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H&K G36KV Airsoft AEG EBB Rifle by Elite Force w/ Integrated Scope - Dark Earth

13 Customer Reviews

by Clint N. on 06/09/2016
"This was my first AEG i ever owned and let me tell you, this thing kicks butt. It is extremely light and accurate as well as contains a solid kick with the blowback feature. I would recommend another sight on top of the rail as the scope built in is good, but a little low if you are wearing a face mask.
by Roger H. on 05/26/2016
"This gun is great!!!!!!! When I first got it it was shooting around four hundred and forty to four hundred and fifty fps so I had to get a new spring. I ended up using an M one hundred , yes an M one hundred spring and that got the fps down to three hundred and eighty so it was able to use it at my local field. The only mags that I found that sit correctly in the mag well and feed are the King Arms G36 mid caps (which you can get at Airsoft GI). The performance was phenomenal! I was able to hit people at 160 feet and more. The accuracy was really good too. I was able to keep the bbs it a tight spread of about half a foot at fifty feet, a spread of about two feet at one hundred and fifty feet. The scope is easy to dial in and the hop up is easy to access and use. Also a fun fact, the bolt catch also resets the gears and releases the tension on the spring. So when you are done you can reset the gearbox.

- built in scope
- easy to fit a 9.6 in the hand guard
- ambidextrous controls
- easy to change the spring
- outstanding accuracy at range for a rifle
- it feels good in the hands ( you will not get fatigued using this all day)

- only one time I had to put it in auto to get the gun to go semi

The EBB will not kill your battery, I was using it for about 9 hours and I still had enough charge on the battery for another three to four hours. But other than that it is a great gun for medium to experienced airsofters. It is a great and reliable primary rifle, The Pros out weigh the con, and I am glad I got this gun to add to my arsenal.
by Spencer G. on 11/25/2015
"I have had this gun for 5 months and it's performs great put of the box. It is and extremely hard bitter and have unintentionally broken skin several times. The blow back is easy to disable, but it is extremely fun to have enabled. I have notice the rate of fire has increased slightly however this may not always be the case
Great fps
Good range
High rate of fire
Very accurate
Best asault rifle ice had
Scope it's good scope no adjustment however
Rate of fire I sometimes don't like a high rate of fire this sprays and often mags cannot keep up
Also the gearbox is lose so be aware of screws
The select fire plate becomes lose
The battery space is limited I would buy a pounch and rewire to that the 9.6 butterfly type for nicely but anything later than 1600 mah is going to be a challenge...
This gun is great out of the box however I'm modding mine to a dmr style g36 and adding a 4.5 inch barrel extension as well as a 450 matrix 6.03 barrel. The hop up is plastic it has worked well but I'm going to convert to a cbc aluminum one instead. I have not run a Lipo yet but will soon.
by Cynthia B. on 10/22/2015
"this is a great i had it for about 3 months now and have had no problem. Right at the box in cronoed at my outdoor field between 422 and 434 so it was shooting very hot.

-great fps right out of the box
- extremley comfotrtable stock and the sight is very clear while lookin through
- easy to fit my 9.6 in the battery compartment.
- the barrel on mine seems to come loose every now and again but its and easy fix just tighten it back up
- the electric blowback eats up your battery life so I highly recommend that you disable it.
- lastly no RIS rails on the gun except for te top of the carrying handle.
Ways To Improve It
- First off disable the blowback and then I recommend putting a lipo battery in it. Also get a red dot or holographic sight for those times when you need to find your target quick. Lastly buy an RIS rail system so that you can but on some attatchments i recommend a foregrip since the gun is front heavy.

Overall i rate this gun a 4.5 out of 5 just because i see potential for something great here and they missed the mark b just a little
by Will S. on 07/21/2015
"5/5 even when taking the cons into consideration.
-High fps to go with scope
-Scope built into carry handle
-Durable polymer
-Blowback that can be easily disabled and put back on
-Rail above scope that can be taken off to revel iron sights
-Mags have clamps built in
-Stock folds and retracts
-Snugly fits a 9.6 nunchuck so no rattle

-Little battery space
-Huge orange tip (Evike sells black)
-One polymer rail that is hard to use (Evike also sells rails)
-Charging handle broke off after I racked it back and let it go :(

Overall: Great AEG, r8 8/8 ign m8
by Paolo A. on 03/25/2015
"Honestly... Wow. I received this gun recently, so I can't speak long term, but just wow. First of all, this rifle is solid as hell. It can most definitely take a beating. The electric blowback sounds and feels amazing (but is loud and very distinguishable). The fps has my teammates complaining every time they're hit, and the range is great. The scope takes a little zeroing in, but once I got that done, I was swept the entire enemy team. Twice. Its a pretty long rifle, but that feels great, especially in combat. Folded, its so much fun and could easily be used and maneuvered for CQB in a wider area. So again, I have to say wow. 2 things, buy a red dot sight. Its pretty darn helpful. And the eye relief is bad, but you can definitely work with it. Just use some tactics instead of spray and pray ;)
by Michael V. on 03/17/2014
"I have this rifle and it is an excellent weapon. The scope can be used fairly well while wearing a mask and the folding stock makes it very portable. The battery can be hard to get in but the battery is out of sight once it is in which is another plus. It has a Matrix M90 spring in it and its ROF, though I have not measured it with a chronograph, is fairly good. The Electric Blowback, though using more battery, makes the gun sound really good. It also adds some recoil, though not enough to throw your aim off. Although it shot to the right initially, you just need to adjust the scope some. Overall, it is a very sturdy gun and I definitely recommend it.
by Sergey K. on 07/21/2013
"I got mine in Tan/Dark Earth from the Bone Yard. There was a gearbox-related issue, it got stuck. When we opened it, we found very average parts, nothing highly reinforced. The gearbox needed shimming and replacement of bearings.

