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Evike Custom KWA M4 CQR MOD2 Magpul MOE Airsoft AEG Rifle

8 Customer Reviews

by Aric G. on 05/25/2015
"This is an amazing gun, especially for experienced players. I put a noveske amp on the front and magpul vertical grip. I am running a 7.4 lipo. Crono with .2 is at 330fps. Also have rail segments on for flashlight and other accessories.

Awesome looks
Greats rps
Little heavy after awhile
Hard to get battery in until you get you figure it out
Not all mags work
by Janet C. on 02/06/2014
"All around a good gun for the money. there are some downsides as with every gun, and it may not be your cup of tea, but still an excellent gun.

-Good rate of fire
-Looks great
-Good weight
-Lipo ready
-Decent FPS
-Good gearbox

-Little wobble on the stock
-Picky mags
-MOE can make it difficult to find a vertical grip
-Tight battery compartment

Not a bad gun at all.
by Janet C. on 01/18/2014
"very solid gun for the money. out of the box it come with a mid cap 120 round mag. some mags dont feed properly for this gun too. it comes with a good epic bonus, and good regular iron sights.

-cool looking
-lipo ready
-good weight

-wobbly stock
-doesnt take some mags
by Zack C. on 12/15/2013
"I opened up the box and the first word that came to my head was, beautiful. I picked this baby up and it's a very comfortable gun. I mean it feels like your shouldering a pillow. But don't let the comfortable features make you think that this gun isn't a performer. Because you would be very wrong. This thing blows all other cqb weapons out of the water. This isn't a cqb weapon this is THE CQB WEAPON. Mine shoots a little hot, around 365 but I'm okay with that bc my field will allow it to be a little bit over the limit. Mine also shoots a whopping 26 rps with a 9.6v now that's just insane. It's very ergonomically designed and the magpul features allow for quick movements and are very comfortable and aggressive looking in my opinion. With this gun i bought six kwa mid caps. And they all feed wonderfully. great gun by kwa and all at a great price. I will buy the mod 1 as soon as I get some more money. This gun is well worth it! Go ahead and buy it!

Magpul furniture
It's a kwa
Fast rps!
Great fps! Good for field or cqb/indoor play
Full metal upper receiver
Hefty. Feels kinda like a real ar-15 this may be a con for some but i like it
Great mid cap mag


Great gun buy it!
by Zachary E. on 04/04/2013
"I LOVE this gun. My first impressions after about a week are:

Looks Amazing
Build Quality (Magpul)
Short barrel (Cqb legal)
KWA 2gx gearbox

Stock is a little wobbly
Little battery space (mini lipo/9.6 nunchuck)

An overall great gun!
by Luke D. on 02/21/2013
"I love this gun I have this one and the mod 1 as well they are great guns all you have to is once every like few months get the gears lubbed up at most but other then that there's nothing and the only reason I lub up mine is so doesn't ruin anything but that's it you can't tell any difference i have 2 magpul models just like this one.GET THIS GUN
by Alex W. on 01/20/2013
"I really like this KWA. It's light, accurate, and already comes with upgrades, really have found no problems with it. 5 out of 5 definitely!
by Douglas W. on 03/07/2013
"Overall, this is a great gun for the money you pay. My only complaints are that this gun is innacurate at ranges over 70-80 yards, and the gun chronoes at 305-310, not 330-350. But both of these problems can easily be fixed with a new inner barrel and spring, which only costs you like $40. Other than that, this gun is built very well, is weighted like a real M4, comes with awesome magpul accessories, and the KWA magazine that comes with it feeds flawlessly (and it's a mid-cap, which is also nice).