamming
Do NOT put more than the recommended number of bbs in the magazine - it will not feed; rather, it will eject itself from the gun when closing the bolt

Thank you for reading, and happy airsofting!
by Austin P. on 2016-03-11 16:09:52
"I just received mine and was impressed with the build quality, these china rifles have come a long way in the past few years.
My rifle came with several faults right out of the box, a miss aligned hop-up bucking more grease in the barrel than on the head of a used car salesmen, the piston bumper on the end of the air nosel was glued off center and with glue everywhere. After a good cleaning it shot well to about 75 feet and the BB developed a consistent hard right curb. i pulled the bucking again to see cheap injection molding of the bucking was to blame has hard seams all over it causing the BB to develop a odd spin leaving the bucking. I tried my best to clean the extra rubber out of the bucking the best I could it defiantly helped. I will be searching for a new bucking (maybe Evike can help with that)
Pros: Cons:
solid construction Proprietary hop-up chamber(as far as i can tell)
trigger mech and cly are APS2 compatible Fit and finish could be better
price magazines are cheap feeling not to sure about there reliability in the long run
has a unique look in the sea of VSR rifles double feeds
I would love to go into more detail but the space here will not allow, this is a perfect entry level rifle it has a good amount of upgrades available, that being said it is no Maruzen or Marui but at 1/3 the cost its not a bad thing, i will report back after more range time and some upgrades
by Tyson o. on 2016-01-12 14:30:02
"first off amazing gun! well worth the money. I have bought 25 G. bbs but 20 G. bbs have worked better for me so far. I broke the safety 2nd day (bolt shot forward and broke it). The upgrades are pretty good too. if you want a less expensive gun get this one. I'm upgrading it but stock stuff is fine. great for starters of pros.
by Tyson o. on 2015-12-30 19:46:25
"Awesome gun. Nice textured stock realistic weight and the stock adjustment is nice. The clip is a little bit of a pain to get out and no other speed loaders really fit accept th one that comes with it. Over all this gun is worth the price and I give it4.5 stars outta 5. Great fps
by Conor D. on 2014-12-07 08:24:52
"This gun is just flat out amazing. The lower receiver is made of a very heavy, solid polymer, and the upper receiver is full metal. Mine came with a sling and sling mounts already attached, and I can honestly say when I unboxed it, it was instantly impressive. I have not yet test fired it, but from reviews I have read it performs well. I fully intend to test fire it somewhere in the next few days. Nonetheless, so far this is a five star gun for me. It's a great deal for a starter sniper.
by Andrew K. on 2014-09-28 23:47:21
"This rifle is a great buy. It probably shoots about 500 fps (I didn't chrono), looks great, and I can hit a man sized target from over 100 yds with .3g bbs. The stock is a nice strong plastic, and has a good textured finish. Everything that is metal on a real M24 is metal. It is easy to take down for cleaning/upgrading, and feels solid. The only things I don't like about it (I'm a stickler) is that the inner barrel rattles slightly if you hit the rifle against the round. Barrel spacers or tape could probably fix this. Also, I can't figure out where to buy extra mags. It comes with two plastic mags, but that's not good if one breaks. The Echo 1 M28 mags DO NOT FIT. I bought two and wasted $20 doing so. Oh well, not worth the money for shipping.

High fps
Long range
Authentic feel
easy takedown

slight inner barrel wobble
by Samuel K. on 2014-09-28 23:46:27
"Great buy! This rifle is built very sturdy and look like it is ready to take on skirmish beatings.

