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Elite Force CQC Competition M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Austin B. on 07/04/2015
"Bought this is in December, 2014 and I love it. It's a little on the small side but it's a nice gun. It can take a beating and holds together. The only problem I have is the piece that adjusts the stock broke off.
by ADAM L. on 10/07/2014
If you are thinking about picking up this AEG, you will not regret it one bit! It is sweet straight out of the box & does not need upgrades to be awesome on the field & fun to use.

The Elite Force CQC Competition M4 is an outstanding AEG & $159 is a great price as it could easily sell for $200. Using a 9.6v battery, it has FAST trigger response time, high ROF, & solid accuracy with .25g BBs out to 100ft. This gun may have been designed for indoor CQB, but it is a strong enough performer that it works well in medium-range outdoor engagements as well. The included flip-up sights are easy to calibrate & are potentially all you need to rock this AEG as they are accurate. If you would like to use optics, there is rail-estate (like "real estate", get it?) for days on this compact AEG.

It is light-weight & comfortable to hold, especially with the included vertical grip. The plastic is well-made & reminds me of the high-impact polymers you'll find on ladders in a hardware store. It has a smooth clean finish that is matte & non-reflective. All components are tightly fit to one another & the only minor wobble is with the telescoping crane stock, but it is not an issue during play. The short barrel is very easy to maneuver & feels super snug without any slack. I expect this AEG to take a lot of abuse to require any kind of repair.

Another nice touch is the slight flare around the magazine well making it easier to reload. Using Elite Force 140-round mid-caps the CQC M4 functions perfectly with no jams or misfeeds. The included hi-cap also works well as long as you wind it after each burst of fire. This package DOES NOT include a speed loader so be sure to pick up one of the cheap $3 if you plan to use mid-cap mags. If you plan to use a 1-point sling, you will need an adapter behind the receiver. If you plan to use a 2- or 3-point sling, you will need a clip adapter for the front picatinny rail.

My wife & I recently became interested in playing airsoft with a local team. She needed an AEG that would not be too heavy & would properly fit her small size. She is about 5'2", 115lbs. She's kind of gangster so she originally ordered the King Arms Thompson but that was too bulky for her. Evike was really awesome about letting us return the Thompson for credit which we put towards this CQC M4.

We settled on this AEG as it seemed like a compact size & had some good video reviews out there. I can basically say the wife is very happy with this rifle & I've seen her merc dudes out there in the woods! When the stock of the CQC M4 is fully collapsed the size is perfect for her. It is light enough that she can run full-speed & have no issues. Since the barrel is so compact she can snug against cover & easily pop out to provide accurate suppressive fire at high ROF.

The Elite Force CQC Competition M4 is impressive straight out of the box. I know a lot of people are all about upgrading & customizing internals but it is not necessary to open this gun. If your budget is under $200 this is a great AEG to buy & you will have a lot of fun!
by david f. on 10/03/2014
"I just got this gun today 10/03/2014 it is a very good gun right out of the box. I would recommend this gun to anyone perfect for close quarter combat 5" stars all the way
by Anthony S. on 07/12/2014
"This is a very solid airsoft gun with beautiful construction. It performs great at my local indoor cqb field. not the most comfortable to carry, however this may just be my personal opinion. Overall a great buy!
by Scott G. on 06/05/2014
"i got this for my brother for CQB he loves it more then his elite force 1911 now lol and he loves it shots perfect dont need to touch the hop up when you get it since it shots perfect soon you get it out of the box

only con is the dam screw in the back is a pain in the ass just toss in the box dont put it back on after
by Michael L. on 10/19/2013
"I bought this gun today at AirsoftCon 2013, and boy am I glad I did! I had been looking at this gun for a few months, and finally got the opportunity to purchase it today. Right out of the box, this thing is impressive. The microswitch trigger makes for one of the most crisp and instant trigger responses I have ever seen in an AEG. The polymer body is a very nice and durable quality, and the pistol grip is very comfortable. The flip-up sights and the fore-grip are very nice too. The metal hi-cap magazine that is included has no wobble in the magazine well and feeds properly. The inner barrel runs the full length of the integrated suppressor up to the orange tip. Once i got the hop-up zeroed in (which is not the average m4 hop-up, but still quite nice), I was easily able to hit a man-sized target from about 30 or so yards away, which is the length of my backyard. The gun has no rattle whatsoever, which is always something I look for in a gun. Overall, this gun is very nice right out of the box. Just upgrade it with a tight-bore barrel (which I will do after tomorrow), and it will be just as accurate as a full length rifle, if not more. I give this gun a 9 out of 10. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because I would have liked to have a sling mount (not QD) on the buffer tube or stock. But still, the gun has a great feel, performs very well, and looks amazing. I'll put it through the real test tomorrow during some skirmishes, but I positive that it will out-perform. Thanks, Elite Force, for yet another amazing product!
by Brandon R. on 12/13/2014
"The upper and lower receiver and constructed from plastic but seem to be pretty solidly built. The crane stock feels a little weak, but is secure and the buffer tube is metal so I don't worry about breaking it too much. The stock flip up sights are plastic and seem to be weak. The front sight post it a little too wide to get a quick and accurate sight picture. The rear aperture feels like it will break quickly if I change it much. Lots of metal parts to include the rail and fake suppressor. The rail seems very solid. The charging handle seems VERY weak and moves around a lot when you pull on it. Do not pull too hard, I'd be concerned of breaking it. Trigger response is fast but has some flex left and right.

Overall its a decent gun but has some cheap parts.