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Model: AEG-AEG013RBK

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by Darrell E. on 2012-10-02 18:09:18
"This is a great gun with excellent durability, quality, accuracy, and power. Its full metal body and rails give it a realistic feel. Overall it is a great gun and would recommend it as an excellent CQB Weapon or any other type!
by Diane O. on 2012-09-24 14:18:22
"I give this gun a 5/5. It has a full metal receiver, body, free float rail system, metal iron sights, metal charging handle, and a metal buffer tube. The gun itself is sturdy but I dont suggest dropping it like any other aeg, you just dont want to do that. The gun shoots hard, fast, and accurate. It also comes with a metal mag too!

shoots fast
shoots hard
looks nice

gets heavy with my scope and mini grenade launcher attachments (i like it that way though)
crane stock battery can be a pain if you dont know how to install the battery (takes practice)

If I had the choice to go back on my purchase, I dont think I would. This is a great AEG for all forms of engagement except sniping. I'd suggest this to just about anyone, new or more advance airsofters alike.
by Emi O. on 2012-09-17 17:51:27
"I have to say Matrix, as usual has come through once again with an amazing gun. This gun is solid, has never broken down on me once. As far as price goes, $230 is a bit pricey as you can get some higher end M4s around this price.

As stated below one of the MAJOR cons of this gun is the ROF. Being a "high torque" motor, you'll be luck to get 6 RPS (if not less) out of this thing.


- High FPS (could be good or bad, I guess)
- Durable metal body
- Somewhat decent internals (You'll have to upgrade your gears if you're planning to have a high speed setup.)
- Unique CQB look
- Comes with rail covers
- Hop-up is meh, could be better, curves to the right.


- Weak motor. Not high toque. 6 RPS can be achieved with a 9.6v battery. (I would suggest buying a Matrix 3000)
- Cheaply, ugly crane stock (mine fell apart on me)
- Buffer tube gets lose often
- Rails wobble and are not secure
- Selector switch got loose

Because of the cons, I will give this gun a 4/5.
by Michael P. on 2012-07-26 11:29:25
"I love this thing! Really sets itself apart from the other m4s with the zombie markings and the v receiver. I took it to the UK they loved it I even got some offers on it. It shoots pretty good stock out of the box. It is hot mine was 404 fps out of the box. I ended up putting an m100 spring in it and it is currently .98 joules prefect for cqb. I have used at an out door field and it performed well. I have ordered a mad bull 6.03mm x 300mm barrel for it. The front lower rail wobbles alittle but it is bcause of the design there is not much you can do about it. However it does not bother me at all while i am playing the upper rails are sturdy so it is all good. Just buy it
by td r. on 2012-07-22 21:30:09
"First off, I love the look of the V-style receiver and the rails instead of the regular M4 look. When I purchased mine, I added the "AEG Power Upgrade - Install M120, Stainless Bushing & Basic Tuning," Magpul AFG, Bravo / G&P holographic,and the Noveske flash hider, and needless to say, it is amazing. As for the woobbly crane stock, if you pull the stock off there is a screw at the bottom of the tube that can be tightened. also it is very easy to upgrade, just look up the youtube videos for matrix m4's. overall 5 out of 5, but dont forget the 9.6v battery!

great fps
decent rate of fire
easily upgradeable
looks sick!

wobbly mag?
kinda loud

I would reccomend this to anyone!
by Nick L. on 2012-06-29 18:37:07
"Very nice gun just the mags are very wobbly and shoots with the hop up all the way up around 410 and when the hop up is down about 390.

Pros: Nice engravings
Good fps
Nice heavy wieght(realistic)
adjustable stock
Good battery length(4 to 5 hours on field)

Cons: Wobbly mag
Nothing else

I would highly recomend this gun to all my friends.
by David L. on 2012-06-18 18:27:37
"ok well before i made this reveiw i played about 5 games with it. when i first looked at the box it was complete crap it had a lable that was tapped on it said asia and was a pic of the gun. for the gun it performed good but needed some upgrades. i got a madbull black python 300mm barrel, gemtech blackside barrel extension, polar star nub, a matrix magnum motor and all of that turned this gun into a complete monster.

rails (but wobbley)

short inner barrel
the cap that keeps the battery in looks like junk it is just cut out

this gun is a good beginner gun but if u put out some extra $ and buy the upgrades or better ones that i reccmened u will have a complete monster!!
by Zhibo W. on 2012-06-16 15:39:37

Great FPS
Decent ROF
Looks great


Wobbly lower rail
Wobbly mag catch


Great gun for a great price. Definitely a buy
by robert l. on 2012-06-16 09:02:16
"i loved this gun i have had it for about 4 months now and it is still working like a charm

-full metal
-high fps
-the markings look sick
-the magazines i have wobble a little bit (no problem)
-lowish rof
-orange tip (but its the law)

the pros definitly outweigh the cons on this gun it is an amazing gun overall
one thing i have a question about is how do i get the orange tip off to put on a mock suppresser i think its some kind of glue but i have no idea how to get it off
by Kevin G. on 2012-06-15 16:27:28
"Got this as my first AEG. Overall, I'm impressed. Great look and feel

- Great look
- RoF not bad
- Full Metal

- Kind of heavy
- Bottom rail wobble. Easy fix: Just put a little electrical tape on the tabs, instant and easy!
by David S. on 2012-06-14 02:54:28
"Ordered two (2), solid lightweight construction. have had them fielded for three months now with no problems. Uses both high and mid caps. Only modifications i've done is wired in a silver back mosfet with active breaking. Running 7.4v 1400 mah li-po. ROF is a little slow even with 11.1v, just chrono'd both yesterday with .2's and hit 396 fps (highest) and 374 fps (lowest) between the guns. Impressive FPS out the box but recommend faster motor.
Thanx for reading
by clint c. on 2012-06-06 06:46:19
"i got this gun from the last BOA, its a very nice well built gun the bottom rail is a little wobbly but an easy fix, i chronoed this gun with a matrix small type 9.6v battery and i was getting on average 418 FPS
but only 8.9 RPS,

Full Metal
on mine AWSOME FPS
Awsome Engravings

Slow RPS might or might not be a con
bottom rail a tad wobbly ( But Easly Fixed )

other then that its a really nice gun and maybe with the lower RPS might save on some BB's LoL

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 34 reviews)

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