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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 G&G Top Tech GR16 R5 M16 SPR Type Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

18 Customer Reviews

by Paul S. on 09/20/2016
"So I'll give you my ten cents: This is a fantastic rifle for anyone doing a grunt kit.

Most of the United States Military will be Using M16s, so that said this is more than perfect if you love the US Military (in particular the USMC). The range on this is fantastic (I've hit targets at 230 feet stock), and it it an all round great gun. The only problem is something that would be expected but it's the size of the rifle. Carrying it around for a few hours and you'll wish you had an AR15. You will get used to it after a while however.

The markings on the rifle are top notch, and the receiver is a polymer coated Aluminum (yes it is metal, but it's coated in Military grade polymer to make it much more durable).

If you want a rifle that I would give a ten out of ten, it's this one.
by cody r. on 05/12/2016
"Great weapon.
Good on range and fps.
Love this style of weapon thanks evike.
No cons.
Must get rifle.
by Justin C. on 01/11/2016
"A good classic platform, for all those USMC fans out there.

pros, has G&Gs excellent one piece outer barrel
decent gearbox for starters
by Ryan B. on 12/28/2015
"By far the most realistic and accurate reproduction of the M16A2 that you can get for the price. It's not cheap, but not terribly expensive, and light years better than other common brands that offer flat-top receivers (like JG & Matrix.) The ROF is exactly what you'd expect from a G&G Top Tech, and there's very little wobble (everything is solid.) It's perfect for those recreating 1980s/90s military forces or just those who want an older gun but still all the capabilities of an AR-15.

The orange flashhider that came with mine was chipped, but that is a minor defect and possibly occurred during shipping - either way, it's not an extreme issue.

Also, Evike recommends a small-type battery, but this requires a large type - small types will NOT fit.
by Kurt G. on 05/16/2013
"First off, great higher end intermediate rifle. I have owned this gun for about a year now. So far it is very good. I run a 9.6v 5000mah battery trough it and the rof it insane. The accuracy is decent because of the tighter bore barrel. The range is great, it shoots fairly true for about 120ft then really veers off. The fps seems to be on the lover side, I run .25s through it and it doesn't seem to shoot that hard. I have not chronographed it but if what everyone says is true then the fps with .25 should be 315 to 330. I am not sure what the stock spring is so... Internally the gun is great. Everything is nicely finished and I do not expect them to fail any time soon. My only real peeve is the flash hider. It is epoxied on, very difficult to get off. My only modification to it is a 4X32 scope and it doesn't really work, it isn't dmr/spr material. I will try a red dot and see how that works. To the pros and cons...

Trigger Response

Lower FPS
Not Enough Range
A Little Pricy

Overall this is a great field rifle. The body is a nylon fiber polymer and I am not worried that it will break. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to get into higher end airsoft rifles. But if you want to turn this into a sniper like I did, then this is not for you. Just add a better spring and you'll do just fine in the field.
by Aurora K. on 05/16/2013
"Bought this gun on superbowl sunday came wednesday afternoon so really fast shipping. This gun is amazing the gun is mostly made out of plastic but its heavy reinforced nylon fiber so it is durable. Also, the box it comes in is great, has a nice manual and a carrying handle on the box plus a barrel wrench to adjust it. The internals are tough on this gun its G&G's performance level internals so it will last and give you the performance you need. It is also really long about 40 inches and the stock where the battery goes is really big so you can fit a large 9.6 easily. I think G&G made this very affordable so if your either intermediate or beginner I highly recommend this rifle. Also with my 10.8v battery i hit around 24-25 rps so it has high rof and about 350fps so it can be ok on fields. The accuracy and range is also really good because it has a stock 6.04 barrel installed. This gun was worth every penny I highly recommend it! Also the holy cow deal will give you 2 mags for just 5 bucks!!
by josephena m. on 05/16/2013
"This is by far the best airsoft gun i have ever bought!!! The accuracy and range are second to none. Also the fps is just right. Its shooting between 341-358 fps(chrono'd). its very durable and pretty light considering its a m16. The battery goes in the stock and has plenty of room.i run a 8.4v 3800mah(large connector) in it and it fits in with no problem and actually has more room for a bigger battery.also with an 8.4v battery the rate of fire is really high. mine clocked in at 16.3 RPS which is over 950 RPMs!!! if you are looking for an affordable m16 a2???look no further. this gun easily out ranges and out performs any gun i have ever shot or gone against. oh and also if you want pin point accuracy use .25g's(310 fps)
by Brandon R. on 05/16/2013
"THIS GUN IS FANTASTIC! This was my very first high end aeg, but owning several clone guns, believe me when I say, this outshoots, outguns, and outperforms all clones you can possibly buy. The plastic body is extremely solid and detailed. Unlike a jg or tokyo marui m4 or m16 where you can flex the body, you cannot flex the body AT ALL. The stock did come loose after 2 months, but I fixed it by removing the 2 screws on the butt plate, removing it, and tighten the screw in the stock that attaches to the main receiver.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect gun. The gun will randomly double feed unless you continue to wind the magazine while firing. It also will have random flyers every once in a while to the right. The rear sight was EXTREMELY hard to move at first, so I took a pen and tried to move it to precision, and now it is so loose you can aim uphill and will flip down (only if you aim 65 degrees and higher.) However, on precision sight setting, it is rock solid.

