Reviews: APS Full Metal AK74 Folding Stock Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Real Wood Furniture


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Model: AEG-APS-ASK202
Location: A2-097 WO2-23

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by Jonathan B. on 2014-11-24 16:28:36
"I'm terribly disappointed with both this gun and Evike for sending it in the condition it was in, as this gun appears to have been a returned item from the beginning. Regardless, it still warrants a review.

-Beautiful wood grain on the handguard. I own a JG AKS74U as well, and the wood on the APS looks much better!
-Powerful, with decent range right out of the box
-Respectable accuracy
-Solid weight
-Metal body

-Appears to be an open box/boneyard item
-Stickers had previously been removed, with scratched up glue residue and bits of sticker in their places
-Front sight/flash hider/cleaning rod assembly was not attached to the gun. There appears to be a small hole for a set screw on the underside of the barrel, but who knows where that went. When picked up from the box and tilted down - Clunk. It just fell off. It's now held on with electrical tape.
-Metal body. Yes, it's metal. Yes, it's also thin pot metal that feels like it will bend and warp without much effort. Welds on stock are sloppy and look like bubble gum. The finish feels like a cheap powder coating and is somewhat rough.
-Folding stock. This is one of the worst parts on the gun. When closed, it does not latch/lock to the body properly. Requires a good bit of vertical movement while pushing it in to get it to click into place. Check youtube reviews of this gun if you'd like to see this feature in action.

-Rate of Fire won't impress anyone
-Broken blowback system/gearbox. Right out of the box, this gun had major performance flaws. We noticed something was wrong when the blowback wasn't working. Taking it apart, we noticed that there's a block ontop of the gearbox that connects to a recoil guide rod for the bolt. This block atop the gearbox seems to move with the piston and actuates the rod for the bolt/blowback. The rod for the bolt was disconnected... Easy fix, as pulling back on the bolt seated the rod in the block. However, the bolt did not return to battery - Only about half way closed. Tried firing the gun on semi a few times, and the bolt still would not return to battery. By the 5th or 6th shot, this made the gun completely lock up. As another person mentioned in the comments section, the gun just goes "click click click," as if it's trying, but just won't. Tried a fresh 9.6v, same issue. When disconnected from the block, the gun functions perfectly fine, just without blowback. The block can still be seen moving atop the gearbox - But appears to only travel half of the distance it should.

To sum-up:
Fresh out of the box, the gun looks used and already has tape holding it together. As a non-EBB AEG, the gun functions well and the wood looks great, but as a full package, I'm disappointed. I've never had so much go wrong with a single gun, and have been thrilled with every other purchase I've made from Evike. However with this, I'm fairly certain that Evike shipped me an open box/boneyard item.

Two stars, as I still feel the price paid is a good value for a metal/wood replica, and I have a feeling that an item that's actually new would perform better than this.

P.S. - I don't feel this reflects on the quality of APS as a whole. We purchased an APS Guardian M4 at the same time/same order, and it's a very solid piece.
by Cade L. on 2014-07-02 15:00:02
"This is my first real airsoft gun that I bought, and I LOVE IT! It is a great starting gun, but it is also great for experienced players, and/or budget airsofters

Heavy (could be a con too)
Great FPS(400-420) and RPS(15-19)
Looks nice
Feels natural
Insanely accurate

Minor issues that may be fixed easily

This gun is great for beginners, but don't forget to get a strap and a good battery
by Gavin H. on 2013-10-05 11:09:10
"When this gun came in, I picked it up and it was surprisingly heavy. It's expected because of real wood and a full metal body, but it's nothing someone can't carry around a five hour game. It came outlined in cardboard and 12 sheets of bubble wrap. Not the best packaging. But right out of the box, it shot far and accurate at about 410 fps. The battery connection kept on going out. The gun just has to get used to the battery. Then you'll be fine. Great field gun, but the reddish color of the wood will give you away every now and then.

+high fps (~400-420 fps)
+high rof (~17 rps w/ 8.4v 1600 mAH)
+great feel
+realistic weight
+incredible blowback action
+flash hider is easy to take off (no screws, just button and glue)
+no wobble solid stock
+intimidating loud sound
+stock folds for the CQB players
+completely adjustable sights

-battery connection short circuits every once in a while
-hop up broke almost as soon as I shot it
-low quality magazine
-no rail space ($50 ris system on Evike)

Overall, I would give the gun a 4.5 because although it has flaws, the awesomeness makes up for it. This is not a beginner's gun, nor an expert's gun. It's an intermediate gun. Great bang for its buck. Recommended to field players and recon players. Good for flanking and rushing.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)