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by Jordan B. on 2015-03-04 13:00:39
"So I've had this rifle for about three months now and have been trying to put it through it's paces. I love the blowback and it is much more fun than an AEG. It is pretty accurate out of the box but if you want to take some longer shots in an outdoor game I'd recommend getting a new barrel and bucking. For cqb, you need to get a NPAS to regulate the FPS to whatever your rules are. This is a reliable gbbr in my experience, and relatively gas efficient (in warm weather, can't speak for it performance in cold). The gun's externals are SOLID, mine has no loose parts or wobble anywhere. The metal may scratch off a little (especially in the mags). I clean and lube it after pretty much every time I use it and I haven't had any problems at all with it.

Solid externals
Pretty strong internal components
Nice recoil
Decent accuracy out of the box
Pretty good gas efficiency
Lots of replacement and upgrade parts
Compatible with some real steel parts (and some take only a little modification)

Could be a little more accurate
One of my mags doesn't fit well (could be the mag)
Quite a bit of gas loss in full auto (problem with some stock open bolt gbbr's)
Metal can be scratched off a little
by Edward H. on 2014-12-18 15:03:09
"The WE M4-SOL (416) is a Booty gun that a few words can only begin to describe. I have had this gun since May and it is by far one of the best rifles I have ever owned. Instead of taking hours to describe the awesomeness that this gun is, I will just jump right into the pros and cons and then jump into a little story time.

-Excellent Quality (Full Metal Externals)
-Decent Accuracy and range out of the box but a REAPS bucking is HIGHLY recommended along with a 6.01 angel custom tightbore
-Great gas efficiency (About 90 rounds per gas fill)
-Great recoil feeling
-Comfortable trigger (not strong pull but not a hair, just right)
-Awesome handguard with plenty of rail space
-Comfortable grip
-Good weight
-Bolt locks on empty
-Power Stroking the bolt is possible
-Fire selector is stiff so you know when it changes
-Decent Iron sights
-Stock is lower quality but it gets the job done
-When upgraded can easily hit a target at 50 yards

-Plastic nozzle which breaks easily (especially if full auto is used)
-Small capacity mag which makes it difficult to get out of a tough situation
-Full auto is not efficient and is something I recommend not using
-Shot consistency is a little off, some shots have more power and range than others
-Less efficient in cold just like all other gas weapons
-Hop-up adjustment is a pain

-Purchase this rifle first
-Install a REAPS bucking
-Install a new barrel (I have a 6.01 angel custom tightbore)
-Don't buy the RA-Tech aluminum nozzle, it causes a lot of wear on the gun and in my opinion just isn't worth it. Buy multiple plastic nozzles instead and use semi-auto only
-Buy an NPAS (RA-Tech for $20)
-Lubricate often with silicon oil
-Buy multiple spare mags. I recommend green gas over co2 due to gas efficiency. I generally only get about 40 rounds out of a CO2 mag and they seem to break easier
-Clean often
-Only buy if you are willing to spend the money for upgrades, this is a hobby gun meant to be upgraded
-Take care of this rifle and it will take care of you

In order to make this gun the ultimate fighting machine I have added many things to it since the beginning. Below are the attachments and mods I have made to my gun.

-AIM mock ACOG
-Magpul angled foregrip
-NcStar Zombie STRYKE green laser
-Surefire flashlight
- Suppressor

-REAPS bucking
-Angel Custom 6.01 tightbore (400mm)
-RA-Tech aluminum nozzle
-I painted the rifle to a two-tone of black and tan
-More will be added eventually

Just to provide some examples of how awesome this gun is I thought I would tell some stories. The first takes place at DMZ airsoft in Colorado Springs. I was moving with my buddy trying to clear out one of the main hallways when a kid about 30 yards away began firing on us to pin us down. I popped up from my cover and in one shot hit the kid right in the head when only about 2 inches of his helmet were in view. If that doesn't describe precision then I don't know what does.
Another took place in a field near my house. The first occurrence at this area was when I engaged one of my friends and he attempted to retreat. He ran down a cliff and was about 60 yards away when I fired only three shots and hit him right in the side. Once again an excellent example of precision shooting from this gun. The next time I was at the area, I hit another friend right in the glasses in one shot when only his head was showing. This was about a 25 yard shot.