The trademarks are very nice, but not painted(I would prefer if they were.)

The barrel was rock solid, but, once again, it came loose after regular use. Use the barrel wrench and remove the fore-grip to tighten it.

One thing I didn't like about it was the hop up system was also very hard to move. I don't like it because I am used to quickly zeroing a hop up, so it will take some getting used to. Also, I didn't like the fact that the dust cover opened after 3 or 5 shots. One last thing I don't like about the receiver is the metal piece covering the hop up makes a really loud clap. I like it for the realism in the sound, but hate it at the same time, because it is not practical at all, because it will give away your position, and makes adjusting the hop up more awkward, so I took mine out.

It is also hard trying to find a after-market metal body if you plan on keeping the standard a2 look.

Sturdy body
Good range
Good accuracy
Hi cap mag (450 instead of usual 300)
Solid stock
Large battery compartment
Realistic sound with metal bolt
350-370 fps

Random flyers
Hard adjusting hop up wheel
Hard asjusting hop up with bolt on
Dust cover opens after 3-5 shots
Double feeds
Hard finding metal body with a2 look

Overall, GREAT GUN! go ahead and click that "Add to Cart" button right now!
by Kyle K. on 05/16/2013
"This is a very good replica all around, especially for an intermediate player looking to get into the world of high end AEGs. It has a realistic weight and feel, and it shoots accurately and consistently. The ROF is really good on an 8.4v, and even without a tightbore the accuracy is still really good. The externals are perfectly true to that of the real deal, except for the trademarks and the Safe - Semi - Auto trigger group, which would make it an M16A3. It shoots at about 340 FPS, and maximum effective range stock is about 150 - 175 feet, very good for this price. G&G did not cut back on the performance of their affordable series like CA did, and these are probably the best low price AEGs on the market now. Get one
by Matthew F. on 08/25/2012
"OMG i LOVE this gun!!!!

So about 3 months ago i purchased this rifle, and boy i have to say it is completely amazing. Currently i am running a 10.8v battery and the rpm is insane! Well im just gunna skip to the pros and cons so i dont bore you to death. The cons i have are only basic and ones that really dont slow you down, and are a matter of opinion.

-Full metal rails
-Full metal gearbox
-Decent range (about 100-150 ft)
-Nice fps
-Full stock (holds any battery except stick)
-Blowback ;)
-Realistic feal
-Easy to customize

-Kind of heavy (Could be a pro, but it depends on the player. Weighted mine in at 9lbs upgraded)
-Battery moves around in stock and makes noices
-Hurts haha (agian a matter of opinion XD)
-Rail covers arent the best

And thats really it! Awesome rifle and i would recommend this to anybody who wants a m16!
by matt r. on 02/08/2009
"this gun is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i mean amazing! it shoots very well very fast, i cant think of any down sides to this gun exspte that its kinda long and a lil heavy but is still AMAZING!!
by Sean T. on 12/19/2008
"Can you remove the RIS on this gun and put it on any G&G M16? Thanks for any help.

Webmaster: Yes, the RIS is marui compatible. Fits on most M16. For other brands, some slight mod might be required.
by joey a. on 12/03/2008
"yea dude. its an m4. all m4/m16 stocks will work. and these things are beast man. you dont want to be on the business end of this monster.
by matt r. on 11/17/2008
"im thinking of geting one of these and i just wanted to know if i would be able to change the stock on it like a m4??
by Kiefer L. on 10/31/2008
"It has the ris system which costs like an extra 80 bucks and a foregrip dude just read it lol