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PP-19 AK Bizon-2 Bison Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle by S&T CYMA Full Metal Lipo Ready Version - (Package: Gun Only)

16 Customer Reviews

by Samples G. on 12/18/2016
"I bought this gun about 3 months ago, and even though ive never been to an official game, I do use and obuse my guns.

I am from Michigan, and anyone who actually reads this and actually KNOWS what Michigans weather is like, will know, it isnt the greatest. Here, you can have all 4 seasons in one afternoon.
Anyway, enough about michigan and more about the gun.
Anyway, ive been using this thing lately, IN THE SNOW, and when I say snow, im not talking about like an inch, im talking about 4-5 feet of thick powder snow! So for the last few days, me and my buddies, have been running around outdoors shooting my pal's and ive been leaping left and right in the snow, with no problem whatsoever! Also this gun will NOT BREAK

All around this guns fantastic! im hugely impressed with the quality of this gun. IT FEELS SO REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like oh my goodness ive felt the actual gun, and compared them, and their literally identical!

Ive only got one complaint.... It continues too shoot high, Im probably just stupid, but im using .2 bbs, so i dunno...

By the way, no matter what you read about how the stock does not really fold away, IT SHUTS JUST FINE! these people need to just stop being a wuss, it works JUST FINE!

-extremely reliable
-mass battery life?
-shoots well
-3tc so forth

-nooooooobs!! I haven't seen anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
by connor m. on 09/12/2015
"So I have owned this gun for about 2 months now, I sadly have not gone to a actual game yet but from firing In my backyard, which I can get to around 120ft distances, I would say get this gun, awesome unique body. They accuracy is great for its size with .25's. You see people complaining about hard to lock up stock ignore them, Yes its hard to lock up but when would you actually need to fold it up quickly?
In the end really fun awesome gun!

Very nice material
Hefty weight
Shoots great
Looks awesome!!

Stock if even an real issue
The hop up lever can not go fully down since part of the gun blocks path
but I think you can cut part of the end off to allow more room.
by Jarek d. on 09/10/2015
"Externals are extremely solid. Everything on the body of this gun is wonderfully made.
- The receiver, dust cover, hand guard, and trigger guard actually stamped steel alloy so it does add the weight.
- everything locks up tight
- only problem is that the stock and locking pin don't line up so you can easily lock the stock in folded position (grinded it a couple mm. Locks fine now.) But keep in mind, real steel wise this particular stock was only meant to fold for storage/transport. The other is a top folding stock that is unfortunately not in airsoft.

Internal are pretty good for stock. With few exceptions:
- there is so much grease in the gun that it literally leaks and shoots grease
- the hop-up lever's nub holder is crooked causing round to veer left. (Just Dremel it down or use a drill bit. Only takes a couple minutes)
- shoots pretty hot (at least mine does). I don't have a chrono, but it can/I need .30g with minimum hop just to keep its hop accuracy under control. It's like a laser out to 150ft like this.

Overall I think this gun is superb if you're willing to fix the minor problems. But I also think this that this epic deals price is a ridiculous save. So get it while it's still here.
by Will J. on 09/01/2015
"I just received this rifle in the mail and I must say the build quality is far better than the price suggests ($149 at the time of my purchase). Everything is metal including a metal hopup unit and feed tube. Nearly everything passes the magnet test suggesting a high steel content. On an 11.1 LiPo the rate of fire is great It fires fast but not fast enough to overshoot someone. The rifle itself handles well though the stock is a bit small (it is a compact weapon however so that is to be expected). The included mid-cap feels excellent and features a rubberized texture for extra grip. Compared with the Echo1 high-cap it feels extra premium. It makes the Echo1 magazine look like the low cost chinese product instead of the included mid-cap. I would definitely recommend this rifle to anyone who wants a unique Russian piece or a new player, big or small, who wants a great unique rifle for a good price.
by Jason R. on 02/15/2015
"A compact and powerful piece of equipment!

Good realistic weight.
Compact profile
Accurate as heck

Use bizon mags.
by Jonathan F. on 01/01/2015
"This is easily the most terrific airsoft gun I've ever owned. Reliable, well put together, incredible accuracy, massive rate of fire.

I strongly recommend this pp19 over anything on the market. After sanding down 2 1000 round socom hicaps, this gun empties them down to the last bb. Don't mess with the internals, dress it up, and play airsoft on your own terms.
by Steven R. on 12/01/2014
"Amazing rifle! The gearbox runs smooth, and the rifle is dead accurate. The mag has a very different feel compare to the traditional banana magazines. Will attempt to rig the mag into a grenade launcher!
by Kenny D. on 11/08/2014
"I remember the dissaproving looks from my friends when I told them about the S&T Bizon; nonetheless, I still purcased it for its qaulity and price. When we all went to a airsoft shop, their faces went white because of how high it fired - constant 420 fps with .20g. Shooting from 100 ft this thing is a monster, always hit it's target with about a CD size spread. This gun is amazing, I recommend it to anyone because of the price and the qaulity it comes with - externals, internals, and preformance.
by Michael G. on 10/20/2014
"This PP-19 Bizon is an excellent AEG! From the moment I unboxed this beast I was thoroughly impressed. The build quality is excellent; the exterior with the exception of the pistol grip is of metal construction, and is quite heavy for its size as a result. As for the stock, it is very sturdy and has extremely little wobble despite being a swing stock. However, the stock can be hard to lock into the folded position, especially with the magazine in the rifle. True to the real steel, it has a single Russian-style side mount rail. Unfortunately, there is no real front sling mount despite there being one on the stock. There is no battery included with this rifle, but it takes an AK stick-style battery. The battery chamber is very long, so you should have no trouble fitting an oversized battery in this rifle.

