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SRC Full Metal AK47 Beta Spetsnaz Airsoft AEG Rifle

2 Customer Reviews

by Sarah P. on 07/08/2014
"So this gun is pretty solid.. for beginning/veteran airsofters alike, the gun comes with a battery and a charger as well as 100 decent quality bb's so you can use them without breaking your gun. :D The Battery is of decent quality, and the charger.. throw it away and buy like you know.. a smart charger please, for beginners thats fine but you know. :D
The gun also for my shot 270 fps which is usable in cqb but I would've preferred for it to shoot around 330-350fps as that is ideal for cqb.
The battery compartment can for sure fit a mini/nun chuck battery, and possibly a large type
Now for the pros and cons

Very solid full metal body i'd say it's high quality aluminum.. maybe some sort of steel, not sure.
Very comfortable rubberized handguard, pistol grip, and stock.
Charging handle sounds pretty nice when you pull it back and release it.. you know makes a nice clink(However I would NOT recommend doing this a lot as it can move your hop up)
Pretty good battery compartment (Could probably fit a large type.. no promises there however)

Stock and handguard came out of the box kind of wobbly.
Other than that EVERYTHING is pretty much perfectly made and when i took the dust cover off it was hard as *Well no profanity allowed :D to put back on
Same with the battery cover and I had to give it took a pretty large ammount of force to take it off.. if you have trouble taking the butt of the stock off to insert the battery out of the box.. find a pocket knife, or a pair of somewhat heavy scissors and just give it a tiny little whack, not too hard though!
270 fps is a little too slow for me.. again I would've prefered for 330-350fps with a .2

Well hope you found this review helpful because there were no reviews on this gun and I thought it needed one I decided to make one. Sorry if it's not good. Also since i'm pretty sure this review has to get reviewed by the Evike staff before I can post this.. Have a great day/night/whenever great website would order again. :D And of course good day to the review reader. :)
by Dustin S. on 07/11/2015
"Bought this in 2011, great gun for the money I still have it all original parts.

Fantastic Trigger and Response
Decent range and accuracy for having a miniscule barrel

FPS is not as advertised
stock is poopy
top cover over internals doesn't stay on, if you run with the gun expect it to fall apart at least once every few matches.
Mack charging handle will come flying off if not careful.

Basically this gun has great internals but not so great externals.