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Tokyo Marui AUG Custom High Cycle Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

9 Customer Reviews

by Ranger R. on 05/03/2016
"1st review!! This one's worth the time. So far, the Aug High Cycle is the BEST short/medium range AEG I have had the pleasure to own (out of the box, that is).

ONE DOWNSIDE: The flash hider.

I've owned/used my Aug-High-Cycle for 8 months, unmodified for 2 of those months. I bought the A-H-C for Marui quality (which it lives up to) and because I was in the market for a bullbup S-B-R. with a high rate of fire. Well, I made one "modification" first- I uh, replaced the stock flash hider with a uh, cooler looking one. Which is the ONE DOWNSIDE to this whole gun: for everyone going the extra mile and replacing the flash hider, be ready to invest some effort in removing it. Don't even try to boil the glue, you'd be fighting a pack of gorillas with a warm super-soaker. The AHC is a very, diligently, orange-colored weapons system. And taking stars off just for that would be cynical, right? The way I un-oranged it was by buying a $5, 3ft steel bar, poking it in one side of the flash hider & out the other, and then using about 2 ft of leverage to twist it off.


280fps (@ .2g), 25rps, 200ft range, 6.08x280mm inner barrel, sluggish trigger
[attachments: .25g bbs, 8.4v ni-cad, 4x ACOG, green laser sight, Marui "silencer" tracer unit, MadBull short grenade launcher, 170rnd midcap mag]
So far, hella durable. Just don't put a li-po in or you'll strip the piston. I'm using a heavy scope but the (plastic) sight rail has remained sturdy. The sling mount left of the butt is getting a little loose, and the bottom-front rail mount got a little loose, but set just fine with some gorilla glue. The sights are ok and an optic can help, but I seem to be more effective just following the spray of this thing. The real "durability" of a Marui lies within the consistency of its nozzle/hopup/barrel assembly, keeping your shots right where you remember them from last weekend! So it has good (but not great) precision, and with .25g bb's it achieves first-round-hit on human-sized targets out to 180ft. Add its consistent, responsive Marui hopup and its crazy ROF (25 rps, vs 12-18 for most AEGs) and your 2nd, 10th, or 50th round is very likely to hit someone out to maybe 220+ feet. It is sturdy, light, short & controllable, with plenty of rail space for attachments. The plastic receiver/buttstock is competently designed but it leaves me craving more detail work and is bit shiny for my taste (but, that's AUGs for you). The charging handle feels brittle but makes a satisfying sound when released. This is a terrific competition weapon, very ergonomic, very easy to aim, and very easy to carry in the ready position. Though I do crave that extra, legal, 100fps. I can just barely fit the smallest madbull grenade launcher on the bottom, and when loaded, it only mildly changes the weight/balance. I should mention, I have never used this with a hi-cap mag, only 170rnd mid-caps which have never had feeding problems. Conceivably a hi-cap could fail to feed at this rate of fire but I haven't tested. But if you're in the market for a bb tracer unit, get top shelf (Marui, again) models because only the good ones can keep up with an Aug High Cycle!

MODIFIED (I built my own gearbox, leaving the original intact as a backup. I suggest leaving the original gearbox alone):

