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Red Star Echo1 Full Metal AK47 RAS Airsoft AEG

38 Customer Reviews

by Andy C. on 12/05/2017
"Love this gun!

It is great for medium range engagement but not the best for CQB because the gun is so long

Looking for a folding stock or adapter for one and recently the trigger started to be less responsive but thatís about all the cons

Great fun and would highly recommend
by Ryan G. on 01/23/2017
"Bought this gun 3 years ago as my first airsoft gun. 3 years later it still works great. Range is slightly shorter then my krytac spr which is awesome for a gun thats only $205. The only negative I can find with this gun is that it doesn't have the side rail mount so you can't mount a scope over the dust cover
by Jonathan N. on 06/04/2015
"Pretty good. This was my first rifle that I decided to buy, and 5 years later it still works with only 1 issue. The fire selector switch comes loose(not a big issue, just take a screwdriver and tighten it).

Good rof (single/auto)
Came with 2 extra mags (5 years ago)
Mag capacity (for all the trigger happy people)

I can't put a sling on mine since it isn't a lefty friendly gun. Might just have to flatten down the charging handle or learn to shoot with my right.
9.6 Big Battery doesn't fit in the stock so gotta ET it or cloth wrap it (feels realistic with the wrap)
Back rail is pretty pricey (but for those who wanna turn this into a svd-ish gun, worth it)

Overall, good gun. Constantly shoots 380-390 FPS (stock battery). Bumps up a little over 400 with the bigger battery.
Wouldn't recommend buying this for small children since its pretty heavy.
by Ted P. on 02/26/2015
"Holy cow. I just went to play at an indoor field. I was forced to use my broken MP5 because this beast almost broke the chronograph. The highest number was 457 fps. This monster terrifies my friends. If you are looking for an AK-47 with some jam, this is the one you want.

I can hit targets at 160 feet, open sights, no upgrades
Battery lasts forever; way longer than any of my friends batteries
Massive magazine capacity; I use this thing as a support weapon
Instant trigger response
457 fps on a chrono
It terrifies anyone with a bit of sense

Needs a screwdriver to get the battery in the stock

If you like AK-47s, and you want one with rails, look no further.
by JOE m. on 09/14/2012
"My son won this gun in a raffle from the Echo 1 reps. It is solid, except for the rear sight falling off. It is big, ugly, heavy and loud, just like a real AK. It is very accurate and shoots hard. Lots of complaints from other players even after it has been chrono'd. .25's work really well. M4's are much "cooler", but this beast never quits. I love this gun and would absolutely recommend it.
by pedro v. on 02/14/2011
"ok i have had this gun for about a year now and its still packing a punch, i have cronoed it at about 420 fps to 430 fps it is a very acurate gun. as mentioned the butt plate did come off a few times but nothing a little tweak cant fix. some other tips are to buy better mags the ones it comes with arent bad but i prefer metal ones personaly but so far no problems, one thing to keep in mind is the gun does get a bit heavey aftr a while
great range and accuracy
fully metal very durable
ready for attatchments
doesnt jam easy
mags are good
sling is ok

weight a little to heavy for kids
the back clip were the sling hooks in broke on me
check all screws

all in all a great gun recomended batterys, 9.6v 2500 mah, or 11.1v li poly be careful with the poly tho can strain the motor if you use auto alot.
by micah w. on 05/02/2010
"I love this gun!

PROS_(CONS)- Foldable Grip (takes a while to get used to)
FPS is amazing for a weapon of its class
Full Metal BABY (gets a little heavy though)
(doesent come with battery)
by Dale S. on 03/24/2010
"this is one sweet gun i personally have a red dot, grenade launcher, silencer, and laser on mine

420 fps with .20s
threaded barrel
large battety compartment
magazines have a high capacity

no battery when u get one get the intellect 3600 mah
not enough rail space

besides these minor cons its an awesome gun! buy it now!
by Jose P. on 03/08/2010
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!!!! This was my very first airsoft gun and I have to say I was a little scared at first, thinking that I might break it or something but I've had it for a while now and it works great. I have no complaints about it. The only thing about it is that the battery is hard to get in but other than that its a perfect gun.

Full metal
comes with two clips
realistic weight
good looking

The stock wobbles
The vertical grip wobbles
battery is hard to get in
by Jordan B. on 03/21/2009
"I recently bought this gun and i think its really good. It has a decent rate of fire and if you really need to put a 9.6v battery in, Get a 9.6v small type and a connector. itll fit a little snug but it certainly helps. Other than that for what its worth its one of my favorites.
by Christopher C. on 02/18/2009
"This gun is really good. I have had it for three moths and no problems but i keep losing the butt plate. Also the mag is good. Don`t need to buy another battery because the one it comes with is the best. thats all
by Tyler P. on 02/18/2009
"very good gun. the guy below pretty much sums it all up.
To solve the rate of fire problem just get a 9.6v battery
by David I. on 01/14/2009
"Overall this gun is very good, it isnt perfect, but very good. First of all, it shoots pretty fast, maybe a little below 400, but it still shoots pretty hard. It is mosty metal, which makes it heavy and durable. The plastic parts include the stock, the grip, the foregrip and the part of the gun at the front if you dont use the removable foregrip. It is pretty well grade plastic though. The hop up is easy to use, and this gun is really accurate. If you put a scope on this gun or at least red dot, it could be easily used as a sniper of sorts. One of the only cons is that it's RPM, is very slow, at least to what im used to. Its probably about 700-800 RPM, but my previous gun was at about 1100.
Pros.-fast,heavy,durable,accurate,mostly metal.
Cons.-Some plastic,low RPM.
Overall, im very pleased and this gun is definately worth the $185. Have fun!
by chris d. on 10/30/2008
"dose anyone know how long the barrel is for this gun
by Barb D. on 10/27/2008
"great gun havent fired it yet. great externally, the whole reciever and cover are the same color black not like in the picture. this gun is not purplish like some AKs but flat matte black with goldish writing. everything is metal, ris rails are metal, grips and stock are real nice rubbery plastic. mine came with a battery, an 8.4v 1500. and a charger. hefty weight, extremely sturdy. worth $185. the battery connector in mine was just a large type and the battery looks easy to put in. get it. no questions.