Overall, just go buy this gun right now. It is the greatest purchase you will ever make and I could not be more satisfied with WE and Evike. I wish I could continue to tell the awesomeness of this rifle but this review is already incredibly long. I hope this helps all who are considering a purchase of a WE rifle and especially the M4 SOL (416)
by Noah C. on 2014-12-02 21:30:54
"I received this gun today and I have a couple adjectives that describe this gun: heavy, robust, and beautiful. I thought that there was going to be nothing on the sides for "trades". Nope, WE industry trades. Love them.

Looks, weight, gbb system with co2 mags...

I used .25 bbs and they were going all over the place. Im gonna try .30s, loud recoil spring in buffer tube( I think...)

The cons could probably all be fixed. That's what it was like right out of the box (after spraying with silicone oil). Probably just needs to be broken in.

All in all, I got the JG 416 stock and made a WE 416. One dream gun down, a lot more to go.

Thanks, Evike!
by Jose Manuel E. on 2014-11-24 14:39:57
"I bouht this gun like 5 months ago, is just amazing. That blowback
by Jerome W. on 2014-11-16 17:15:15
"Bought two of these rifles a couple of weeks ago. Accuracy out of the box with no mods is excellent. Getting under 4 inch groups with 5 shot at 75 feet with 0.28g bbs. Same with a WE SCAR gbb. Just make sure you lube these down when you first get them. I use RC Racer's green slime and silicon oil. So far no operating problems.
by Gary G. on 2014-11-06 15:44:11
"The receivers are slightly wobbly.

It has ugly trademarks on the gun that aren't pictured in any of the images on this website. Had I known this I would not have purchased this gun.


It performs really well out of the box.

Not the most in depth review, but most of the other reviews have summed it up fairly accurately.
by james f. on 2014-10-27 13:10:50
"All right my 416, errrrr Sol carbine finally came in, to start the box doesn't do much to protect the gun in shipping and my forward assist knob was broken but since its an airsoft gun I just removed it for now even though it is functional and evike offered to go good on it, I'll just try to fit a real steel piece instead. My barrel crown was off center so it shot to the left but the grouping was not bad. Range not so great with the .23 BBS I had sitting around I have some .30s coming now that should work better. The magazine was hard to fill with gas at first but works good now that I put a drop of silicone oil in the fill valve. Haven't had any problems with shooting the gun, no misfeeds of any kind yet. And boy it is a looker its pretty even without the trades. No rattles and everything fits tight. It might be a little tricky to operate if your used to aegs but I'm used to the real thing (ar15 not hk416) and this is easier to maintain than a real ar. Even breaks down like the real thing as much as possible.
by Paul G. on 2014-10-17 13:40:06
"I bought this gun back In May and I got to say that it's still in great working and firing condition. Right out of the box it's excellent, I didnt really do any major upgrades internally other than installing a reaps bucking and an angel custom inner barrel which made the fps higher, externally the outer barrel is a two piece so I removed the extension to make it a cqb length. All in all its by far the best gun I've ever purchased. The only gripes I have is that the bolt is aluminum and has a steel plate to initiate the bolt catch although the bolt catch is steel mine is completely shredded do to wear and tear so if you want to make an initial investment I'd suggest buying the ra tech steel bolt and bolt catch other than that I'm impressed
by francis t. on 2014-10-08 18:29:24
"I bouhgt this gun like 3 months ago...

-Strong blowback.
-Heavy weight (could be a Con).
-Full metal.
-Hight FPS ( 510fps+ with propane and .20g and 460fps+ with propane and .25g ).
- It looks very sexy with Hybrid Sights, Mbus and foregrip.
-Much space for sights, grips, lassers, etc.

-Low quality mags.
-Parts are expensive.
-Plastic nozzle :(
-Extremely diffcult to adjust de hop up.
-Wastes a large amount of gas.
-The paint is not very good , is easily scratched.
-Bad quality stock.
by chad s. on 2014-10-01 18:20:29
"i bought this gun a month or 2 ago. did a lot of research into gas rifles before i bought this because its my first GBBR. i found (to my surprise) that WE has probably the most reliable open bolt m4 system out of the box. previously i and have had bad experiences with WE guns failing. i had looked into the king arms and other WA GBBRs, but all the reviews were very mixed and i didnt want to pour in tons of extra money to get it to work like i wanted. so i settled on this gun along with the NPAS, and so far it has not disappointed me!! its awesome! recoil is really great and feels amazing. so far it seems really sturdy and reliable. ive thrown it in the dirt and smashed it against crap with no malfunctions. but as with GBBS, like reel steel rifles, need consistent maintenance. lube it, clean it, and make sure the internals are all tight and working smoothly before and after a game. if you aren't prepared to do this then a GBBR is not for you!!
the one con i had with this rifle is the fact that when i pulled it out of the box the accuracy was absolutely terrible even with 28s. after i installed the NPAS, shot a few hundred rounds through it, and adjusted the hop, that problem seemed to work itself out pretty well. still wants improvement tho. i'm picky about my accuracy.