370fps (@ .2g), 55rps, _250ft range, 6.03x363mm inner barrel, speed(ier) trigger
[attachments: .32g bbs, exterior 14.8v 100c li-po w/ killswitch, Matrix Godzilla torque motor, seigetek 10:1 dual sector gears, Burst Wizard mosfet, Guarder full-seal boreup cylinder / cylinder head, Quantum Titanium(coated) Teeth piston, Prometheus 6.03mm tightbore, Modify Ryosoku Flat Hop nub/bucking, 12guage wiring, 50amp circuit breaker, custom firing mechanism, custom trigger mechanism, remote-switch Nitecore SRT7 flashlight (960 lumen, w/ strobe), 4xACOG w/ micro red dot, 170rnd midcap]
So... admittedly I utterly rebuilt this gun. It's... well I'll just say it's a DSG named Scrambles The Death Dealer. It took to modification very well, better than any AUG I've bought. I fit a matrix V3 gearbox in with no trouble (not so with an ASG AUG). Just as easily, I can put the original Marui box in and I've got my old gun! There's not enough space inside for a truly monstrous battery, so I drilled a hole in the side and ran the wires into a buttstock magpouch holding the battery. A tightbore gave me a moderate increase in accuracy. The sight rail has remained sturdy. In terms of modification the drawbacks to the gun are the small battery compartment (not uncommon), and the trigger mechanism (special to the AUG). The trigger was the *ahem* difficult part. Long story short, while I was blowing AEG wiring/firing parts like crazy I decided to make the whole effing thing from the ground up, including the trigger. Also, 90% of my engagements are semi-auto, where the AUG has a disadvantage because the heavy trigger mech is probably modeled after an infomercial bowflex. There's something a little sad about such an ingeniously constructed brawling weapon having a Flintstone trigger (some would instead say ultra-modern dual-stage gearbox-independent firing mechanism control, but I just think it's heavy). It's not the heaviest, but not good. After ~50 hours of headaches I've got a much lighter, shorter one. I would not suggest going that far though, and the AHC is certain to take care of you (and the baddies), no question.
by shane s. on 01/02/2016
"ok had this gun for 7+ months so now I am ready to wright a review.
First of all I LOVE THIS GUN. that been said. while it will send bb for miles the accuracy is lacking. the fps is low but it is a TM and that's some Japanese law... the first time out I broke the lower rail off. but then realized it looked better with out it. the gun also would misfire every 2 to 3 shots.[prob an employee at TM having a bad day] this was the first time Tokyo Marui let me down... I also have a 16 year old TM m16 a2 witch is a killer.... so I decided to mod my Aug. first up was the misfire so I got a sector gear chip. witch solved the problem beautifully. then the accuracy (witch is a personal preference... sometimes the game mode is semiauto and accuracy matters) I decided to get a mock silencer and a longer tight bore inner barrel. I also got a better air nozzle to help the fps. now I can say the gun is deadly.

I would suggest this to a friend ... as long as he did not ask to use my mags. [also a pro. no m4 leaches]
by Ron H. on 09/14/2015
"If you're looking for a unique CQB gun, look no further. In terms of reliability, rof, accuracy, and overall quality, you can't go wrong. Despite what you hear about Tokyo Maruis being plastic-y and cheap feeling, this gun is extremely sturdy and has a good weight and feel.

Won't break down on you anytime soon (unless you mess with its internals)
Bullpup design = a longer barrel but still allows the gun to be very compact
Amazing rate of fire with an 8.4v battery
Super accurate (as with all Tokyo Maruis)
Metal where it needs to be
Can cycle between semi and full auto with a switch so you don't have to worry about the half stage trigger stuff
Beautiful aesthetics (personal opinion)

Low fps (makes up for it in range, but would not recommend this for outdoor use)
Ugly rail at the bottom (again, opinion but you can just take it off with a small screwdriver)
Weird springing noise when you activate the safety switch

So this concludes my review, and so if you want to dominate in CQB GET THIS GUN
by Walter S. on 06/07/2015
"The TM aug HC is a fantastic bullpup gun. Being my first tokyo marui, I was expecting a plasticky, cheapy plastic gun. However, upon unboxing it, I felt how strong the gun is!
It's a TM!
ROF - I don't have a chrono but the rps is very high with an 8.4, around 25-30 Rps.
Hop up is magic - if adjusted .2's will fly for miles.
More metal than expected
Came with a hi-cap, a very very very VERY nice hicap.
Upgrades, upgrades everywhere!
Accurate on semi
Heavier than expected for a mostly plastic gun
Easy to dissasemble
Fps (not a problem)
A little back heavy
Asg mags are very tight in the magwell.
Small battery space (you don't need much!)

This is a great gun! 10/10 would buy again!
by Jayson Dean H. on 01/18/2015
Great groupings (Despite being a CQB weapon)
Can fit a long Angle Custom barrel that i used to have in my M4, (16 inch barrel I believe)
Hop-up can make BBs go on for miles
Has a Semi auto mode (Which isn't on real steel)
Unlike other AUGs it's pretty difficult to "accidentally" pull the full auto switch unless you pull the trigger with a large amount of force each pull. But when you DO want to go full auto it will give you an affirmative click as you do. Mind you I don't mean it's really hard to pull the trigger which it isn't it's a comfy pull but to accidentally pull it is impossible.
Really easy to get to the inner barrel and hop-up, But have to pull out the barrel like any other AUG

