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WE-Tech Open Bolt M4-SOL Carbine Airsoft GBB Rifle - Dark Earth

10 Customer Reviews

by Dean C. on 07/03/2017
"My first airsoft rifle, and its amazing.

You may need to field strip it and clean it up after about 10+ mags. Be sure you have patience, cause learning how to clean this gun is definitely a pain. The magazine and stock is a bit loose, but if you put a piece of duct tape in the magwell and on top of the buffer tube, this gun is amazingly solid. So worth it. Buy it!
by Donald R. on 06/30/2017
"Im very impressed. I got to say my first impressions of it was like it better be everything it says and it is!! And it is and even more than i expected Very nice job to Evike to awesome service and to We Tech! I look forward to buying more from your two companies.
by Zack B. on 05/12/2017
"The gun is ridiculous mine was shooting 480 with .20 bbs.
If you buy this gun you need to run .30 at first. Also it's just fun to shoot.
by Joseph G. on 01/06/2017
"Also, this gun has an incredibley realistic design
by Joseph G. on 01/06/2017
"After owning this rifle for about 7 months now, I feel that I can make an honest review. This gun is great out of the box, and with a CO2 magazine it hits like a tank. Great FPS, fairly accurate. The only thing I don't like about this gun is the stock and the iron sights. For me, the iron sights are very difficult to aim with, and the stock is short and somewhat uncomfortable. Also, if you plan to use CO2 mags, don't use Crosman, the canisters are slightly to large and are extremely difficult to get in and out. I recommend daisy.
Full metal
High FPS
Easy to upgrade
Has CO2 mags for people who don't live near a place with green gas(such as me)

Stock is small
Sights are hard to aim with

All in all, a great gun.
by Debra K. on 06/26/2016
"Great gun works all the time never had a problem with it!!!
by Jordan B. on 09/23/2014
"With an RA-Tech NPAS, REAPS bucking, and CO2 magazines this rifle was able to hit someone accurately at 400 yards with .23 BBs; Recoil is spectacular and overall the rifle is very dependable. The only true push factor for this gun is the fact that magazines are quite expensive and I've already had one break.
by isaac h. on 12/01/2015
"got this gun along with an ra tech n-pas(definitely buy this if you are using co2 mags) and it shoots great with an awesome recoil. people turn and look to see what you are shooting because of how loud it is. I shot someone who was turning a corner and they literally fell over trying to jump back behind cover.

good consistent performance
easy to add parts

mag price
gas hog
body pin fell out easily
by Eugene V. on 10/20/2013
"I bought this and the gun works very well. The gun has a medium amount of wear and tear and a very nice fps. I used this gun in multiple games and dominated the battlefield with this. I think this is one of the best gbbs out there.
great fps
great to use
reliable full metal

gas hog
extra mags take awhile to ship

P.S. Don't mix up green gas and co2!
by Jordan M. on 04/16/2017
"Good Gun when it works...

This rifle is outstanding when it works, but if you run CO2 you need to basically upgrade the entire internals with RA-Tech, so be prepared to spend another $200+ just on building up the internals. The stock bolt warped under the pressure of CO2, so replaced with the complete RA-Tech bolt which requires using a dremel tool to adjust the aftermarket bolt, as well as bolt catch. (instructions available on many forums and chats) Don't forget a steel RA-Tech hop-up housing, as well as an upgraded hop-up bucking. Now the rifle gets hung up on the hammer and needed to be replaced with the aftermarket RA-Tech trigger group. Throw in the Angry Gun recoil in this and you have a kick that is as close to my real steel AR-15 as possible. Making it an awesome Milsim rifle, as long as you are taking care of it, taking it apart and cleaning it this rifle will serve you well, however, may not be the best rifle for someone looking to get into GBBR without tech knowledge or how to work on guns, granted there is lots of instructional videos on Youtube if you are confident enough.

+Realistic Weight
+Great Recoil
+Realistic breakdown and action
+Loud and crisp firing
+Tons of rail space for all accessories
+Excellent Training rifle
+Solid externals
+Extra 123A (x2) Battery storage in pistol grip

-Requires complete internal upgrades
-CO2 Mags are a pain to load and takes time
-30 round mags great for milsim, but outmatched by high-cap HPA systems on most fields (Resist HPA)
-Spare Mag price and amount needed for large ops
-Not beginner friendly
-Expensive to operate (CO2/green gas, silicon lube AR tool kit if you don't already have one)
-Cannot maintain a full magazine on full auto due to gas bleed-off
-Color of rifle doesn't exactly match Magpul Flat dark earth as well as others traditional FDE/DE

Final Thoughts:
This is an amazing gun that after a lot of extra parts are put into it works amazing and is a personal favorite. With completely upgraded internals and a TBB I'm shooting around 480fps (adjustable with NPAS) with .20s but run .25/.28s and is incredibly accurate and consistent with the CO2 mags. Staying in Semi-auto (Highly recommended) you can get about a mag and a half on CO2, however you will only fire about 20 rounds if you try suppressing fire on full auto. The realism of this rifle adds to the in-depth experience. However if you are new to airsoft I would advise to shy away from this GBBR and something more beginner user friendly. If you are up for the challenge of this rifle, and put in the work she will quickly become your favorite.