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PTS Limited Edition Tactical AK Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

6 Customer Reviews

by James F. on 04/15/2015
"I have had this gun for over a year and it still runs similarly to the day I got it. I can confidently say that this AEG performs about as well as it looks. It has a great build quality with very minor wobbles. the only issue i have had with this thus far is the fire selector has become loose, which is an easy fix. I but a madbul 6.03 ttb, madbul bucking, and a high torque motor in it and it is a nightmare for my opponents. nothing else needs to be upgraded, and i like upgrades. Im not sure if it is my gun or my playing style, but i seem to dominate the field every time i play. People often times ask if its for sale..... Nah. This one is mine to keep. Best aeg i have ever owned in my 5 years of experience.
by Ramil S. on 05/22/2013
"Got this gun for my airsoft gun I have. Great rate of fire with a 9.6 NiMH. Shoots hard and accurate. Quality of the externals is top notch. Have not gone through the internals but so far so good. Only problem I had with this gun is the magpul mag. It doesn't feed every well. I had to pull the mag toward me for it to feed. I had a hard time finding a mag that would fit. I'm currently using a lonex flash mag and it doesn't fit perfect but it works.
by Sheelone V. on 04/29/2013
"Very well built aeg, I like High end airsoft guns and this one is on the list along with my ARES Tavor and VFC SCAR L. If you think M4's and AK's are over-rated (like me) then this is the hybrid that will stand out.

-Two toned, helps with blending into surroundings
-Magpul stock-customizable
-No Wobble anywhere
-Large amount of rail space
-The SAW type pistol grip is more comfortable than I thought
-variable stock length

-1600 mah stick fits in snug,no other longer battery will fit
-no front sling post
by Becky K. on 09/06/2012
"I purchased this gun a few months ago and I love it! This gun has never failed me, and it has performed better than I could have ever asked it to. After putting an M90 spring in it the RoF is pretty impressive at over 20bps. Dont get me wrong, this gun is not perfect, it has its flaws. The stock is a tiny bit wobbly (not a big problem), the FPS is through the roof clocking in at almost 450fps!, and it weighs 7 and almost 8 lbs. without attachments. Those are my only complaints about the gun. Moving on to the positives: the gun is very visually pleasing, lots of rail space for tacticool attachments, no problem fitting a 9.6v battery, good RoF, unique factor, performance.


450fps (can be a pro, but con because the fps limit at my field is 400)
Heavy if you play for extended periods of time

Buy this gun! You will not regret it. The price is a little steep, but within a couple months you will get your moneys worth. This gun is easy to work on and customize. Just buy this gun, it is amazing and will not let you down.
by Jimmy C. on 02/06/2012
"Great gun. I pre-ordered it and Evike shipped it before I even expected. The packaging is a work of art with great instructions and extras (flashhider, 2 grips). The V3 gearbox and metal hop-up are rock solid. The gun shoots very straight and cranks out about 350 fps with .25 bbs. It feeds well and with a 9.6V battery - has a great rate of fire.

I put the Bravo 2 Halo on for optics with a Magpul AFG and Larue Tactical Index Clips. It is sexxxxy! Every time I bring it out - it gets tons of questions and and positive comments regarding the look of the gun.

The only issue so far is actually the Beta Project mag that came with it. I am hoping I have a lemon and will order another to make sure. It jammed up so bad I had to disassemble the mag to release the jam. I have other AK mags that shot just fine. If the next mag works - I will order more as they fit into M4 pouches and I don't have to rebuild a new rig.

I would highly recommend the gun to anyone running as a PMC or British SAS shooter. Has a great look and feel and shoots hard and fast. A little pricey at $400 but my other guns are KWA and this stands up to them.

V3 Gearbox
Metal Hop-up
Excellent RAS
2 grips to choose from included in package
Good fps
Good rof

Mag (could be mine)
Battery is a tight squeeze (converting to Deans will give you a little room)
by dominick b. on 01/01/2012
"I got mine in the day before christmas, and i wasnt disapointed at all. very solid gun from muzzle to bolt, however after that the stock was a little wobbly (especially for a ctr stock) with friction lock locked and unlocked. other than that i put a 9.6 1600mah battery in it and it has a great ROF for having a slightly higher fps. overall very solid, accurate gun 4.5/5