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JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black)

39 Customer Reviews

by Ben l. on 01/12/2013
"I have had this gun for around a year and for some reason it is shooting insanely high. I don't know if it was the Chrono at the local field or I just bought a super gun, but with the 9.6 it came with it was shooting consistently at 467 fps (with .2s)!

-High FPS
-Beast rail
-Cheap/Looks good

-High FPS
-Low rate of fire
- Wired to font, pain to get battery in
by amy w. on 01/04/2013
"This is a good gun however when i got it i fired four shots then my fuse blew! After i upgraded the fuse to a 25a i havent had any problems though.
by brady p. on 12/31/2012
"In my opinion this I give the gun a big OK. The fps on a stock gun is better than average but the depressing rate of fire makes it less appealing. My gun chrono'd originally about 385 with .2 and 13 rps. It later evened out at about 350. JG has amazing stock gears and this one is just as good. Internally it is pretty well set up for a dmr build and that's what I've don't with mine. This is the heaviest plastic gun I've ever held. The receiver is abs which is somewhat average quality. The s system is where most of the weight is and probably 8 lbs by itself. Way too heavy for cqb. Also, people continuously have complained about battery space but I had no problems. The first time is slightly challenging but after that its easy.

High fps
Good strong interals
Iron sights

Plastic receiver
Insanely heavy
No trademarks
by Evan J. on 10/11/2012
"Bought this for 145$
Solid gun not alot of problems for a cheap gun

ROF is awesome
Mostly metal
FPS 400+
Very Customizable

Battery is a HUGE pain
IronSights broke off when i took it out of the box
Mag is pretty bad but for this cheap its decent

by Sam E. on 04/18/2012
"I currently have this weapon, it is extremely accurate and good rof. suggest it to anybody.

Pros: Good rof with a G&P 9.5 battery (which i highly suggest)
Good accuracy
Nice FPS

Cons: Hand guard is small and is a pain to put a large battery in
Loud (im picky)
Mine eventually broke so im converting it to a gas MSR sniper

Overall, amazing gun. Better than my DBOY thats for sure XD so yes, i highly suggest this weapon for anyonethat plays CQB

Sincearly, Sam Elberson; Leader of Team Juggernaut
by Kyle D. on 02/05/2012
"I've owned this rifle for roughly 2 years and i love it. i've done very little internal upgrading to it, just a 9.6v battery and a tightbore inner barrel. just with these two cheap upgrades i can create the streamline effect with the bbs, and have almost the same range as my buddies sniper rifle. the trigger response time is pretty laggy out of the box, and it does weight quite a bit for being mostly plastic, but it's a great gun. and for those that complain about weight, are you really surprised that a weapon has weight? many of the real guns weight a lot more. a real barrett weighs over 30 lbs with a full magazine and a scope...

-good accuracy and power out of the box
-loud, so has a great intimidation factor
-mean looking
-extremely reliable

-very little rail space
-stock buis aren't that great, but that's what optics are for
by Bond R. on 01/06/2012
"First, this gun is kinda heavy, especially for younger players, 12-15 lbs, but i added some attachments so im not positive. On a scale of 1-10, the RoF is a 6. Its decent, but will be beat in CQB. a con is that the iron sights are pretty bad. There is a lot of metal also, which is why it is heavy. There are a few sharp edges too, but nothing sandpaper wont fix. The magwell holds the mag pretty well. Oh, my gun came with 200 rds of GOLDENBALL .2 bbs, instead of crappy ones. Im not sure why though. The battery is an 8.4v mini type, which is the largest battery itll fit.

Accurate (w/o iron sights)
Looks cool
Came with goldenball

Sharp edges
Iron sights are bad
Stock isnt as long as i expected. Im a 5'7 14 year old and i have it fully extended

Overall i give it an 8.5/10

by eduardo d. on 12/01/2011
"i've had this gun for almost a month, no problems
looks great
really high fps(hurts alot!)
flip up sights(awesome!)
many parts of the gun are metal or abs plastic.
it has kind of low ROF.
it's trigger response kinda lags.
sling mounts are wierd.
the rails are kinda wierd, i can't put a grip or granade launcher on it.
note: getting the battery inside for the first time is extremely hard.
by Jordan S. on 08/24/2015
"I am an avid airsofter and i decided to buy this gun. Overall this is an ok gun, but there are some cons.
- good weight
- sturdy build
- shoots hard
- great rails and rail space
-most magazines fit great
-bad trigger response
-no battery space at all
-don't like the iron sights but this is just my opinion
-the battery is not very good
-if you have long arms this gun will be a little short for you
Overall this gun could be improved. I bought this one and an echo1 and the echo1 was cheaper but was a whole lot better than this gun.