None that I can think of, Low FPS isn't an issue since it is a law in Japan and all I need to do is place in another spring.
by ben d. on 12/31/2014
"The tokyo marui aug high cycle is amazing. I got this gun the other week and it's great. 25 rounds per second with an 8.4!
25 rps with 8.4 1600mah
looks really cool
comes with nice fore grip
awesome flash hider (note that it doesnt come with the orange flash hider in the picture, it comes with an orange flash hider over the black metal one thats easy to remove)
has a setting for semi auto only
2 stage trigger
great houp
great range for a cqb gun
easy to disassemble

innaccurate at long ranges on full auto
very limited barrety sapce (can only fit an 8.4 or 7.4 stick lipo)
kind of awkward to hold but youll get used to it
buttplate is hard to remove but can be done with a flathead screwdriver (also a pro, it wont ever fall off in a game)

Overall its a great gun. Get it while you can off evike cause they come and go very fast. Everyone at the field wants to see this gun, and its very intimidating once they hear it fire. Even though its a plastic body, its very sturdy. 10/10 GET THIS!
by Elena M. on 10/11/2015
"Had this gun for 3months now.

First don't worry about the fps people will feel the hits at 200+ feet I know from experience.
Out of box the accuracy is surprisingly good at medium ranges (0-100 feet) you will have no problem hitting a man sized target and can probably push it out a little farther.

I now have a 6.03 mad bull Berrel 455mm (and let me tell you "berrel suck" is definitely a myth, or at least this gun can't get it) it is now able to hit a man sized target at about 230ft and he/she WILL feel the hit.
I also put a Swiss arms 4x scope on mine, but if your planing on getting a scope you might want a little more zoom so maybe a 6x or 3-9x also get 1 inch scope rings if you have a full mask like me or else trying to look down the scope will hurt your neck.

The rate of fire is crazy, like REALLY crazy.
For some reason when you put it in full auto it is a lot louder when you shoot. Don't worry about the battery space it lasts well over 6 mags with a 1600mah 8.4v. It's a very stiff gun no wobble except for charging handle grip. The fore grip is comes with is ok.
The trigger response is really nice. The hop up is amazing as expected with TM, but I would replace the bucking and nub with a higher quality soft bucking, the stock bucking is made of a really cheap rubber and actually ripped on me a little when I took it apart (but it's mostly my fault it ripped so maybe it's ok). In the end it's really a great gun and if you want a little bit more fps go with the m100/shimming upgrade evike offers here or do it you self (i wouldn't use more than a m100 spring with this gun). But you really don't need to upgrade the fps like a lot of people say, just get a longer tight bore that will give you a little boost up to about 300fps. Plus the berrel take down is really quick and easy.

The mag it comes with is good of you are gunna buy more I recommend the ASG hi caps they work fine for me. The gun also comes with a 14mm- to 14mm+ addaptor for the flash hinder. The flash hinder was crazy hard to remove but I eventually got it, I got tired of going easy on it and used one of my 4lb hammers I use for blacksmithing, put a rod through the holes in the flash hider, put the outer berrel assembly in a vice and gave it 10hard smacks and it finally came loose. But if your not as determined as me you can probably just put a pvc pipe over the end of the gun and use that as a mock silencer.

In the end it's a 4/5 not a 5/5 because of all the stress the flash hider caused me
by Bill T. on 08/02/2014
"Fantastic gun out of the box. Exactly what you expect from TM
ROF is not exaggerated, accuracy is spot on for CQB distances
Saves you money on batteries being it only needs an 8.4
4/5 because battery compartment is small and will not hold any of my 9.6s and had to add a bit of foam to the back plating to push the gearbox all the way forward.
Overall, great gun. You won't be disappointed.
10/10 would recommend
by Gabe B. on 03/11/2012
"This gun is pretty sweet and is the perfect CQB weapon. My magazine took a long time to break in. THe hop up is very good and responsive, the sights are ok, and the gun feels very hefty and solid.

-Great CQB weapon
-Great hop-up
-Long top rail
-Extra rail on side
-Grip rail
-Amazing ROF ~20-25 BBs a sec with an 8.4v

-During the heat of battle, you might now be able to lightly pull the trigger and might go full auto, which leads me to the next con
-You absolutely need extra mags, because I found myself refilling my magazine multiple times during a game
-Battery compartment is annoying
-Can only fit an 8.4v, but that's all it needs
-Vertical grip is comes with is too short and plasticy
-As a CQB weapon, it gets CQB range and groupings. I dont feel safe shooting this over 100ft with the groupings and BB drop it has at that range