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Model: AEG-Lonex-01

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by Erik D. on 2016-01-27 10:52:46
"I bought this gun about a month ago and have since transformed it into a MK18 Mod 1. Right out of the box this gun felt extremely solid, the receiver is very well made with a very nice Lonex engraving. It's also nice that the stock doesn't wobble at all. As for the internals, these are some of the best internals in a gun that I've seen. The gearbox is full of Lonex "upgrade" parts which is a huge plus. The stock barrel is alright, better than most brass barrels that I've seen. However, with all these pros there are a few cons. The stock hopup is awful, it wouldn't even feed in mine so I replaced it with a Lonex aluminum hopup. Also, the Lonex A5 is a garbage motor so I replaced that with a Lonex A1.
High quality externals
Low resistance wiring
Polycarbonate steel tooth piston
Steel cylinder
Polycarbonate air nozzle
AOE corrected
Well shimmed

Awful hopup
Sub-par motor

Overall this gun is 8.5/10 straight out of the box and with very few upgrades is a fantastic AEG. Would definitely recommend to players of all levels!
by Dunren C. on 2013-12-12 18:03:06
"Hey, this gun is really good and i agree with you but i also had the same hop up problem. i fixed it by using a pencil, the eraser tip in first into the outer barrel and make sure you use a rubber mallet and one or two hits will hit it out. it wont damage the barrel i assure you. Hope this helped.
by Christina T. on 2013-08-30 14:33:32
"I got this gun about a month ago, and I was loving it till the other day. I just got a new front grip for my MOE handguard that I bought for the gun, and I went out to test fire it and see how I like the front grip. It immediately started having problems feeding, so I changed the mag out to a different one to see if that fixed it, it didn't. It would fire 1 shot then not fire any more so you had to take the mag out, stick it back in, and then it would fire another one. So I go to try to take the inner barrel out to take a closer look at the hop-up, and it would just not come out! Needless to say, I contacted Evike's warranty dept. and have gotten a RMA number and shipping slip to send it back for repairs (probably a new hop-up). So right now it is only getting a 4/5 from me, once I get it back I might edit this after about a month and see how it is still holding up.

Pro's - Nice realistic weight
The magazine is the best high-cap I've ever dealt with (flash mag)
Functional bolt catch is a cool feature
Wiring in the back seems really nice
Very minimalistic engraving's (nice for a airsoft gun without trademarks)
Shoots like 15-20 rps with a 9.6v (alot faster than my friends G&G, like it should be)
Shoots about 390 fps with 9.6v
Looks really sweet with a Magpul handguard

Con's - Hop up broke in 2000 shots, and I can't fix it myself since I can't get it out
Handguard is wobbly because of the front handguard stop
Couldn't fit a crane stock battery in the crane stock so I had to get a nunchuck style (not really too bad, just inconvenient)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)