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Model: AEG-CA-CA056M

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by Austin P. on 2013-08-30 10:43:42
"Great rifle! 409.99 is a little steep for most people (I waited for a sale on the gun and got mine for $350 before subtracting 20% for another holiday sale), but you have to understand all that you are getting in this package. Similar mod stocks cost nearly $40 themselves and this package includes much more than that, regarding external upgrades. On top of being already an aggressive and highly functional gun on the outside, on the inside this weapon definitely rivals its KWA counterparts, as said by another reviewer. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a high quality AEG ready to perform straight out of the box.
(I don't even use a lipo, regular 9.6 makes her fire nicely!)

-Beautiful. I get compliments on its aesthetics at every game I go to and I haven't even done any external upgrades myself.
-FPS. Havent had it chrono'd in awhile but it fires at the very least 375 straight out of the box
-Loud as hell. Some people may not like this, but because of the blowback and other variables, this thing makes a very satisfying and loud clank on firing! sounds 'metally'.
-Internals. Performs excellently on a 9.6v battery and I easily do a 5hr game with a 1600mah output, despite having an electric blowback.

*CONS* (there are a few)
-No front sling mount?!?!?! I was a little surprised to find no front end sling mount on the rifle, especially since it has such outstanding externals otherwise. This is an easy fix though, you can get a QD sling mount for like $15 almost anywhere and there is a lovely spot for one on the front sight piece. also, one point slings are better than two or three anyways ;)
-Vertical grip wobbles. this is probably due to the simple nature of a QD grip, but still the wobble can be annoying at times.
-Pin fell out. It just fell out, the rear body pin. not a big deal.

in summary, a pretty darn good gun. Not an unbelievable deal for the price, but you definitely get what you pay for.
by Clayton M. on 2013-04-27 15:53:37
"Great gun, accurate, powerfull, and a high rate of fire. But it is not without faults, the lower and uper recivers wobble a bit and the rails are smaller than normal 20mm rails so getting be very careful when you go to get any optics or any other rail mounted accessories.
by ryan b. on 2013-04-02 16:00:19
"I bought this last spring and it has been one of the greatest guns I've ever shot. In my opinion it's close if not better than the KWA sr10. Shoot very far and very accurate. With a few upgrades I've been able to change this weapon into an unstoppable force at my field. A deff must have for any airsofter.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)