Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 06/30/2016 CYMA Full Metal AK74 RIS Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-CM048A

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by Samuel S. on 2016-05-24 14:35:08
"FPS settled in at around 346 fps with .25s with less than 0.10 variation. Laser accuracy and good trigger response. Best bang for your buck out there imo. Hop up is a little sensitive.
by Seth Liron F. on 2015-07-06 22:32:12
"great gun. good quality and works with near almost all ak 74-47 mods
the weight and feel and material is perfect.
been through multiple trials and tribulations drops, gun hits. miscalulated corner turns. and not once has the gun has ever let me down (after a bit of small upgradeing to the fuse box and tamiya)

-the only time it will break is if you actually try to.
-decent range fps and rof striaght out of the box
- ergo and railed grips that come with is are very helpful as to having to go out to buy rails
-so far. it has worked with every upgrade i have gotten for it. from internals to externals.

-unjamming rod comes out easly (recomment tape or glue it it really bothers you that much
-leaf sight is annoyingly small. iwould reccomend to just remove it and use the rails and fronts sights for and acurate and easy iron sight picture (just make sure to keep the metal peice that holds the leaf sight up. or bore the sight in a bit

overall 100% keeper
by Reed B. on 2015-01-15 11:50:37
"Terrific gun while it lasted. Mine stopped working during its first field testing. However, I had been using it all day in 25 degree weather.
by Ham T. on 2013-07-25 19:20:48
"Just bought this gun a few days ago. Got it in the mail and immediately, I'm floored.
The furniture isn't cheap pot metal. It's very nice and sturdy metal.

Full metal
ROF is around 13-16
Orange tip is easily removed with a hairdryer
RIS is very nice and sturdy

"Real Steel" unjamming rod under the barrel cam out easily. But it does that on the real gun so, no problem.
Mags are a PAIN to get in, ( G&G Midcaps ) and take a firm hand and a bit of strength to get in.

All in all, GREAT gun for anyone looking for a combat ready AK.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)