Reviews: GHK Full Metal AKS-74U Airsoft GBB Rifle w/ Real Wood Handguard (LCT Frame)


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Model: GR-GHK-GKS74U

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by Daniel C. on 2016-05-10 14:30:48
"The coveted GHK AK series, what a joy you are. With your insane full moving bolt, satisfying recoil, and great weight. You are a joy to use and amazingly accurate. Your magazines are the biggest gripe. Hard as nails to load, and some what difficult to put into the rifle in dire times. Other than that you are fantastic and worth every penny.
Great weight
Nice accuracy
Decent FPS
Its a krinkov who doesn't love a krinkov
The price
The fact that its out of stock
Pricey, oh sweet lord pricey
Mags suck in design in all honesty. Hard to load and put into the rifle when needed even when standing still
Can be heavy for some people, just get a sling for it to take that weight off your arms!

Over all great gun, the best AKs come from GHK. If you don't mind the price buy one of the AKs GHK offer!
If you want to get nice deals on out of stock things or discontinued things check reddit! I don't want to take profit or sales away from evike or any other airsoft retailer but since the AK74u is out of stock check out any of the for sale sites, r/airsoftmarket, or craigslist
by Tom H. on 2015-06-15 08:38:42
"I purchased the GHK AKS-74 U a few months ago. When it arrived, I was very pleased with the quality of this product. GHK builds a very solid, quality product. This airsoft replica has been well used. It continues to perform well.
by Erich T. on 2014-11-16 15:24:01
"Wow what a disappointment. The gun did not work out of the box and had to send it back to Evike. I am glad Evike took it back and hope they get it working.


Fit and finish: Overall amazing. Looks and feels like the real thing. In fact you would be hard pressed to distinguish from the real thing without examining it closely.

It does not have the "worn" metal look and has a new finish.

The wood looks exactly like in the picture and is quite nice.

It comes with a orange barrel nut over the barrel, but also has a black steel flashider that is not orange. You have to remove the orange "nut" to put the flashider on, so it does not have an orange tip when assembled.

The mags are horrible. The one it came with could not be filled and leaked all the green gas immediately. I ordered a CO2 one and it did the same thing and the CO2 cartridge got stuck inside. Also it is impossible to load bb's in the mag because the feed lips are too tight.

Given the price I am not happy, because I thought I was getting a top of the line gun.

So the realism in appearance is great, but performance out of the box was horrible. I don't know if I got a dud, or this product is defective.

I am glad Evike took it back and I hope they can repair it, or give me a replacement that works.

Customer service good. Product bad. Hopefully, I can change this review later.
by Shawn F. on 2013-11-28 13:02:02
"The GHK AKS74U is very solid.

The handguards do not have any play. The stock is stiff and does not wiggle when you fold it. I'm sure it'll wear out over time, but it is very solid. The dust cover locks into place...again with zero play. The only thing that will make a noise would be the plastic recoil buffer in the gun as it fits loosely. My airsoft gun came with the steel muzzle. The edges are super sharp that I actually cut myself accidentally with it so I took a file to take the bite out of the pointy edges.. The muzzle does move some. If it bothers you, you can always wrap some teflon tape around the threads.

There's a few things about the gun that need tweaking:

1). The hop units lip prevents smooth chambering of bbs into the hop/barrel assembly.
2) The hop bucking needs to be tapered corresponding the mod to the hop unit.
3) The magazine's bb feed lip needs to be opened up some via a circular file/dremel
4) There are high points on the steel parts that's abrasive to the alloy (not steel) bolt carrier. This results in metal shavings. Those high points need to be sanded down/tapered off for smoother function.and reduced wear and tear.

Use caution when doing these mods..

Loading magazines is a pain unless you modify the feed lips. You can load up to 48 rounds per magazine.

The gun functions fine out of the box though proper mods will bring the best out of the gun. With that said, tuning the gun without adding anything will get you an excellent weapon both for cqb and outdoor play. The gun reaches out past 150 feet easily, shoots accurate and consistent.
by David G. on 2013-11-20 14:00:45
"This gun is stunning!!

- metal parts and wood parts look great and not cheap
- good performance from about 10 to maybe 30 meters maximum but it is a short range rifle anyways
- nice and heavy
- many possibillitie to make it look tacticool or to make it more personal
- like the AK series more than e.g. the M4 series because they always look a bit more personal when you put some TLC in it, M4s always look cool and functional

defenitely worth the price though I havenīt played with it much because it is a bit difficult to use. using it as a backup gun or a exposition gun

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)