The magazine it comes with is a 160-rd midcap of excellent quality. Mine has a rubberized surface, which is very nice since the magazine also functions as a grip. No feeding problems with this magazine, however given the gun's high rate of fire I suggest getting a hicap, specifically the 1000-rd model from the Echo 1 Bizon (I have this magazine and have encountered no problems with compatibility).

Performance-wise, this gun excels at any task! It is truthfully more of a field rifle than a CQB one due to the higher FPS (which should be fixed with a spring swap, don't quote me on this). Accuracy is outstanding, beating some of my higher-end rifles even with their longer inner barrels. The ROF is terrific, and I can honestly say I have not yet encountered even one jam with this gun.

The Pros and Cons outlined:


High-quality construction
Metal exterior
Great Internals
Sturdy swivel stock
Excellent magazine
High ROF
High FPS
Low price for high quality


Weight (full metal has consequences)
Hard to lock stock
Russian-style optic mount (no rail system); not a con to me but may be for some
No front sling mount
Small mag size (buy the Echo 1 magazine)

If you are looking for a ferocious AK-style AEG that stands out from the crowds of boring M4 platforms (or just some serious compact firepower), then you should definitely consider this rifle. Just the sight of it will make your foes tremble! (I know this from personal experience) Go on! What are you waiting for?
by Darrin L. on 12/21/2015
"Good gun. Stock could be better and mag is not the best. 160 rounds? Surely it could hold a bit more. Other than that it's a great gun.
by Robert M. on 08/28/2015
"This will be a somewhat different take on the PP-19 Bizon.

First, I must say that I know little about air soft. I simply wanted a good model of this gun. After I retired, I sold off my collection of real Aks, both AK47 variants and a few AK74s. I purchased this on a whim as the model was on sale.

It looks pretty accurate. I know there were some complaints about the magazine being too large and clumsy. But lets face it, wouldn’t it look pretty silly to have an different mag sticking out the bottom?

The main points have been covered by people who will use it in the field.

To me the most important points were that it is metal construction and also that the lines are pretty accurate.

An interesting fact, expect to spend some time getting the cheap red plastic muzzle break off. It is pinned on and has to be destroyed to remove. Expecting trouble I purchased the metal PP-19 muzzle break and PBS-1 from Evike.

The folding stock does not work as well as the VFC AKS74U, which is another air soft gun I am familiar with. This one isn’t as well made as the VFC, but few were.

The service was fairly quick from Evike, but I was really surprised just how “used” the gun looked. Clearance, yes, but nothing was said about it being well handled. There were numerous areas of wear with the black rubbed off. Near the magazine, and the top and bottom of the shoulder stock were the major areas. Plus the box had seen better days.

But then I paid only $149 for the basic gun, so am pleased overall.
by Darrin L. on 08/08/2015
"This gun is decent, but that stock is awful.
by Kathleen M. on 06/01/2015
"I received this gun in the latest box of awesomeness, and this gun is overall pretty good. It chronographs in at around 350 fps, which is perfect for CBQ and fairly suitable for woodland battles.

First impressions:
- When I picked the gun up, the first thing I realized was that this thing has some heft to it. Since it is made out of aluminum, and full metal internal parts, this gun is fairly heavy.
- Has a full metal hop up unit, and is very good quality
- Battery space is tiny if using a 9.6v stick type battery
- The folding stock is a bit weird, and is a bit difficult to fold


+ The gun is made completely out of metal
+ Great quality internal build
+ Decent ROF and FPS
+ Acceptable accuracy
+ Great trigger response with a 9.6v

- Very bad folding stock
- Very large and bulky mags
- Front heavy
- MADE IN CHINA on the bottom of the lower receiver

All in all a good gun, and would give it a 7.5-8 out of 10 stars
by Mac O. on 03/29/2015
"This gun is awesome, but there are some things you should be aware of as a buyer. First off I would like to say that this gun feels great, shoots great, and brings a unique look to the field in a world that's overpopulated with M4's. The gun feels like it's built sturdy, but it may have a few issues. The stock is difficult to lock when in the folded position. In addition the magazines can be awkward to change, especially if you're in a hurry. Luckily the Matrix extended mag release (available on Evike) made a significant difference with magazine changes. Lastly the magazines are awkward to carry and expensive, same with the pouches. Keep in mind that if you plan on buying this as a primary that the additional cost of magazines and proper pouches is going to add up fast.

-Built well
-Comfortable to hold
-Mostly metal
-Shoots great

-Awkward and expensive magazines
-Awkward magazine changed (can be improved with Matrix mag release)
-Expensive pouches
-Stock is stiff and difficult to lock in folded position.
by Justin S. on 05/23/2016
"The Cyma pp-19 feels sturdy when holding and performs great. It comes stock with a m110 spring, out of the box it chrono'd 425 for me. This means you will probably have to replace the spring to play at some fields. It was also missing 2 screws, one that fixes the outer barrel and upper reciever. The other missing spring was for the trigger plate inside the gearbox (after reading a bit i found out this is common in CYMA aks). Also my folding stock required a little filing to get to snap correctly. I rate the S&T bizon 3 stars despite these concerns because it performs extremely well for its price point. I would not recommend to anyone who is not comfortable with reassembly!