- Good wiring
- Excellent body
- Relay instead of trigger switch
- quick-replacement spring assembly
- spring release button (mine didn't seem to work for whatever reason)
- EBB (don't really need this, but cool to know)
- reinforced gear body
- awesome stock, foldable and retractable

- average gearbox internals
- no rails whatsoever on front grip
- batt compartment may be too tight for lipo 11.1 (7.4 fits snugly)

Overall, for the price I got it, even the replacement parts I had to buy still make it a good deal!
by Joseph A. on 06/02/2012
"Great weapon! electric blowback is cool, but uses more battery while its engaged. You can disengage the blowback however. The hopup did not work on mine when I first got it, but Umarex fixed it for me and now it works great. Internal scope is really nice for long shots, but I put a reflex on top for closer or moving targets. Seems to be built well. Have not had to do any repairs to date. Have had it for about 4 months now.
by Frankie P. on 04/15/2016
"I'll get right to it:

This gun shoots very hard and very accurate.
One problem you will notice rather quickly is that the integrated scope's adjustment does not work very well.
I have given up on that and just compensate by aiming to the left. (kind of alot)
It adjusts vertically very well, it is just left and right that has given me problems.
As you turn the key, you don't feel any movement or resistance as if it was just a loose piece you can screw in and out with your fingers.
Also, there was a time in a match that the gun stopped working entirely. New battery, checked the gun as well as I could and everything looked fine. It randomly started working again the next day.

Some pros and cons for you guys..(I have had this gun for 2 months)

*Very accurate (I can shoot a quarter dead on at 30ft)
*High FPS (hurts like hell)
*Feels really good

*Fire selection gets stun on full-auto almost 100% of the time
*Gun stopped working randomly for 24hrs in which I did nothing to fix and it came back to normal.
* Hop-up isnt working and seems to be backwards.. (The manual tells you to twist one way for hop and on my gun it seems to be the opposite). Also, there is either ALOT of hop, or none. No middle ground.
*I wish they would fix the integrated scope. It really is very cool, just doesn't adjust well.

Overall I kind of just feel that I may have gotten a bad batch.
I'm not sure that you would have any of these problems upon purchasing this gun.
In fact, if you are spared of the issues I had, I'd call it the best gun out there. Really do love it.
by nathan v. on 05/01/2016
"This gun is alright. My particular gun chrono'd at 398 FPS, which is just barely able to slide under the limit of most outdoor field. Your mileage may vary. However, my particular gun also had a piece of the hop up missing, causing the inner barrel to fall out during the first day of play. After some work, I was able to fix it with parts from a standard g&g combat machine hop up. The electric blowback is pretty good, and easy enough to disable. The external build quality is pretty decent as well. 3/5
by Joshua R. on 10/18/2015
"This rifle gave me problems, and it will give you the same problems if you order it. I got it in hopes to use a new rifle of a model less common than an M4. Easy workings and an integrated scope, sweet package at first site. I ordered this rifle here at We're finishing the RMA right now.

My Brief Description:

This rifle is of a polymer body with a metal barrel, and the easiest AEG I have seen to take apart. The stock folds in and stays folded in reliably. The are no standard railings to attatch optics or a flashlight to your g36kv, but there is railings ontop of the scope and under the scope, if you can remove it (I didn't try and may be wrong about that last part. Take reviews with a grain of salt I try my best.)


Great fps
A free scope with x3 zoom
Comes with a decent high cap
User friendly
EBB that can easily disable at your choice in about 3 minutes


This rifle's optic. Intentionally. Has no eye relief, AND, sticks you with it.
Slim battery space.
The tan you see is actually more of a dark earth color. Notice the faded contrast and assume good lighting. The rifle in had almost looks like some kind of mix between dark earth and OD green (some people might like that but I don't. I wanted something tan and I'm sure you did too.)

I know a bad optic and battery space doesn't normally deserve a harsh two star rating but this one is special, hear me out. Remember, you have no rails aside from putting a scope ontop of another scope, but the whole point is to have a good scope in the first place. In order to use the scope, the region between the center of your eyes must touch the ridge of the scope, and the EBB makes that space worse. This gun is not a metal exterior. Bad battery space. Worst of all one of it's key features is to remove the carrying handle to remove the optic. That leaves you with a rifle that has no chance of having basic attatchments because you have no pic rails. AND, $300 price. Even the current sale for $200 is gross.

Please, this gun works but, do not settle for something like this. There are good AK74u's, a little bit of MP5s and other G36 rifles right here on evike. Don't settle on this even if your budget depends on it. Remember, you can't return this thing for a full refund unless there was shipping damage or something, so PLEEASE, pick something else. You want to use a grenade launcher? Use an M203 on another rifle and don't settle for this thing. Don't feed this thing parts it's not worth it.

...But it 'is' a fully functioning AEG. 2 stars.
by victor f. on 05/03/2016
"Dead on Arrival!

Just got it today. I was very excited.

Open the package, everything looked like it wa sin order.

First thing I did was to put a battery in it and fire a few shots. But it couldnt even do that right. On shot #3 the gun stopped firing. Thats it.
I opened the box put a battery and it died. I tried using other batteries and the result wa sthe same. the gun had died somehow on me.

Calling Umarex for a exchanged or a fix. Thanks Evike!! 220$ for a an airsoft gun that doesnt work. heartbreaking really.