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G&G Top Tech GR16 R4 Full Metal Airsoft AEG EBB + Smart Charger / Battery / Loader / Ten Magazines

22 Customer Reviews

by Jaden M. on 10/15/2012
"I had this gun for a year now, it works well
Pros -
Fire rate
Full metal
Mag wobbles abit
Stock wobbles
Over heats the motor grip
It's a good gun overall
by Adam G. on 10/26/2011
"I have had this gun for a couple of years now. It is a real nice piece of equipment. Although I did change the tight bore for a tighter bore. I added a longer inner barrel and a barrel extension, this allows the gun to be more accurate and shoot more a of distance. The gun has worked great for many years just random shooting and some field games, however after a few games the air nozzle blew apart, not a big deal. You can fully upgrade this gun as well making even more a deadly weapon. Oh I don't mind that the mag wobbles, being an Army veteran if you've served you know that the mags wobble in the real steel versions we use in combat, at least mine always did.

Full Metal
Good internals
Performs near flawless

Air nozzle blew apart during a game, randomly
by Eldon A. on 05/01/2011
"I got this GUN a month ago, and all i can say is WOW!after a thousand shots at my backyard I finally took it out to the field, and this gun did not let me down, I get a lot of praises from the guys how accurate the gun is. Im using a 9.6v 3600 mah battery to power this gun and the ROF is pretty decent. What else can I say?this gun definitely proved me that it works like a charm in the field.


by Kay M. on 08/27/2010
"I just used it today, it is deadly accurate, shoots at an extremely high fire rate, and of course is full metal
High cap mag (450 rounds)
retractable stock (little wobble)
full metal
fire rate
very tough metal/paint, it got shot a ton of times...

mag wobble
puttin in battery (not bad after practice, there is a piece of plastic that is supposed to keep the battery out of the way out of the stock so it can retract closer to the reciever, I recommend taking it out.)
a little bit of stock wobble
by Aleksandr L. on 12/21/2009
"I have to say that this gun is out standing, it is basically rock solid and wont break unless you do something stupid like drive over it or throw it off a building.

Pros: Metal Body and construction.
Doesnt eat up too much battery power.
18 BPS and 350 fps stock.
Has the Tightbor.
Retractable stock.

Cons: The charging handle doesnt make the dust flap go down.
Rails are kind of wobbly.
Stock can be somethimes finiky when adjusting it.
Most mags you have to electric tape to make work in the gun.

(most of the cons are not real problems and can be easily fixed.)
by Christopher S. on 11/30/2009
"Ive had this gun for about 5 months now, at it shooots amazingly! This gun shoots about 12 bb's per second with a 9.6 volt 3600mah battery. The rate of fire is INSANE! This gun has such a quick trigger response that you dont have to use full auto. The internal and externals are without a doubt very high quality and the R.I.S. has no wobble at all. This is a very good rifle and is a good starting point for easy upgrading. Personally, I like a foregrip, laser and ACOG scope. I like these attachments because they are perfect for airsoft and fit the gun perfectly.

Full metal
Good accuracy
Reliable internals
Sturdy externals
Cool trademarks

Cons:Battery exchanging(If you dont like this, get the full stock version)
Thats It!

By the way, This does look like the one in CoD4 "Warpig."
by Justin S. on 12/31/2008
"For COD4 Fans
Dosen't this gun look like the one in COD4 "Warpig"?
by George B. on 12/25/2008
"This gun is absolutely amazing. The external finish is excellent. The internal look superb and the gun performs amazing. It is dead accurate and the ROF is absolutely INSANE!!!!!! I haven't chrono'd it yet, but it looks to be shooting 380fps+. The RIS doesn't move at all. Although, the stock is a bit strange when you retract it. The pin doesn't really want to click in to place, but it works fine now. Another thing, I cant get the rail covers off for some reason, but it doesn't bother me. Some times when I fire it on semi-auto the trigger locks up. I put it in full auto and back to semi and it works fine after that.

Amazing rate of fire
excellent finish (externally/ internally)
No RIS wobble
Excellent range/ FPS
Amazing accuracy

Hard getting battery in/out
Rail covers
Eats up ammo
by Brent G. on 12/11/2008
"Yes, yeah you can use any suppressor on this. It has 14mm negative (anti-clockwise) thread.
by Michael J. on 11/10/2008
"G&G M4 are simply the nicest AEG out there. G&G is probably the brand I have seen with the best detail / external finish on their AEG. The feeding and firing is so smooth you can tell the obvious difference when comparing it to a low budget gun.

This gun comes with very nice RIS and special force metal body.

To answer the question below. No M203 comes with a shell unless it is otherwise specified.
by CJ E. on 10/31/2008
"@ John F.

Just... stop. a 9.6v 2000 MA/h battery is no where NEAR the best battery available. Don't give information if it isn't correct.

As for the gun, as long as it is a Generation 2 G&G, it'll be great.
by Daniel D. on 10/22/2008
"Yes, you can get this gun upgraded with the thousands of upgrade parts for M4 available. And its a great gun! This limited edition model come with a special force metal body, but other than that, its a G&G.
by Brian N. on 10/16/2008
"U pay thirty extra dollars for the battery and charger is is totally fine. Just curious to know if it is an 8.4volt or a 9.6? I really am interested in buying this gun, just want to know if I should be buying an even better battery.
by Marques P. on 09/25/2008
"to continue on my first review can someone also tell me whether the connector is a large type or a small type?
by Joe B. on 09/16/2008
"If you take the time to read the info you will see what it comes with!