Sturdy built, accurate and amazing range (100 + feet). As expected.

by Chanmony S. on 2014-09-28 23:45:57
"Pretty good rifle to start off with for players who want to take the sniper role. The barrel assembly and the trigger guard are metal. The stock is plastic but very durable. I bought this with a Harris Bipod and AIM 3-9x40 scope and it's preformed well. 3-9x variable zoom is really all one needs in Airsoft. Has a good range of 160 ft. The Magazines tend to feed more than one BB into the barrel. Which decreases the range and accuracy. Weighing about 8 pounds, it's a great weight for a Sniper. I have shot moving targets with it (pigeons for ex.). Using .25 gram BBs it has good FPS for a sniper rifle. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good quality sniper rifle for a low price.
by James B. on 2014-09-28 23:45:25
"I got this gun recently and it is very good. The fps is very good at about 475. It is constructed out of plastic but it is very high quality. The outer barrel is metal and fluted which is very nice looking. There are a couple problems with the magazine. It doesn't hold the many bbs, and i need to use a screw driver to get it out because it is a tight fit.Also it doesn't have a rail system for a bipod. Overall this gun is very good. It shoots straight and has good fps.

looks and feels good
good fps
scope ready
by Rafe R. on 2014-09-28 23:44:36
"This M24 is GREAT.
This is my second sniper rifle, and I love the role. I switched guns because my previous gun (the Shadow Ops L96 UTG) was not accurate enough for my liking. This was mainly due to the shear power it provided. After much research, I found this gun. Once I got it, my expectations were exceeded.
Out of the box, this gun comes in two pieces. after assembling them, I found this gun is very sturdy. I then attached my bipod (if you don't get the one that is in the package deal you will need a swivel stud mount) and then my scope. Right after this I noticed the front sling mount (very rattly) had fallen completely off. i dont yet know what I will do about this, but I will find a way to work around it. After this, I then test fired it, and watched all my worries wash away. This gun is very accurate, but does not sacrifice power to do so. So here is my summary:
Good looking
Metal internals
Feels great
Easily accessible hop up
Adjustable stock
Sling mount fell off
Finish could be better
Orange tip is a little bulky
Sorta heavy
Overall, this gun is beautiful for beginners to pros, at an affordable price. I love this gun and if you are on the fence about this gun, GET IT. You will not regret it, trust me.
by Matt R. on 2014-09-28 23:44:11
"This is a great replica of the M24 sniper rifle. Was eyeing on the Classic Army one but this is way better. Don't be fooled by the price, it is just as good or better.

The Classic Army M24 is a design from about 6 years ago, for anyone looking for a M24, I highly recommend this one instead for the following few reasons.

Same construction / built.
Easier to work on APS system
Higher FPS out of the box (470 compare to 330 FPS)
M U C H more affordable
You can find spare mags here at
Scope ready bipod ready

I will post more after I play with it for a few more months, it is constructed very well and seems like a rifle to last.
by David J. on 2014-09-28 23:43:54
"I have had this rifle for about 3 months now and I love it!!! The materials and construction is amazingly realistic and feels just like a real M24! It's very heavy and has a large grip, which I personally like because I have large hands. I had some issues when I first got it, but i realized that was because I was using too heavy of bb's. DO NOT USE 0.28's!! I use 0.20's and they work perfect! Most people would say that is too light for a sniper and I agree, but this rifle can pull it off in style. The 0.20's don't waiver or fly off in random directions, they are fast since they are light and are still extremely accurate. If you get this gun, get some 0.20's or even 0.23's, but no heavier, the bb's will drop.
Heavy and solid, realistic construction
Easy to assemble
Shoots very straight and VERY accurately
Looks great!
The main material (polycarbonate i think) looks kinda weird in the picture, but is really awesome in real life!
This M24 is very accurate without a scope, I just look down the rail and use that. Works great!
bb's fly very fast. It is amazing how quickly they are just at your target!

I kind of wish it would handle heavier bb's, but maybe that's not so bad after all. 0.20's are cheaper :~}
Strap rings make a lot of noise, i would suggest putting some electrical tape around part of the ring. (I have not tried this yet, but I think it would work.)
The rail mount is kinda limited because the only mounting places are really spread apart, make sure you get a long enough scope.

Despite these minor cons, this gun is still a freaking beast and all my friends are afraid of me when I use this intimidating monster. If you don't mind the sacrifice of rate of fire in bolt actions for bullet speed and accuracy, you should look no further. BUY THIS GUN!!! It is very worth the money.

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