Reviews: Matrix Newest Version Full Metal AK74 UN Airsoft AEG (Im Wood)

$135.00 $108.00

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Model: AEG-CM035-RK01-STD
Location: L5-004

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by Kathy H. on 2011-03-10 18:01:53
"This gun is outstanding i have had it for about 4 months now and it is very nice. I penatrated through some stuff for an airsoft gun. I still have the 8.4 volt batery that came with it, but it really needs a 9.4 volt to stop the performance from lugging. Other than this i really love this gun because when i shop for airsoft guns i look for a price that will get me a full metal gun and that is made of good quality and will not break with ease. Very nice Dboys!
by Ben J. on 2010-10-18 21:49:19
"this is probably the best gun you can get for the price, worth about 30 bucks more.

-folding stock
-sling mount
-very strong
-awesome fire rate

-cant really install anything easily on it unless its internal
-shoots a little to the right, but is consistent, even on full auto
-mag is a little loose, i would recommend getting a full metal 1, hi-cap if u can
by michael m. on 2010-04-02 05:13:29
"this is a response for reiley b. you can get a scope for it but thats pretty much it unless you want the tactical ak74 look in situation you can get an ris hanguard or the ris system that has a rail that goes all the way down the top of the . then you can get a red dot or whatever scope but for the original ak74 look i suggest getting psop scope aka svd scope. it'll make it look better but it all really dependson your budget.
by Benjamin W. on 2010-03-16 10:41:22
"I love this Krinkov! Out of the box it performs very well. It shoots at around 370-420 fps with .20 gram bbs. I recommend using higher weight bbs because the .2 hop around a bit. The fake wood looks very real, but you can tell it is not real wood because it feels like plastic. Personally, I like the imitation wood because it is not as heavy as the real deal. This makes CQC much easier, because the gun is lighter weight and easier to maneuver. The short barrel and folding stock makes this gun great for close combat/room clearing. However, this gun is great for outdoor battles as well. Simply unfold the stock and you are ready to go. The only problem I have had with this gun so far is a couple loose screws. Obviously that is an easy fix.
I give the gun an almost perfect score, it lost points for the loose screws.
by Branden Y. on 2010-01-30 09:50:58
"i have this gun with a 8.4v battery with 1100mah and i want to get the G&P 9.6V 2200mAh AK Type Battery but iam not sure if it will fit. Can any1 tell me if it does cuz iam looking into buying it
by Justin S. on 2009-03-21 01:27:03
"I just got my AK a few days ago and I love it. It makes for a good assault rifle and submachine gun at the same time. Very little of this gun is plastic; plastic parts include the handgaurd, orange flash hider and pistol grip. With all of the metal on the gun, it easily weighs 10~15 pounds. It has a very high fps that I would estimate to be 400 when compared to my freinds gbb that shoots 410. The sights out of the box were dead on for about 100 yards which is nice.
Collapsable stock
Small size
Weight (if you're not very strong and can't take holding heavier guns for long)

Overall a great a bargain and all around combat effectiveness
by tyler b. on 2008-11-17 15:48:36
"i like it alot more than anyother ak74u on the market
by Tom K. on 2008-11-15 21:58:17
"How would you compare this with the echo 1 and dboys 74 model?
by tyler b. on 2008-11-13 10:29:16
"u can mount a scope on it
it mounts to the left side of the gun right above the trigger there is a peice of metal that looks like it does nothing but it does.
i got this gun 3 months ago and the only problems with it is
1. the pin that keeps the top forgrip in it fell out ant my last team practice but i just taped it up with black athletic tape.
2. i got a retarted gun because the fire selecter swich is always coming loose and i cant put it into safe, the the metal top cover of the gun sticks out blocking me from sliping it all the way into safe.
other than that its a great gun my friends have systemas and they were talking about how much they like it and its especially good for a CYMA since they dont have the best track record for amazing guns.
by reilly b. on 2008-11-01 09:56:51
"i only bought this gun for its insane power it is like a full auto sniper
by ben b. on 2008-11-01 06:51:11
"my friend is getting this gun but he cant atach anything like a red dot sight unless he uses gorilla glue and tape but it would look bad
by Jackson L. on 2008-10-28 16:29:52
"U could just get 2 other mags if this mag looks cheap that hold like 300 rounds.

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