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by Zachary B. on 2016-10-20 13:54:30
"Looks great
Feels great
Pretty much the way to go if you want to have a realistic operating and realistic look & feel

That's about all I got out of it at least. First off, I barely used this. It broke in under 2 weeks (Less then 2000 shots fired.. still almost a full bag of bb's) after buying it, At most I would fire 200 rounds out of it (which was rare normally I only shot 2 mags in my backyard) every few days. No constant use for over 30 minutes basically and even after I lubed it, cleaned it every time and put it right back in the case and treated this gun like a god, the bolt has worn down after so little round that if I try to pull the charging handle back the bolt will not return and it will just get stuck. No, the bolt catch does not release it, in fact it doesn't even trigger it. After inspecting, it was quite obvious. The bottom of the bolt that is supposed to be smooth pretty much looks like you hit the bottom of it with a hammer a couple hundred times, it's completely worn away. I have heard negative reviews about WE products and I really wanted this to be a very good performing rifle (which for the price it should be) but if it stops working what good is it then? Not gonna lie, after saving for this I was super disappointed to see it break after such little use. Wouldn't recommend buying it obviously but it's your money so feel free.
by mark s. on 2016-06-08 11:00:03
"this weapon system stock shoots about twice as far as my double eagle UMG with upgraded barrel and hop-up but is less accurate because I'm shooting at 150 to 200 feet.
i use .3 gram BB's because i live and play in windy areas with tons of brush.
evike has the LOWEST prices on the market
by christopher r. on 2016-02-02 11:52:48
"this is the best airsoft rifle I have ever had. and I have used a lot or airsoft rifles. the recoil is nice. you can use real gun furniture. it is light. the build quality is good. it has a lot of afer market parts.
by Sidney H. on 2015-01-01 11:59:07
"I have had mine for a year now I think and I have beat the poop out of it, solid gun, nothing broke that was not my fault. if your mags are leaking you need to lube them, if not holding gas you need to purge them.

Great rifle for a great price, we have verson 2 mags so nothing should be leaking out of the box. gas guns user error is magnified.

Gun noobs need to reserch
by Michael R. on 2014-09-03 13:44:33
"Received the rifle about a week ago. Delivered on time and packed well. After reading several reviews of this rifle, the first thing I did was strip it down and clean it. Lubricated everything and re-assembled. Loaded the mag with .30g BBs and gas and had some fun. I did need to adjust the hop up as it was shoot low. Once it was dialed in I was getting a very tight grouping at around 45-50 feet.

Did not have any issue with the mag leaking gas, in fact, I could unload all 30 rounds and additional 15 before the gas gave out. There were no issue with the fit of all the pieces, Every thing was tight and fit well

Very impressed with the fell and weight. If you are use to lighter AEGs it may seem heavy. I do like the fact that the clip mimics the real steel counter part when it come to the amount of BBs, seems more realistic. While spraying several hundred rounds may be fun, it's more of a challenge wen you have a limited amount to shoot with on the field :-)

Bottom line this is a great gun at a great price.

Pro/con (depends how you look at it)

- Loud crisp firing sound


- Good weight and feel
- Realistic amount of rounds
- Solid construction


- Costly magazines
- Hop up difficult to adjust
by Kory H. on 2014-08-28 09:23:39
"Just received this gun yesterday, and it is amazing! build quality is excellent, it doesn't feel clunky or cheap. Internals were pretty dry when i took it out of the box, but i broke it down, lubed it up and then took it for a test fire and was amazed with this rifle! i definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing experience! 5 stars from me! thank you WE TECH and thank you Evike!!
by Craig C. on 2014-07-12 17:16:14
"This guns like others is a complete DUMP. I bought four additional and appropriate mags for this gun, as I thought maybe its the mags not holding a charge... but, no.

I fire this dumpy gun at least 4 or 5 rounds and it goes limp. Seems like something is happening internal, were all the gas its admitted at once when just I install my newly charged clip.

Is this a common problem with all GBBRs? Because I also got this WELL M4 Open Bolt GBB, and it does the same exact thing. POW, POW, POW, POW, flaaaaattt.

When taking out the clip, I press the value and no gas is holding.

I tried dunking the clip in water, no signs of leaks.

Bummer, because, I really want something that is reliable. I am new to this sport and I am very discourage.

Its a well built gun, and feels nice.... but that is about it. When firing, I give it a 5 out of 10. Believe me, I have my time logged with this gun before and the mechanics needs a whole lot of R&D funds to get it up to speed. Feels clunky and cheep when firing. Again, feels great, the weight feels great, looks and operates like the real thing.. but, if it actually fired, maybe I would review this better. MEH.
by Kenny W. on 2014-02-20 18:05:53
"I've owned this gun for about a couple months now. I am not hard on this gun so its holding up pretty well. Its amazing how realistic this gun is. I mean that beyond the basic field strip. I watched a video on AR-15 assemblies and have found that the WE is very similar in construct, with the exception of the trigger assembly and how the buffer lock is secured. I currently have authentic Magpul (not PTS) handguards, pistol grip, and a mil-spec stock ( the buffer tube is indeed mil-spec). This gun kicks moderately, not enough to effect accuracy. The stock fps is relatively high (CQB incompatible). A $20 NPAS valve will fix that. The finish wears in any places where metal moves against metal (to be expected). Action of the bolt is smooth, bolt release functions fine when firing. However, bolt might not lock if simply charging with an empty mag. Also, if not lubricated properly, the loading nozzle might not ride back with bolt carrier completely. It will when firing, just not with charging. This gun requires maintenance and knowledge of the how the rifle functions and pieces together. This is not something to load green gas and play or oil up every now and then. It will require cleaning and lubrication constantly. This comes with the territory of any high end gas blowback. That said, I would recommend this gun, given the cheaper price and availability of upgrades.

