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by Jennifer K. on 2016-01-13 17:05:45
"This is beyond the shadow of a doubt the quintessential AK-47 in all of airsoft. I love this gun, I use it very often, and it has seen several heats in airsoft wars, all without confirmed failures. I place emphasis on "confirmed failures", because I suspect the gun misfeeds occasionally to which I wind up the mag and maybe hit it a couple times and it feeds just fine.
Also, I use an 11.1 Li-Po in my gun and it does not adversely affect the gun in any way.
The side-rail on the gun is only a rail, and Evike does not sell the one depicted on the gun, I recommend the UTG quick-detach with double rail for the most options.
It fires roubly 360 fps on .20g ammo, and 250 fps on .25g ammo. I strongly recommend .20g ammo ONLY unless you put a much stronger spring in the gun. Note that my gun is entirely unmodified except for a replacement gear (my fault) and new lubrication.

-Solid, high-quality metal internals
-Tight bore barrel
-Li-Poly ready, use with disgression as Li-Po is almost too much for it
-REAL WOOD finish!
-Quiet gun, probably the quietest gun I have ever used
-Small-type tamiya battery (my personal preference)
-Side rail unit for mounting optics

-Wood is poorly finish in some spots, insignificant in my opinion
-8.4 volt battery in bonus package barely fits into the butt stock, with forcing. I recommend not buying it unless you want it for another gun
-AK-type iron sights are hard to use with a mask on
-G&G AK series guns DO NOT use other mags. Period. I used CA, TM, the "Holy Cow Special" mags (unknown maker), and several others. None but G&G will even fit into the mag well without force and a grinder, much less feed into the gun

Bottom line: If you want a well-made AK that won't fail you unless you intensionally break it, this is your gun. You will not be disappointed.
by Anthony F. on 2016-01-13 17:05:03
"The flash hider pictured is not the one it comes with. I was disappointing when i saw that it just has a 3/8" long one instead. Otherwise it's an amazing gun, great quality, it feels really sturdy. This is definitely one of the best AK-47's on the market, i would recommend this to anyone looking for an AK.
by Davis B. on 2016-01-13 17:04:27
"This AK is real wood furniture, full metal and reliable gearbox. Everything you can ask for in an AK airsoft AEG. Shoots about 380 fps and its extremely accurate, right on target at 70 feet.

The stock holds up to a 8.4V 4500mah. If you want to put a 9.6V, get the nun chuck 2300mah (since it is a small type tamiya, get a large battery device to small tamiya adaptor).
by Jeffrey W. on 2016-01-13 17:03:56
"This is one amazing gun. I originally was gonna buy the G&G RK104, but as soon as I saw the picture of this gun I knew I would never forgive myself if I did not get it. So I currently have had mine for about 7 months and have yet to notice even slight flaws. Oh wait for mine there was one flaw which has no effect on internals was that the rear sling mount on mine just popped right out after a week or two of using my 3 point sling with it. I just covered the hole up with some electrical tape and now you cannot notice unless looking for it.
Of the few major battles I have been in lately I have been the overall top dog. Without this gun I may still have the top skill level, but would not be able to amplify it in such a way as this. Every local battle I have went to people have been afraid of this gun by merely looks, then after they shoot it and notice the rpm and fps being extremely high they are afraid to play. However my favorite thing to do during battle, which scares the crap out of my enemy, is givin the charging handle a nice rack, and then listening for a good scream of fear. I would definitely buy this again for how well it has treated me, and you know your not gonna get crap because G&G makes the best High end AEGs out there! BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY G&G HAS SUCCESSFULLY MADE THE BEST AK47 TO DATE!
by Jake H. on 2015-07-18 10:48:01
"I bought this a year ago.
- extremely durable, very tough

- wood furniture is solid and real.

- not pot metal, great quality metal material

- full metal internals

- mag doesn't wobble

- pretty light rifle

- people drool from looking at it

- this gun hurts, man


- doesn't shoot very far but not bad either.

- it's so beautiful you won't want to scratch it which causes you to have paranoia every time you use it

That's about it. I would buy another tbh.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)