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APS M4 Guardian 8.0 Full Metal Airsoft Electric Blowback AEG Rifle

4 Customer Reviews

by Mike P. on 01/15/2016
"1st off great gun amazing quality all tho it didn't come with the bronze highlights shown here.


Aluminum body feels great
very small great for cqb
looks amazing
comes with a good mid-cap mag
rof incredible

Hard to get battery cover off
little on the heavy side

But all n all great gun
by owen r. on 05/06/2014
"I've had this gun for about 2 months now if your looking for a smaller, cool-looking, rare gun then this is the way to go, it is a little over 370 FPS, I have had no problems with it, this is the perfect gun.
by aedan b. on 05/04/2014
"I've had this gun for about 3 months, and it works like a charm. Its the perfect size and has perfect fps for my local airsoft field. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a great cqb weapon.
by Rauk V. on 12/15/2015
"Owned for six months - when I first got it, the gun had a burnt motor/plastic smell which is mostly gone but still catch a whifff every now and then. Dunno what that's about...

The body is absolutely solid, no wigglin' at all. Tripped on barbed wire while sprinting over a hill ans went flying, landing directly on it - no damage. The paint holds up very nicely as well. The ejection port cover and whatnot isn't brown as the pics here suggest (they don't photograph brown for me either) G&P midcaps are a very tight fit, as are all the metal mags I have tried. I hate hicaps, but the one it came with drops free and feeds flawlessly. In fact, it feeds flawlessly with every magazine I have tried (elite force, g&p metals, mag, bamf, random hicaps, pmags, and those nice evike branded g&p mags)

Flip up rear sight when folded down has backup pistol sights; however you can't see through them because the release button blocks the view. The front sight has some wiggle. Gun was and still is unusable without an optic, as the sights are so far off. At 30ft, the shots are about 3ft up and to the left of where they should be. Not a hop up issue.

Accuracy is fantastic, someone hiding behind a bush is gonna get hit - you can drill a hole in any shrubbery with ease. Rifle shoots very consistently and due to the high velocity and short barrel (recently chronoed at 375-380) I recommend .25bbs. Hop up works very well and doesn't adjust itself all sneaky like. I run 9.6v nunchuk batteries, trigger pull is smooth and motor response is instant, automatic rate of fire is intimidating.

Problems: weird smell. Worthless sights, charging handle is low quality metal, part that engages the mock bolt shears off, and/or will disengage if you rack it all the way to the rear. T charging handle has literally fallen out during play and in doing so, also binded up and destroyed the blowback recoil spring. Rifle works just fine, but without that aggressive nail gun like shreik, this gun is missing it's panache. Once I find a replacement spring, I'll be able to love it again.

Overall, it performs well, has a lot of character and besides the T handle issue, has been completely reliable. It is a very dense gun, not advised for those lacking upper body strength. APS is a hit or miss brand, but no regrets on my end.