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Dboy AK CQB Stubby Killer Full Metal Airsoft AEG w/ Side Folding Stock.

6 Customer Reviews

by Paul H. on 07/09/2013
"Great like AK for intermediate players. I say only intermediate because this thing shoots hot out of the box and needs a bit of mantenance right out of the box to get the most life out of the AEG.

Note, the body on this baby isn't just metal, but STEEL! That's right kids, this AEG sports a steel receiver, not just the simple metal that you find on most other budget Chinese AK aegs. The steel isn't even close to the real thing, but a heck of a lot better than "metal" bodies which are usually a zinc or aluminum alloy of sorts.

This AEG has a good solid feel out of the box and very well put together. This model benefits from a more realistic design using pins and grub/set screws to hold everything together. Thankfully, this makes it pretty well compatible with LCT, VFC, Inokatsu and some CYMA parts. NOTE, fitting maybe required.

This AEG shoots very well out of the box and feeds well too. Only quibs would be that the gearbox has too much gunky grease on the inside and it has a plastic hop-up. Once you rectify those problems though, this is a solid AEG that can go toe to toe with many other high end AK AEGs.

All in all, a great buy for those that are not afraid of basic mantienance and simple upgrades. It's also a great platform for custom builds if you like to change things up.

- Stock FPS (outdoor levels)
- Build quality
- Durability
- Compactness
- Modern AK looks

- Proprietary magazines (you'll have to mod other makes slightly to fit this AEG)
- Usual excess grease in gearbox
- Stock hinge of folding stock loses a bit of stiffness after use
- Stock feels a bit cheap as it is hollow
by Austin J. on 06/01/2010
"like the guys below me said. its compact, short, and has lots of range. its kind of heavy but i would highly recomend getting another sling, the one that they give you is very complicated to figure out. over all great gun lots of range and accuracy. the stock is sturdy. and when folded it is shorter than most stubby killer M4s.
very accurate
great range
by Desert C. on 06/22/2009
"This AK is the best CQB weapon for indoor fields.

I run it with a 11.1V stick type li-poly and it is on-par or out perform any customized / high end AEG out there.

For outdoor games, it is one of the best back up AEG for your sniper rifle too.

There is the MP5K for MP5, M4 Stubby for M4, but the AK Stubby has the biggest magazine and this AK is smooth!
by Julie F. on 02/27/2009
"Love this AK. It is the most versatile CQB AK I have seem.

Unique Looking!
Metal Body!
600 round hi-cap!


Althought this AK is compact, its actually very useful and can be a great outdoor gun too due to the range, accuracy are all just like any other AK and M4 and it has a 600 round mag!
by Robert E. on 01/27/2016
-amazing cqb play
-Folding stock when extended is like a fixed stock, almost no movement
-Light weight
-Decently consistent fps
-very loud with the sound amplifier
-great buy for a full metal gun

-motor went out after 12hr of play
-bucking ripped as well
-comes with cheap mag
-doesn't easily accept other mags
-optic rail is useless, unless you don't fold the stock

I'd buy it again as a first gun. It taught me how to work on aegs. And I still use it today.
by s. on 05/20/2015
"I aquired this gun about 2 years ago. I was rather dissapointed honestly. though it does have metal receivers and looks great, i had alot of constructional issues with the gun. Now, by no means am i trying to hold dboys to a lower standard. I own quite a few guns by them including another aks 74u varient however this particular model gave me many problems. The charging handle spring wasnt long enough for starters so i had to actually add some spring to the rod to get the charging handle to stay forward. One of the pins holding the front sight in place just fell out completly and it wobbled terribly. As a result of this , so did the polymer handguard in the front. The bottom of the magazine fell off but this was tolerable. The sling attachment broke on me aswell but this was also not a big issue. One of the things that bothered me the most however was the gun tended to shoot waaaaay off to the right. No wind or Differrent types of ammo couldnt stop it either. it wasnt that huge of a problem it just really annoyed me.

overall i had many more problems with it and just ended up disassembleing it and parting it out (i still use the barrel in my jg aks 74u). It could have just been my particular model and some bad luck, who knows, but that was my exsperiance with it.

hope this helped.