-great feel
-lots of rail space!! (i have a peq box, dual pressure switch, mx3 light, KAC grip, 552 repro, and the iron sights on it....its still comfortable to shoot)
-trigger response is supreme!
-milspec buffer tube
-gas efficiency
-reliable, consistent, and tough

-accuracy out of the box=shotgun
-2 peice outer barrel is glued
-hopup is no cake walk to adjust
by Kathie B. on 2014-07-30 20:36:39
"There are some things to be concerned about with this gun. The barrel nut is extremely hard to get off the first time to gain access to the hop up and inner barrel. Once it's off though you can do amazing thins with this gun. I have put a 6.01 mm inner barrel and RA-Tech REAPS bucking in and this thing runs amazingly. Another great thing is CO2 magazines, they will work but will cause slightly more wear and tear. But the gun is very accurate and has a very long range for what it is.
-Range and accuracy
-Intimidation factor (Loud)
-Barrel nut tightness
-You don't own one...yet
by Lloyd W. on 2014-06-08 18:13:31
"I will say this first; this gun is just beautiful. Not just in aesthetics (My personal opinion) but also in performance.

Now, let me also say that my standards may be a tad low. I starting in to Airsofting with a faulty JG FAL that never worked from day one; resorting to a plastic spring shot gun. I'm sure you can imagine my performance ...

On to the gun, TO start off the minute you pick this thing up you can feel how robust it is, and believe me it is. I play in Montana so our field is the side of a mountain where there is tons of gravel, dirt, and pine trees. I spent about an hour strait crawling through brush, dragging this thing or pushing it along the ground with me and there's barely a scratch. You can get to the bolt by pushing one little pin. That might make it sound like it's weak or might wobble but it doesn't; I was running and jumping with this thing up and down a mountain without so much as a wobble.

Performance wise it's very middle of the ground when left stock (no modifications). The hop up unit is very nice and while it's not pinpoint, I can usually pick off someone from 100 to 150 feet with only a few shots on semi-auto. The grouping does seem a tad wide at large range but I find it rather easy to adapt (This is my first time using it today) and aim to compensate. I plan to pop a 6.01 in this and see how that does.
At first I had a few problems with the mags (One came with it and I picked up another open bolt green gas mag). But I later learned that it was linked to my propane adapter (I'm using a Madbul one, it's red and has a silicon port). At first it could only get 3-4 BBs before venting, then it stopped venting but would barely hold gas. I used a friends simple rubber like adapter and suddenly I'm getting about 90-120 BBs (3-4 mas worth) per full charge. The gun is actually very efficient on gas to me. With that said, it does suffer from the usual gas gun limitations; and that is the gas cool down. I can sometimes get almost a full clip in full auto (Yes, I know you aren't really supposed to go full auto with these things but as a comparison ...). When in Semi auto, you do have to pace your shots. It was around 63F up where I was playing so that might have been a factor but the gun did freeze from the gas a little even with fast semi auto shots. There are Co2 mags that would probably fare better in colder weather.
The sound is delightful. There is a satisfying kick but not too much. It makes a sort of loud "CLINK" sound when fired and is very satisfying.
The sights that come with it are very nice, I love the front sights as you can use the front post to gauge parallax in your scope (If you have parallax or a scope at all).

There is one issue I have with it; the hop up adjustment is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever seen. I'll try to describe it; you can pop the rifle open back by the stock and fold it to a 90 degree angle. From there you can pull the bolt out and right where that open chamber meets the barrel there is a TINY little hole for an alan wrench. The wrench (of course) is supplied so it's not too much trouble to tune the hop up but it is a pain without natural light to see.

Ending thoughts; I am truly in love with this gun. 9.0/10.0

It's fun to shoot, can look awesome with just a few attachments (I'm using a simple plastic forgrip and 2x red dot at the moment.) and performs consistently and well. It's easy to clean/maintain and seems robust enough to last you quite a while. The hop up adjustment might be very unorthodox but it isn't impossible and I don't find myself having to adjust it often. I will definitely be buying more WE products in the future!

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