Realistic action and breakdown
Good quality materials and build
Moderate kick
Real steel compatibility
Affordability (relative to other GBBR)

Trigger assembly is not steel (is metal, just not steel)
Polymer loading nozzle and flash hider
The flash hider is glued down but removable
Finish will wear after some use (to be expected)
by jed s. on 2014-01-21 22:04:09
"Got mine for Xmas and boy it was WORTH IT! playing Airsoft for a awhile, i wanted something different then having a AEG with 5,000 rounds and this rifle makes it a challenge to have just 30 rounds, and its ok because the challenge was what i was after. The only complain i have was the outer barrel if you can take it off to make it CQB barrel and adding a suppressor. Overall this gun is meant for EXPERIENCE players who want a challenge then just pulling a trigger shooting 5000 rounds and call it a day. Having this gun maintenance is required with lube after you shoot for fun or after games. 5 out of 5 for me! Thanks We Tech you guys rock!
by caleb f. on 2013-10-13 13:33:02
"I got this gun about a month ago and I must say I'm very pleased with it. it shoot smooth, good trigger pull just a hair of over travel but it doesn't bug me to much. also every one complains about the paint it has only shown metal in a few spots of high wear locations, IE charging handle latch, selector switch, and around the mag well. this was also my first GBBR so the battery of arms took some getting used to

a joy to shoot
smooth shooting
trigger pull
can out range AEGs in most cases
works in colder whether (especially with C02)
real steel parts
mag weight (could be a con)
real steel training value

battery of arms takes some getting used to if not already familiar with it
came dirty
need a lot of mags

over all worth it just because of how much fun this thing is on full auto with C02
by Joe S. on 2013-07-16 14:04:38
"I've had this for about a year and a half. Did a few modifications and added a TBB barrel, Daniel Defense rail, mock suppressor, and Magpul furniture. This thing is compatible with my AR15 accessories which was really convenient.

-Awesome range (effective of about 60-65 meters)
-Durable (internals are top notch, no replacements so far!)
-Easily customized compared to AEG's because of the real steel compatibility
-Durable mags
-Blowback with bolt stop is a nice thing to have, which is standard on GBBRs

-Cost of maintenance and use (Gas, magazine valves)
-Magazines are very expensive and 32rds isn't very practical for airsoft
-Loud (impractical for airsoft)
-Magazines are heavy, you need a VERY high quality plate carrier and quality pouches
-Gas HOG

Overall: It's a fun gun, but be ready for high maintenance, a lot of money along the way, and you're gonna need to be a handy guy/gal to keep the gun and its magazines working properly. I enjoy that part though, because to me working on firearms is fun and this is good practice; along with the simulated recoil and 32rd mags.

I grew tired of this in airsoft, though. I was easily out gunned at times because of people with Hi-caps or midcaps higher than my mags, so I found myself suppressed easily, and I always feel bad asking for cover fire. It's very hard to suppress and shooting on full auto will just empty your mag's gas chamber like no other. Gas is also very inconsistent, making it hard to predict the bb's flight path past 150 feet or so.

Because of these issues, I've decided to sell this gun and all the mags (12), and use the money for a sniper platform.

Now that I have experience with this, I realized it wasn't for me. You might as well make it a DMR because there's just too many disadvantages going against 30rps AEG's or Polarstars with 200+ rounds in a mag. ***BE WARNED*** Having a GBBR is only for those who are very experienced and looking for a challenge.
by Brandon S. on 2013-04-06 09:56:52
"Just got this gun after having the WE PDW for about a year, quality is top notch. I'm a believer in WE GBB guns. I took off the front handgaurd, added a daniel defense omega-x 12" front RIS and a 150mm silencer to house a new angel custom 6.01 500mm tight-bore barrel, fits perfect. You can easily swap out the handgaurd for rails or whatever you want because it has a delta-ring like any aeg, so all the aeg RIS's work on this gun. One other thing I always do when I buy a WE GBBR is get the angel custom vsr-10 hop-up bucking (red one) and an NPAS valve to adjust velocity. This gun is truly a solid platform that performs great out of the box, and wears modifications nicely. If you are thinking about getting this gun, I HIGHELY recommend it, easy maintenance makes it perfect for a first-time GBBR user and it's performance and mod-ability are great, so it's a gun you can keep and upgrade as you want.

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