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Echo1 Red Star Wolverine Full Metal / Real Wood / Blowback AK74 Airsoft AEG

8 Customer Reviews

by matt s. on 03/07/2015
"Amazing gun by Echo 1. Hands down...
HIGH fire rate
amazing wood finish
amazing metal finish
collapsable stock
no wobble
Absolutely NONE
Note: Be careful with disassembling the hand guard. Theres a little lever that you need to take out and its really hard and gritty to get out. Be careful of how much force you put on it
by two c. on 05/23/2014
"excellent gun for the money, although it is essentially a rebranded cyma it is definitely worth looking into. Had this gun for 3 years w no problems and then the problems I had were minor. After a new o ring and new spring after 3 years gun still shoots amazingly. having owned over a dozen guns this one definitely holds up
by marijo s. on 04/03/2012
"This gun is overall an amazing gun. I got this gun about a month or 2 ago and it is the best gun i have ever had. I cannot find a single peice of plastic on this gun except for the pistol grip. the front grips are real wood and it is really easy to get the battery in and out of this gun. The fps of this gun is about 420 and it is a very hard hitter.

Full metal
Real wood
420 FPS
Good RoF
Folding stock
Comes with new metal tip instead of orange tip

The mag that comes with it is ugly and does not feed well But that is an easy fix by buying a new mag.

Overall this is a very good gun for the price and i would strongly recommend buying it.
by trevor r. on 01/12/2012
"echo1 red star wolverine ak74

this gun is very good. the rof is good. the accuracy on this gun is super good
by soticman d. on 11/16/2011
"This gun is amazing! Full metal and real wood! It fires quick and mags hold 600 rounds.

Full metal Not a piece of plastic on the exterior
Real Wood
Good fire rate
comes with black metal flash hider
everything is awesome

wind up hicap but just spend 15 bucks and but a midcap
by Clifford D. on 09/18/2016
"I LOVE THIS GUN. I bought one used from a friend, because he was having mechanical issues. I bought a Li-Po stick battery and it fired right up. The performance is fantastic, and the blowback is great. The only complaints I have are that the bake-lite mag is total trash (Buy a metal one), and the battery is real tough to get inside. I found that taking the ring out from between the handguard and the upper reciever, which left the handguard a little loose, but made it much easier to insert the battery. Hope this helps!
by Colton H. on 09/23/2015
"I've heard great reviews about this AEG, I'm not sure if the one I received was defective or not, but I've had a horrible experience with this rifle.

Upon opening the box, the speedloader and metal flash-hider that were said to be included were missing. The dust cover was also initially disconnected upon opening the box. Upon firing the rifle jammed, though you would continue to hear the motor struggling as it attempted to keep turning. I disassembled the rifle, only to find an incredibly flimsy tappet plate, and an even lower quality piston. I called Echo-1, and after speaking with a Tech over the phone, it turns out the wrong piston was in the gearbox. The piston that was supposed to be put into the rifle is a black polymer piston with metal teeth. The one I got was a bright orange all plastic one, which shattered within the first few shots. Who knows how that got in there. I sent it back to Echo-1, and got it back in a couple of weeks, new piston and all. But once again, the rifle jams in the first few shots. This time I take everything apart entirely, and rebuild it from the bottom up. It then began to fire, later on losing compression within a few hours of use due to the new piston's O-Ring. Maybe I had done something to it at that point.

Other than that, this rifle looks and feels awesome. The wood looks fantastic, and when the blowback system does work, it's very cool. All batteries I've tried with this AEG are an incredibly tight fit and a hassle to change. This gun shoots very hot, chronoing in at about 410-430, though I've heard different, Even in most outdoor fields you may want to replace the spring with something lighter. This rifle is incredibly durable, full metal and wood, but still fairly lightweight.

All in all, if you do get a working version of one of these unlike me, it's a great AEG especially for it's price, but shoots very hot.
by karen t. on 11/05/2014
"Pros: Fullmetal
Good looking
Feels nice
Cons: poor stock performance
Doesn't feed well
Wood marks easy
Side stock holder is not at all reliable
Half to buy a rail mount to add optics

Good gun if you can upgrade it but not for anyone who wants good stock performance